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Zhang Hu KAN the end of 2015 80 smart hardware team will die on the beach

On May 7, Prime Minister to Zhongguancun Street, just 5 minutes walk distance from the magic ring. It was the best of times, many young people feel the same as old, wish I could join venture pants when the tide. However, experienced business dying eight years old, ready to give you a splash of cold water. Because the competition will become more intense in the future. iPhone5 Vans

Each company was founded from the beginning all the way to die, just a matter of time, as well as everyone from birth to death. If your startup has advanced cancer survive only until the end of, but he did not attack seem less urgent, then do you prepare? I expect the end of 2015, 80% of early intelligent hardware startups will die on the beach, you are probably in the context of 80%, how to deal with, is the stop to think.

Two days ago, a famous intelligent hardware projects for the investments of the Fund, a small partner in the team I, b round of funding what is the secret? I asked him why he didn't progress, he popped a few faint Word: "no cash". I was painfully tells him that has terminal cancer, don't expect the b round, survived for half a year, about the winter. Money to burn out, cash flow is broken, it is the business end, unless they find new products or new ways to supplement cash flows.

case Vans

It is starting from mid-2013 intelligent tide in the hardware business, entrepreneurial teams generally encountered a fatal problem: 99% smart hardware company is not profitable, who claims to make money was mostly hot air forced most is burn investors money alive. And the operation of these teams is a routine, form a background of the BAT team, got the angel investment, and imagining a false demand smart products in the Office, telling investors love listening to big data stories, participate in the exhibition, Salon investor clusters. Angel investors are like tambourines flowers, trying to help entrepreneurial teams looking for the next round of investment, smart home communities, large data, stories, and get a round was able to ease off, burned for a while, then immediately hiring begins to think in Internet operations, making a number of better known in intelligence circles, but consumers don't buy products.

Let be an account, raised awareness of the unspoken rules are: financing unit of currency into dollars to advertise, if a company claims to raise 10 million dollars, you can be sure they actually melt the 10 million Yuan. Angel round 2.005 billion yuan, a round of 10 million-20 million RMB, an entrepreneurial team 20-40 personal, basic cost 400,000-800,000 a month, smart hardware company founded in 2013, the time until the end of 2015, more than two years, 80% of the startups will burn out a round of funding, they will no doubt be on the beach.

Intelligent hardware developed and sold did not have cash flow? Magic ring of two smart products, for example, it is not easy, internal and external troubles! Foreign aggression will meet competition of giant companies such as millet, although magic rings hand 6 months earlier from the millet market, at $ 399, millet bracelet 79 low appears, homogeneous products online sales of basic army overthrown. Fortunately, magic rings are gifts market, same prices, driven by dealer profits, sold thousands of units a month, otherwise stocks will turn sour, Peregrine. Expected by 2015, and magic rings ready to fade out bracelets market, and millet will also have potential in a variety of directions to follow up, hiding is to hide the past, how to tackle challenges, and is the founding team compulsory.

Zhang Hu KAN: the end of 2015, 80% smart hardware team will die on the beach

Intelligent hardware is not the rigid demand of the masses of affluence, we experience pain: phantom sound intelligent air box, measuring PM2.5 and temperature and humidity, air quality with APP can be marked on the map. This is spent eight months out of, but just needs a month now can sell thousands of sets, is far worse than expected. No initial investment back, much less data. Magic is the company of more than 100 people, 40 people matured the sales team sells is not ideal, other team can imagine. Especially in addition to raise, online, these teams are other means too little sales, or simply be engineers imagined needs, poor sales, far from supporting the company's costs.

Zhang Hu KAN: the end of 2015, 80% smart hardware team will die on the beach

Look at life-saving b round of financing feasibility investors what is mind? VCs a team cannot fully understand from the BP team capability, more often, from the jade market bet stone a principle, and give you the money, gambling that team 10 times, 20 times times returns. Before I cut the original stone, based on experience, see the BAT background, project analysis, betting bet, may have ten project completion a value! But jade stone cut, were kind of ice, rice types, kinds of glass at a glance! Team 1-2, like cut stone, is worth a glance, no imagination! Whole intelligent hardware industry of status is cut a see, a, round investment are valuation high has, products sales Shang not to, no cash flow, community operation is burn money of big hole, big data just a legend, you told investors annual 50% of growth, that is by money hit out of, not they of expected, only by transfusion live who, himself cannot hematopoietic of will has what future does?

Zhang Hu KAN: the end of 2015, 80% smart hardware team will die on the beach

But investors have become more rational at this stage, they have understood this two years, intelligent hardware is a big hole, a round of overestimated, series b natural is in sight. Bubbles break and wind when the wind had stopped, old concluded that smart hardware at the end of 2015, 80% the early dissolution of the startups because cash flow is broken, in the end, cash flow is the hard truth. You probably only six months from the closure unless it can find a way to earn cash.

