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2014 Samsung to say the most compelling phone, it must be Note Edge, this has a bit of the future range of phones at the press conference impressed a lot of people on the same day, other special features is to say no, but I was just so cool.

Concepts still practical? Review Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

Samsung's so-called flexible screens, in a Note on the Edge will in fact not let users easily bent, face hard glass and metal border will care to protect this valuable screen, but at least it's a cell phone can be as a precursor of science fiction come true.

Samsung also said on more than one occasion Note Edge is a "Limited-Edition concept phone", although this isn't the first surface screen Samsung phone (Galaxy Round do you remember last year), but this is the first in the world Samsung officially released and available surface screen phones.

Note Edge has accompanied me for weeks, and I didn't come up the goods within this time the meaning of existence, but Edge is a really cool phone and I really like.

Concepts still practical? Review Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

Edge always is a Taiwan Note 4 of derivative products, at least in hardware specifications Shang Edge and it of brothers is amazing of similar, real let Edge in a bunch of phone inside stand out of, natural is that block bent of screen has, said this block screen not currently top of screen one of certainly is not objective of: this block screen has very stunning vivid of color and near frenzied of pixel density. Note Edge's design is really impressive, iPhone 6 arc side glass is curved at the edges, and the curvature of the Edge is another realm: when viewed from the left, Edge screen giving a stretch is not felt.

Concepts still practical? Review Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

Side out of this screen most certainly need time to adapt, but adapt will be able to use thumb very easily manipulate the territory. On the desktop do not have to worry about shaking in my hand do not have to worry about accidentally touch, put it in his pocket is so relaxed and natural.

Edge of the screen's resolution is actually higher than the Note 4, plus a total of 160 pixels Edge at resolutions up to 2560x1600 than the Note more than 4 160 pixels means that extra Edge in daily available screen resolution and Note 4 is the same.

But real with up of when, this block cool dazzle of screen for whole Taiwan phone most basic of experience of change and is unlikely to, bent of part in displayed desktop Shi will has series of small tool, user can back and forth sliding select; in into APP zhihou, surface part will will dark down, or displayed user advance set good of a series text, user certainly also can from right designated into screen, call out small tool, and without minimum of current is run of APP.

Concepts still practical? Review Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

Bent part of the gadget has many, most notably, of course, are a variety of shortcuts to applications, which allows users to easily switch between the various applications; another use is to display weather and applied in a non-read notification icons. I like according to the location of the most popular Twitter and pedometers and walking distance of s Health information, especially the former, actual use really is very cool and this is something my brushes all day, and these little features for entire mobile phone is very nice ornament.

Also screen of bent part also can displayed for like call of people is useful of fast dial, and latest news (but hand Shang this Taiwan NTT of custom machine only Japanese news so I with not Shang), and detailed of weather information (this I also close has, after all see with that PM2.5 index is annoying), into music play device Shi this block part also can used to displayed some music control, and background play music of when these button will has been left in there waiting user instruction.

Samsung also specifically for Edge of bent screen part open has a application store, Samsung also development has a heap Hamburg game, on in this a small block screen Shang you need as soon as possible to according to game in customer of needs made Hamburg--I feel this stuff maximum of meaning is boss in next of when you can pretending to using Edge to remember notes and actually play game's (and you boss also have sat in you left), also also has a RAM dosage table--for those memory finishing forced syndrome patients also is somewhat with of.

Concepts still practical? Review Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

Note Edge of camera photo interface also with to has this block bent of part, most of photo control button are was put in has that above, clean of framing interface left has user, built-in of s Note application is so, this practices does is Rod, but also not always flawless--Dang has notification out of when, these control button on was blocked has, and so missed snap opportunities does is egg pain.

Ted Baker phone cases

Paddling down from the top of the curved part of the, you can call up some quick small tool, flashlight, stopwatch, timer, tape recorder, which is not what, the cool ruler function, of course. Here the most practical feature is the timer, cooking this way choke time when no grass that back and forth like the iPhone HOME button. Or when the application is running full screen, Edge or be used as a clock at night use.

