Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Drawing artifacts Paper 53 Bluetooth stylus Pencil reviews

Pencil is a production application Paper 53 FiftyThree Studio built specifically for the application of the Bluetooth stylus. Design is a fan, feel comfortable. Matching Paper applications in the iPad, and what kind of experience do you have? We're going to have a good experience.

We take a look at Pencil the appearance of packaging:

Pencil Pack is relatively simple, the box is a round cylinder.

There is 53 and the Pencil logo.

Is a Pencil on the back of some information, mark is also produced in the Paper text.

The top of the box has a mark of 53.

Pulling out of the upper part of the box to open the round tubes.

After the opening we see Pencil stylus was caught in circular cylinder Central.

On both sides there are also semi-paper wallet instructions and replacement parts, by the way also acts as a protection role of Central Pencil stylus, have to say that packaging is very hard.

We took it all, the left is the manual, is in the middle of the relevant information, and on the right is the Pencil body.

Intradermal hide clip information paper pen and Eraser replacement parts not elegible to lost it.

Manual is also very simple, basic looking diagrams that can be understood.

This is the Pencil body, this time we bought a walnut color, pen with magnetic, can be glued on some iPad case with a magnetic.

Tail is a hollow rubber, can serve as an eraser, here's a nice 53 signs.

Here is written.

Side of the Pencil thin, relatively flat but when I take the pen can bring the sides fit the pen's middle finger, the design feels full.

But writing is hollow, and the sensory cortex is relatively thin, so Pencil does comes with a pen and eraser.

Is written out, take the pen out of the head can be pulled out the major components as a whole.

Pencil is the main component of this.

Refills on the reverse side.

We see the refill top of metal plate, in fact, this is where the Pencil charge, directly to a computer or power adapter for charging on the USB interface. Charging, the LED lights red, after she finished filling is green.

Eraser can pull up directly.

Remove the eraser, thinning of the cortex.

Eraser induction component, just by simple screws.

When writing is to be replaced, take the pen conductor and written, written written to internal rotation can be removed. Install new written rotate in the opposite direction writing can be fixed.

Pencil barrel Interior and a whole bar of metal skeleton used to fix refills and shielded external electromagnetic influences, very carefully.

Walnut Pencil works very good, but also because it is a whole wood design, feels comfortable in your hand. Have to say fingers touch the wood feeling than before the metal stylus that icy feeling so much better.

Louis Vuitton (LV) Galaxy S4 Case

Next let us experience this Pencil stylus experience.

After installing the Paper application, to welcome picture for the first time, instructions of the way a little bit.

First of all, let you pick up an already prepared for you laptop and you like the selection.

Inside are some creation legend. Louis Vuitton (LV) Galaxy S4 Case

Click on the lower right corner of the 53 marks, is to open the set up interface, basic simple, won't say.

Most notably Pencil option, because we are using a Pencil stylus, after iPad fit in this, your iPad will mainly recognize your stylus, and ignore the hand thing, so you can rest assured that Palm's on iPad above, but as long as the application can use this function. In addition finger movements you can set to mixed paint and painting features are added to the Pencil, in addition to also recognize your finger movements (but both cannot be identified). If you choose "no" is that even the Act of recognition is turned off.

This is the Paper painting application interface, below left, the strokes, on the right is a palette, press the right color in large blocks of color icons, you can switch and adjust the color. In Pencil after adaptation, will be able to open all the brush and palette, no strokes before the adapter is only one, and subtle palette the palette cannot. If you don't have a Pencil, you can pay to open all the brush and palette.

Pencil paired with the iPad is also very simple, Pencil there is no switch, after fully charged, written in pencil in the lower left picture, until the icon is white, it means adaptation has been completed, very convenient.

A welcome video adapter after the.

Adapter has finished, you will be able to use the full functionality of Paper, the palette can be changed slightly more color.