Concepts still practical? Review Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

Actually said has so more, Edge real of good is various fancy of function and no effect Edge as a Taiwan very rod of intelligent phone of nature, and Samsung currently best of intelligent phone Note 4 compared, Edge positive screen of size slightly narrowed to has 5.6 inches, battery capacity reduced to has 3000 Ma Shi, this does also let Edge of range capacity than Note 4 (but with day also is didn't pressure of). Ted Baker phone cases

Otherwise, Edge is a Note 4, loaded with Samsung's latest software, latest of 16 million pixel camera, Mark S-Pen and supporting software, Samsung's latest metal frame design also makes mobile phones better overall sense of high, and thankfully, the plastic back cover didn't fake leather stitching.

Concepts still practical? Review Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

Note Edge relative to the Note 4 there is no prominent selling point, Edge gave me the feeling is like Samsung show technology show capacity and telling the world "I'm not no innovative companies", as regards the practical effects, at least I thought it was OK.

Overall, Edge is a Taiwan is rod of intelligent phone, because Note 4 is a Taiwan is rod of intelligent phone, Edge in Note 4 based Shang joined of dazzle cool elements and no let this Taiwan phone lost it has some excellent, and said truth, future of phone grew up such child of possibilities also not too big, if to signed a Edge of two years contracts, to has 2016 years, may also on you a people in with such child of phone.

But nevertheless, Edge still is 2014 most excellent of intelligent phone one of, as Samsung best of phone of "dazzle color version", if price gap not too big of words is very good of, and unfortunately is Edge of pricing than Note 4 your has too more, does, if two Taiwan phone put I before any I pick, I certainly will selected Edge, but consider to price, also buy a Note 4 more deal.

Curved screens in the current course is not a necessity, even for a period of time or may not be in the future, but on the phone in this area, we are also much-needed Edge to present new concepts products, because the road to the future, and certainly won't be easy.


Very nice screen;

Cool look; Ted Baker iPhone 5

Basic is a Note 4.


Battery life than Note 4;

Bent portion of the screen is not very useful;

Samsung software is a bit bloated.

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Depth Tencent security expert Liu Guize viruses and Trojans of gods and demons

End of the college entrance examination, anxious parents may receive from the "Ministry of education" a text message telling you can score App query, along with the download link.

618 shopping season approaching, chop hand party may receive 200 Yuan "red envelopes", and prompts you for a long time cell phone red can be used to offset the purchase price.

In the descent of the Sun, ginger evening smoke, Liu Shizhen CP how would what gesture of cruelty to dogs, kinky fans may search a link to Web site, want to download all prerelease episodes.

When you have the eagerness was opening the doors of the online world, is likely to be a Trojan horse disguise.

Trojans are one of the variations in the world's fastest-growing species, black or gray industrial chain-led economy these "poisonous insects" sleepless night stormed to evolve.

What exactly are these Trojans pose lurking in the corner of our life, is what posture suddenly from the thighs to bite off a piece of meat? In this connection, Tencent computer security expert Liu Guize Butler has a say. Because he was at the helm of "Hubble platform" specifically for the computer Manager provides anti-virus engine, hand edged Trojan is right up their alley.

Depth | Tencent security expert Liu Guize: viruses and Trojans of gods and demons struggle between

"Tencent computer head Liu Guize Butler Hubble platform"

Biography of the series and the descent of the Sun can spread Trojan

Liu Guize told Lei Feng network, clings to hot events is not a new phenomenon. On find a Trojan authors will do everything it can to grab interest, capture the current hot spots is their "basic skills". As long as you desire or fear, let you successfully downloaded the Trojan, the first step is done.

Whether it is double 11, 12, or 618, shopping Carnival activities of national interest, almost all the monsters to come to "Gold Digger." This activity not only in the large crowd of, and in such cases the user is easy to let down their guard.

In addition, the examination or year fixed social events for example, for a particular user, it is the annual "catastrophe." Of course, the current hit series--such as the year of the series, and today the descendants of the Sun--will also become a trap. Eager to know the story of the development of fans tend to lose my eyes, download a bunch of malicious software still won't regret.

Depth | Tencent security expert Liu Guize: viruses and Trojans of gods and demons struggle between

"After the download of the descendants of the Sun, strange appeared on the desktop shortcut/image from the Hubble platform provides a Web page"

In short, as long as the large number of people involved in something, without all kinds of Trojans and their flaming trap.

The beginning of the story are similar to those of innocent children's shoes due to various reasons to download Trojan. Next, they will see a variety of "vicious" things happen on themselves.

Lock extortion

If you lock in blackmail Trojans, then congratulations, you almost touch the "Crown of the Trojans". In the case you don't know, all the documents and photos on your computer are encrypted. And when you realize that when this happens, and suddenly pops up an alert box will see: your file has been locked, to transfer to my account 1 bitcoin can unlock the document. (1 coins roughly 3000 RMB, of course, different races and schools of Trojans demanding the ransom may be different. )

Depth | Tencent security expert Liu Guize: viruses and Trojans of gods and demons struggle between

"A Chinese-language key lock Trojans interface of blackmail and extortion"

This key locks the Trojans starting from the second half of 2015 "fire", at the beginning we detected some Trojan German, English version soon appeared, came to the Spring Festival the traditional Chinese version, appeared again in the first half of this year Chinese Simplified lock blackmail Trojans. You can clearly feel the rhythm of this type of horse evolution.

Liu Guize said.

According to statistics of Hubble, a blackmail Trojan outbreak at its peak when the computer can infect nearly 10,000 times a day. Lei feng's network had a lock on going on around us blackmail Trojan outbreak made a detailed report, interested in children's shoes can be of the of the of the stamp here.

Fraud Trojan

Because users are often deceived State download such Trojans, so for the sensible lurking on your cell phone or computer, they often offer some users are looking for "normal function"-for example, enjoy the little things.

However, this type of Trojan's main function is to collect your personal information as detailed as possible.

Mentioned before "college entrance examination results queries App" for example, the user can never be successfully installed this App, and prompts the user to "install failed" is part of a conspiracy. User installation fails, relaxed their vigilance. In fact, the Trojans have been entrenched in the background, silently takes your contacts and messages, and then find the "father, mother, elder sister," and other important contact information with your bank card number, home, lifestyle information such as text messaging, returned in conjunction with cheat master server.

Depth | Tencent security expert Liu Guize: viruses and Trojans of gods and demons struggle between

"College entrance examination results queries App" failed install "screen/image from the Hubble platform"

Based on these extremely sensitive information, cheats can mount a fraud targeted to one person. One can say that your home address and your life and hobbies, and who know your loved one, you can easily get your trust, then cheats will pull out all the tricks are familiar Telecom fraud.

Ad Trojan

Liu Guize told Lei Feng network, this Trojan is the most rampant recent category, 30% to 40% of the total accounted for Trojans, but also in a situation of increasing month by month.

These Trojans don't make money from the infected, but earned promotion from the advertisers.

This type of wool in the pig business thinking is the essence of the Internet is well know by black industry. This type of Trojan is also raging in two major PC and mobile platforms, on the phone, they generally disguised as users need software, but used in the process, they secretly accepting remote control, to silently install a bunch of other App users.

This App is probably not malicious, but merely promote the App needs. They hope that through various channels to promote their own, eventually, such a task is part of the Trojans who falls in the gray industrial. The Trojans to promote and push in the word is the same.

Liu Guize told Lei feng's network (search for "Lei feng's network", public interest), Hubble platform recently warning killing an advertising Trojan that erupted, his junior partner to the Trojan named "shadow."

"I think this name is very vivid. Shadow represents uncertainty, the mouse is shady. The Trojans do something very simple, is your computer all advertising channels into his browser navigation page. Users have no sense of any change to the navigation interface, accessed through the navigation of the Web site and there is no change. But changes have taken place behind the access channels, so that the website promotion costs will flow into the hands of Trojans users.