Also by the way it's used here, when you draw a line or the wrong color, the wrong time to do (such as red circle line)? Paper interface can not undo this button.

Don't panic, there are still some. You only need two-finger touch screen, draw a circle counterclockwise, then you can see rewind pie chart appears on the screen, counterclockwise is removed, turn more withdraw more. Clockwise was to restore the withdrawn, operation is quite straightforward. Through the rewind function, you can withdraw history to draw before something goes wrong.

Describe some details when can dual refers to larger local and detailing in this part, when you want to close it, double contraction would be nice.

The magnifying glass can be used anywhere on the screen, and is large enough, it will not automatically retract. If you just pull a little, it will think you are just watching the details and automatically shrink back.

When you master these, you will be able to enjoy painting.

Pen eraser function is by default at the end of the eraser, flip the pen can be wiped. But ridicule the eraser, Pencil occasionally identified as finger Eraser, small series was to erase this place was identified as finger and harmonic blurring the lines and colors, experience is really not very good.

Small series of finger settings for harmonic functions, so you can have a like effect PhotoShop droplets feature.

The painting without a stroke effect. Louis Vuitton (LV) Galaxy S4 Case

Small series on the way to attempt to find the edge recognition is poor, there's no way to paint, often cannot recognise brush and then draw a line very strange.

Pencil writing is too big is too crude, though, plus writing is hollow, and very soft, sometimes the line position is not his place to draw, so egg pain, bad master line the pen position.

Note the stylus series of Samsung has been doing well, not only have made stylus Palms action setting is ignored on the screen, but also in a small circle appears on the screen, and let you know where you write, and Note the stylus series written more and more detailed, easy line position. And have to say about it is that Pencil is no sense of pressure.

Small series of past experience in Note 3 s Pen painting effects, I feel pretty good, interested can look at the comprehensive upgrade Note 3 s Pen painting experience evaluation

On a Toshiba AT703 painting experience, because the Tablet is equipped with a separate stylus, so to try to draw, but it pen sensitivity is lower, not so good picture. The touch pen using Toshiba AT703 1024 pressure evaluation.

First to talk about Pencil pen, felt very good in your hand, but actually drew on the iPad feels bad, and sensitivity, sometimes identifying failures of imagination. Such as paint does not come out, identify blurred the lines for the fingers and stroke color, and so on ... ... Very fine painting is not appropriate to draw comparisons, sketched, painted stick, drawing a quick design diagrams and the like may be okay. However, because Paper is only one layer, so there's no way to use PhotoShop as layers to painting. Used thick paint may be more likely to accept, but the small series is a drawing hand, previously painted celluloid style, thicker paint really is damn small.

Finally ... ... After trying a variety of styles and lines, and is only trying to draw some of the more simple things, then simply hit some color ... ... Since this software is used for finer, more complex paintings need to be very, very long time to wear out, and quite familiar with this drawing mode to draw well. Small hands, time is limited, there is no way to draw too much out.

Finally out of the picture, Paper can be exported to your paintings the map library and face book, Twitter social networking website.

Of course, the man too, if he had the time to grind, you can also use this software and the stroke a beautiful painting, this is a small series of paintings when others see on the official website.

To sum it up: Pencil Bluetooth stylus design is very, very beautiful, and refill, recharge, matching and so on have their own design style, simple and direct, a very pleasing. Walnut barrel gives a feeling very close to nature, feel first class. But is the Paper for it compared to the more professional paint application, paint is also used for less. Even the layer cannot be separated, will make the creation and more harsh conditions. And really on the Pencil stylus use cannot be called excellent, identify errors and General sensitivity, especially problems such as stroke, finger recognition errors often occur, made en route creation serious impact on the artist's mood and play. Design in General is very beautiful, but practical experience is rather poor, Pencil is definitely not your imaginary artifact at this stage. Also Paper the application also need to constantly strive to improve in order to call the real "good" to live up to the beautiful video.