This Trojan May 23, was captured by the system, we'll study and issued a killing rules, sample size, only 100,000 of the whole network at the moment. Due to rules issued to the force needs a certain amount of time, until the next morning when the whole network of eruption rate soared to over 400,000, until Butler began scanning the computer, the "epidemic" under control. Kenzo iPad Mini

Above the three most rampant kinds of Trojans scene this month of the Top3. Liu Guize said, the past year can clearly see a black "closer." Previous theft, Trojans, after stealing QQ number and password, such as QQ not carrying coin Q virtual property, then we have "hit" means such as, for example, try to use the same account number, password email, Taobao, East can finally "get" it.

It now appears that Trojans "boss"-the black hat hackers still find traditional approaches accuracy is not high, and a waste of time and explores the "distinctive new development paths".

Trojan war

Avira Virus, Trojan horse, is actually behind them and black people. It is an endless "confrontation". They are constantly changing, "technical", we also continue to unravel their "modus operandi".

Liu Guize and team found that recent races of different genres of Trojans, "uniting" two very special "moves".

Stealth Kenzo mini case

Keep yourself alive longer, is the pursuit of the Trojan. Even if able to spend half a day on computers, cell phones, and even stay for half an hour, you can steal user information, promoting his "friends". Can game longer and antivirus software, no immediate effort to study new varieties against encirclement and own anti-virus software.

Due to Hubble's main method of machine rule is used to detect virus Trojan, so there are a large number of files daily samples will undergo screening of Hubble. However, the Hubble team found an interesting phenomenon. That is, there are some programs, run in the virtual environment without any function, nor do any action.

Come on you is a software, you don't do anything after it has been installed exactly why? You visit a Web page ...

Researcher crashes on the inside, does anyone really boring to write a program that doesn't do anything for you? Acute sense of smell tells them, that there must be "trick".

Sure enough, after careful investigation they found that this type of Trojan is run, the first thing to do is "silent".

Depth | Tencent security expert Liu Guize: viruses and Trojans of gods and demons struggle between

"Silent periods ranging from a few minutes to tens of minutes, the longest a Trojan was silent for an hour. "Liu Guize said," in order to improve the efficiency of detection platforms not detected in 60 minutes on the same file, the default setting is usually second-level. If traditional manual auditing code, and it may take more than 10 minutes to tens of minutes. And now the Trojans after severe confusion encrypted code, even can do perform and decryption, so manual audit of efficiency is very low. "

However, to deal with the tough Trojan, researchers came up with a simple set of rules. That's when Hubble's systems in the detection, in the event of the "silence procedure", and came to skip silent snippet, direct implementation of the truly command operations.

Of course, stealth moves not only "silence". There is also a traditional way of stealth: to hide like a parasite to the document, recently began "hired". A macro is a virus.

Security process is like this, "dark alley" came up with a way, security vendors will continue blocking; and so on, "dark alley" may suddenly find that the first method is useful. Certainly not simply repeat this method, but superimposed the techniques of "upgrades"

Because Office documents sometimes need to display animations or dynamic data and statistics, so in fact the Word or PPT documents actually allow executable code in it. However, due to suffering from macro viruses in the past, in the new version of Microsoft Office will prevent macros from running by default. However, no bottom line and no integrity of the black hat hackers phishing privacy and theft are stacking up. Their practices are:

Figure out your professional and personal information. Then send you a letter to deceptive messages-such as reimbursement of invoice information, industry associations notified, customer order – you have no reason not to open attachments. In the message, a "customer" or "tips" you, I annex inside a quotation, it needs to open a macro when Excel prompts you when a point agree with Oh ~ ~

Lei feng's network said the most valuable trust seems torn ...

Cloud control

Like cruise, stop stalling, reversing radar became the car's standard, "control" has also started to become a standard of the Trojan. As a Trojan horse, if not the cloud control, too shy to go out and greet people.

Depth | Tencent security expert Liu Guize: viruses and Trojans of gods and demons struggle between

Liu Guize said, "flexible fast" is cloud control of maximum advantages, it can let Trojans and hacker of server keep real-time of contact, according to specific situation made most precise of reaction: if found you of machine installation of is Windows XP, will immediately issued a for XP of "combat strategy"; If is Windows 7, so on will issued a "Win7 combat plans"; If is phone, also can get.

Moreover, controlled through the cloud, the hacker can even control the life cycle of the Trojan. The victim's computer, for example a day later, the Trojans will be forced to upgrade to the latest version 2.0.

Trojan family updates faster than most people imagine, the fastest 10 minutes updated edition. Call Update, code structure, encrypted format, against the action sequences are subject to adjustment. To effectuate such updates, hacker has the potential to do a lot of Trojans and released according to the rhythm, and Trojans may study a set of automated tools to code transformations.

Gods and demons struggle between

For this kind of thinking indefinite form of Trojan, security experts can only seize the Trojans--the most fundamental features of "acts" are looking for. For the first time to detect the latest Trojans, day and night detection system had to stay awake, 7*24 hours running.

Liu Guize and Hubble team, their task was not to judge a program manually are not Trojans, but use their own experience and understanding to create a section of the recognition rules of the Trojan, and then let the Hubble system to learn the rules. Ever-accumulating rule lets the system for getting close in accuracy of judging the security experts of the Trojan.

Liu Guize judgement of a few simple rules:

1, if a software will give the computer a full scan, but for such a large number of files read-only, still writing, it is quite obvious that lock extortion of behavior. Because the normal overall scan software is not necessary.

2, a piece of software running on the network, this action is justified, but if each network request is some control information, and control information and the software itself, so this is a generalization of suspicious Trojans. Networking such as QQ in the background, must be downloaded and their relevant information, such as the update package. But promoting Trojans and request the General list is a list of software with download, this feature is quite obvious.

3, moving from the supplier, after the normal App to run, once the user click on the Home button, it should go into the silence, just networking reported secretly user data for statistical purposes. If an App has a number of frequent operations in the background, for example, read the privacy information and contacts, even applying to the system message permission to listen (which is generally used in "registration code automatically" on the function of enhancing the user experience). Then the App whereabouts is suspicious.

4, the previously mentioned "the shadow rat" Trojans, which are installed immediately after Setup scans the user's browser, while scanning the user which antivirus software are installed. This behavior is also very suspicious.

Sounds that rule entirely different, judged in black and white. But the biggest difficulty is that Liu Guize said training machine "sure".

Characteristics of the machine is "one is one, and two" best characterized by the people "is not a, and b not two". For example, something, Tom came to me for help, I did, Dick came to me for help, I'll quit. For example, a user is well received by users of the program, it will modify the user registry, that we can't release; and some minor software changes the user's registration form, we may decide it is a Trojan horse program.

The difficulties faced by Liu Guize, and between machines and humans the ability to divide. However, after huge amounts of samples for a large number of trained Hubble's systems are working towards smarter and more "like a man" the direction of evolution. This made Liu Guize is comforting.

Hubble's systems every day to test samples of tens of millions of files, but in the end I still have less than 1000 highly ambiguous file for our researchers. Of course our aim was not to 1000 documents are classified. But by studying the characteristics of these files, work out new rules for the updated system can determine these files. Qianbabaige fuzzy files are generated every day now, maybe by next year at this time, only eight out of ten fuzzy files every day.

In fact, Hubble, researcher for improvement of the rules is still quite effective. Past teams have five rules for development experts, ten samples analysis expert analysts and now there are only two samples, the rest into all the experts rules out.

As long as there is room for profit and people of good will and malicious Trojans will never seem to disappear. In the eyes of Liu Guize, often they are just figuring out a Trojan family, the Trojans broke out. Security experts and Trojan authors have become this endless war the two permanent force.

Kenzo iPad Mini

Since it is impossible to eradicate the evil of humanity, then we might as well look at the gods afraid, more exciting battles.

Depth | Tencent security expert Liu Guize: viruses and Trojans of gods and demons struggle between

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The ransom to the kidnappers on the Internet is a kind of experience? 》

Before the blackmail, hackers how to extort encryption software? 》

The hackers blackmail! One can say your name, telephone number and position of "acquaintance", you may lock your computer

More technical content to refer to the Hubble Tencent anti-virus laboratory analysis system April threat intelligence trend report

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Forced to unlock the password? IOS is safe Android need to be cautious

United States report of the Manhattan District Attorney's Office, if the target device is not encrypted, but in the case without permission from the owner to unlock the device, Apple and Google will be able to follow court orders to unlock smart phones and tablet computers.

According to Apple's data, 67% of the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch using iOS 9 system, using iOS 24% 8, use iOS only 9% 7 or an older version of the system. But starting from September 2014, as long as the user sets a password, apples will default to open iOS8 encryption makes it impossible for the company without knowing the user's password to unlock the device and gets the data. Victorias Secret iPhone 6

But Android is slightly different. Android fragmentation of the system is much more serious. According to company data, latest Marshmallow 6.0 system only for Android 0.3%,Lollipop 5.0 and 5.1 system for 25.6% and KitKat 4.4 version of the system the largest share of the market, up to 37.8%. Victorias Secret iPhone 6+

Forced to unlock the password? IOS is safe Android need to be cautious



Micro sweep sweep, author tips bar ~

Victorias Secret iPhone 6+

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Kepuwen why can touch screen gloves telekinesis operation

Kepuwen: why can touch screen gloves

And cooling, to many friends who have to wear gloves for protection against the cold, this machine will bring a lot of inconvenience. Tough like Lumia 920 to burst the God machine, gloves can also be used without pressure, wooden useful Lumia 920 of the friends, you can also purchase touch screen gloves and AnyGlove drops of love machine introduced before to solve the problem. However, have you ever thought, why do I need to wear a special touch screen gloves to play machine?

First of all we have to say from the touch screen. Common of touch screen has two species, a is resistance screen, through screen pressure induction produced of current changes achieved touch induction, resistance screen is not exists wearing gloves cannot operation of problem of, has this a problem of is most models using of capacitor screen, its principle for, dang capacitor screen work Shi among of conductive sandwich within formed a Exchange farm, dang human touch to screen Shi, in finger and conductor layer Zhijian on will formed a capacitor and produced discharge phenomenon, will has must number of charge transfer to human Shang, Which leads to the edge of the screen electrode voltage changes, exactly where the calculated on this out of touch. Wearing gloves is equivalent to adding a layer of insulating material, makes capacitive touch screen not respond.

Science and children's shoes, below is the test you ever taught secondary school textbooks of the moment:

"Capacitor": a device for storing electric charge, consists of two insulated (or dielectric filler) apart near conductors (poles). The simplest capacitor parallel plate capacitor, as shown in the following figure:

Kepuwen: why can touch screen gloves

If you have impressions about physics, you may recall, the capacitor charge Q and the ratio of potential u between the capacitor plates called the capacitance of the capacitor, that is:


This formula is called the definition of capacitance-type, it tells us that a given capacitor take charge of Q is proportional to the potential difference between the capacitor plates u, and the ratio is a constant. Lumia was reported before 920 on the screen are more sensitive, because Lumia 920 through increasing the electrode voltage led touch-screen NET electric charge in an increase in the number, but, by that, the capacitance of the capacitor has nothing to do with Q, u, but determined by the structure of the capacitor itself. Lumia 920 touch screen: why more sensitive? Let us look at the second decision on a parallel-plate capacitor (where k is the electrostatic constant):

Kepuwen: why can touch screen gloves

This formula explains the factors affecting capacitance of parallel plate capacitor, or between the plates is the area s-polarization plate spacing d, permittivity ε r. Directly across more of the bipolar plates, space is smaller, the dielectric constant is large, electric capacity c, the greater the value, capacitive screens are also more sensitive.

It also analyses these three factors can be:

1. area s

From the following video seen on the mat after the card (change of dielectric constant and reduced sensitivity) if we are to finger a small area to touch the iPad, touch screen is not responding but if we increase the area of the fingers with the touch screen, c's value changes, capacitive screen in accordance with the corresponding response operations;

2. spacing d

Lumia 920 is more sensitive due to reduce the finger spacing between electric field and conductor: Lumia 920 using ultra-sensitive touch screen displays and sensors are integrated together, which makes the super sensitive touch screen thinner than normal touch-screen for 1 mm thickness (as shown in the following figure). And are at the top of the screen sensor and transmitter location changes, transmitter into the monitor back and sensors into a display of positive, this adjustment has brought improvement of signal to noise ratio, allow the sensor to capture the touch signal weaker; Just Cavalli iPhone 6 Case

Just Cavalli iPhone 6 Case

Kepuwen: why can touch screen gloves

 3. the permittivity ε r

Different media have different dielectric constant ε r. Such as ε r air is approximately equal to 1, ε r of kerosene is equal to 2, ceramic ε r is equal to 6, ε r of mica is 81. (Incidentally, the dielectric constant is used to describe the insulation, and the metal is a conductor, current can flow through but it's hard to leave, special papers on the dielectric constant of metal, is no longer here to discuss. )

General of gloves is cannot let touch screen made reaction, main reasons is because gloves is insulation material, between electric parameter is low, and so-called of touch screen gloves actually is in gloves of fingertips location implanted has very fine of metal line, to enhanced has conduction charge of capacity; also, zhiqian mentioned of AnyGlove drops liquid essentially is a electric media, through change has human and touch screen formed of "coupled capacitor" between electric parameter, makes capacitor c of numerical variable big, So we can wear gloves or to operate.

Understanding the principle of touch screen gloves, then love will try to DIY touch screen gloves made, please pay attention to the follow-up article. Just Cavalli iPhone 6 Case


1. high school of the physical volumes

Learn more about the new cool device, please pay attention to @ love machine

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Return to Classic classic BlackBerry hands on tours

After following the published square Passport, BlackBerry released Classic positioning the midrange build, integration of the many classic BlackBerry design elements can make many players back with the classic BlackBerry models, also lives up to its reputation as a Classic, foreign media have now brought us the freshest hand-figure rewards, let us see it. Alexander McQueen iPhone 5 Case

Alexander McQueen iPhone 5 Case

Return to Classic classic BlackBerry hands-on tours Return to Classic classic BlackBerry hands-on tours

Classic look and BlackBerry Bold 9900 is too much like before, but this is completely understandable, BlackBerry before might want to design language and remember that its top-selling mobile phone, had to say, Classic design and flattering, while preserving the classic BlackBerry element, adding modern technology upgrades.

Classic in terms of configuration, 720x720 square using a 3.5-inch LCD screen, PPI is 294, surface was covered by Corning Gorilla glass 3, 1.5GHz Krait processor processor usage (8960), RAM 2GB, camera for mid-tier mobile common 8 million pixels camera, with a single LED fill light.

Return to Classic classic BlackBerry hands-on tours

Classic front is BlackBerry, Heritage Classic four-row QWERTY keyboard and key surfaces have beveled, positive square screen and full keyboard control buttons and a touch-sensitive navigation pad.

Return to Classic classic BlackBerry hands-on tours Return to Classic classic BlackBerry hands-on tours Return to Classic classic BlackBerry hands-on tours

Classic boxes are made of metal, the back cover is not removable, and rear cover made of high quality plastic, and BlackBerry also processing the surface, point-like texture leaves the cell phone has a firm grip, mobile phones overall grip as in BlackBerry phone before solid and comfortable, small, handy for typing and Web browsing.

Return to Classic classic BlackBerry hands-on tours Return to Classic classic BlackBerry hands-on tours

Back 8 million pixels camera and LED fill light is covered with a piece of glass, the speaker is at the bottom of the phone, looks like there are two speakers on the bottom, but one of them is the handset, so Classic is a single speaker design.

Return to Classic classic BlackBerry hands-on tours

Classic SIM card slot and SD card slots are located on the left side of the phone, Cato's design.

Return to Classic classic BlackBerry hands-on tours

Classic support for networks including GSM, 3G and LTE, dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, GPS, and FM radio are also readily available. Alexander McQueen iPhone 5 Case

Classic will specify operators and retailers around the world on sale at United States the listing price of 450 dollars, to Europe, it is 450 euros.

Via GSMArena

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Tesla Model 3 lines like alien ships Robotics

Lei feng's network by writer Brian Fung, sources washingtonpost, Lei feng's network (search for "Lei feng's network", public interest) exclusively compiled, rejected reproduced without permission.

Tesla Model 3 lines like

In recent decades, trend is the gradual automation of factories in the manufacturing sector. At present, robots on the production of high-tech products has played a very big role. They are fast, efficient and clean. Elon Musk, Tesla's Chief Executive in the production of Model 3, built a "alien ships" and "production machines with machines." Juicy Couture iPhone 5S case

This plant does not have self-awareness, it can't manipulate all; after all, Musk has publicly declared that he may kill the machine's artificial intelligence in doubt. But Musk said at the press conference not long ago, when the factory after nearly five years of development, it becomes a real "alien ships". From the outside, it will make people shocked and afraid: "see it, you might want to say, ' this is what the hell '. " Juicy Couture

Finally, the whole factory complex to humans cannot be directly involved in the operation of, nor involved in the manufacturing process for each Model 3.

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"People don't really need to be involved in the production. "Musk said," unless you get them automatically to speed up. "Of course, Musk does not specifically refer to the machine's efficiency is much higher than humans.

At present, the Tesla is facing tremendous pressure, Musk plant if it is to meet the needs of production than the "pace of human" faster. However, people will still be working in the factory, which is responsible for supervising the robots in their fast-moving environment, make sure everything goes smoothly.

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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Windows diminish the importance Microsoft ranked third

As 2016 announced fourth-quarter earnings, people can understand Microsoft's revenue for each product line. Through in-depth analysis of the results, a significantly different from the previous trend of increasingly clear: as the company increases in software subscriptions and investment in cloud computing services, started out as its signature product, the further decline in Windows operating systems within the company. Gucci Note 4 case Gucci Note 4 case

Windows diminish the importance Microsoft ranked third

Due to changes in Microsoft's reorganization and earnings on previous occasions, in fact, make it difficult for outsiders to track the long-term performance of their products, but recently submitted to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission's new 93rd page clearly disclosed in the earnings trend of the long-term performance of its main product lines. Enabling compares Microsoft internal product line, and has been the performance of these products goes back to the year 2008. Can clearly see from the chart, starting from 2014 has less Office and Windows business cloud services.

According to the latest results showed that Office product lines in the year ending June 30 2016 fiscal year revenue of $ 23.6 billion, up slightly. In addition, servers and tools products are growing rapidly, from $ 18.6 billion in fiscal year 2015 rose to 19.2 billion dollars. Windows only ranked third, annual revenue was only $ 14.7 billion, including $ 6.6 billion and Windows related deferred income 10. This figure is lower than in 2015 to $ 14.8 billion, and 2010 is a far cry from the record value of us $ 18 billion.

This trend shows that, under the leadership of CEO Satya Nadella, cloud computing technology and services are important for the transformation of the company. Which were boosted by the rise of Microsoft's Azure cloud computing platform server products and tools business. Office 365 software subscription services and mobile applications for the entire Office product line to the continued growth of major help, making it the most advantageous product lines within the company.

Admittedly, WIN10 of free promotion for Windows product line revenues have had an impact. But Windows revenue decline also reflects the traditional PC market shrinking. According to market research firm IDC estimates global PC shipments are expected to decline this year by 7.3%, compared to the forecast of 2%.

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Nadella said last week, the fastest speed for Windows 10 is Microsoft Windows systems. But according to figures NetMarketShare, since this system since the release of Windows 7 share still over 47%. Stopped after the free programme, as the principal force Windows product line, WIN10 's future performance is really worrying.