Return product – catch the essence of the needs of users pain points, even a pain point catch, perfect solution, also has a chance to be explosions, not investors like, but people scrambled around products. Magic rings have recently made a hundred sheep a ring clasp, it solves the big easy off problem screen phone in your hand, and when the phone support. Before the sale, I get several home tests, daughter-in-law 6plus used was proper, mother of other children in the school wanted a had to invite her to dinner; the mother-in-law phone watch opera in the evening, a dozing off phone, getting up early everyday good. It made me reflect a lot, eight years for dozens of products, the less likely such a small things to improve my position in the home, and now I am at home are tall walking sideways! So, you have to catch the hearts of consumers can capture their wallet. case Vans

Zhang Hu KAN: the end of 2015, 80% smart hardware team will die on the beach

Friends holding mortal determination to start, received a suspended death sentence, its destiny lies in a b round of financing, the success rate will not exceed 10%, might as well find a way out, or find new avenues for growth in sales of new models or develop new products meet the rigid requirements, do not drill smart hardware Horn tip. Making explosions, live to opine, passionate writing, otherwise it is simply gossip fodder, sob.

Zhang Hu KAN: the end of 2015, 80% smart hardware team will die on the beach

End of 2015 would be a threshold, 80% smart hardware team down on the beach, of course, is the liberator, the new team took the flag of martyrs, the future, just hope that fallen man is not you, but you want to do how to survive?

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Moto 360

MOTO 360 since launch attracted the attention of many, not only because it is a member of Android Wear starting, but also because of its retro and sophisticated appearance design and excellent workmanship. Good design also makes it standout in the ranks of smart watches.

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Storm India domestic cell phone why hard to pressure the local bosses

Storm India: domestic cell phone why hard to pressure the local bosses

Since last year, because of the domestic mobile phone market is saturated, Meizu, cool, Lenovo, OPPO, millet, Huawei, gionee and vivo and many other mobile phone brands in China, almost all of India as a sea of choice. India of market potential self-evident, population intensive, and economic uplink, and patent regulatory system not perfect, and intelligent machine penetration low (not to 30%), almost all people are believes, future years India intelligent phone market growth outbreak soon, India future growth for after China became global second big intelligent phone market also almost no suspense, this is domestic manufacturers to align align will India as sea preferred of important reasons.

India national brands Micromax mobile phone manufacturers and more cost-effective

For now, India's highest market share manufacturers are neither Samsung nor domestic manufacturers, but India local manufacturers. While in India, market share ranking the top mobile phone manufacturers Samsung last year, but this year it has been India's biggest smartphone makers Micromax beyond. Micromax in India's market share is more than 22%, followed by Samsung, Intex and Lava, two India local manufacturers respectively to 9.4% and 5.4% of the smart phone market share won the third to fourth place.

We know that domestic mobile phone manufacturers, Lei is a low-key and unassuming careerists. Millet, in which he set the next 5-10 India localization of a long-term strategy, said millet will be copied in China's successful experience in 3-5 do India market share. Huawei and other manufacturers are also expected in India market to fight, win a big cake. But domestic manufacturers into India market has been fighting a price war with each other for some time, but found the India market is a tough nut to crack. In fact, opponents not faced by domestic manufacturers Samsung, nor friends in China, but also started with price of Micromax India local brands.

Almost all Chinese millet has long been steeped in the low-end market, just a few years, almost completed for Samsung, HTC and other brands in the domestic market will remain intact. Arguably, from last year to this year, the domestic manufacturers to attack India market should mix of wind, but in fact, we found that, as of now, mainstream domestic vendors not in India market highlights, even in India work under Samsung has long been squeezed first throne. We also found that the price/performance strategy, domestic manufacturers suffering from India domestic enemies of the powerful attacks.

Well-placed Micromax understands India policy, the small market and user needs

From the core strengths and technical point of view, Micromax is more than beating Samsung and domestic manufacturers of hard power. Because Micromax does not has similar Samsung, manufacturers of industry chain of control capacity, it main used posted brand of mode, almost all of products are from Shenzhen generation factory, it also not has chip of development capacity, chip of dealer for China Spreadtrum Communications, it maximum of advantage and selling is cheap and price advantage, according to understand, Micromax of launched of 70 dollars low price phone is swept whole India market, like it of sold models A62 intelligent phone is swept India. But we also see that Micromax has the advantage of more than domestic manufacturers understand India policy, the small market and user needs.

Starbucks iPhone 6 Case

India handset market started as a denizen of Micromax and Nokia's suppliers, provides India specific lower-priced, this manufacturer of smartphones sold substantially below $ 70, launched its high-end flagship models are also in the $ 150~200 the price range, sales. In terms of price, thousands of China-made mobile phones hard edge. The current situation is that India competition in the low-end market more brutal, no minimum, only lower. Huawei domestic glory 6 plus, mate7, millet is sold in high-end models, such as 4 in India compared with the price of Micromax's flagship machine, also lost its cost advantage.

The other hand, India market situation, the domestic Smartphone popularity phase, functional machine is mainstream, smartphones are rapidly developing. India mainstream network is 2G,3G is not yet common, 3G penetration is less than 10%, but made thousands of machines are supported 4G network, and even build a so-called Internet service ecosystem in India 2G has essential failure in the network status. Starbucks iPhone 6 Case

In addition, India local manufacturers understand national conditions and needs and sales channels on the network edge. India's situation is one of the large population, public environmental noise, Micromax mobile phones often improve in terms of sound quality to match India noisy environment. India Women favored jewelry, Micromax is embedded in the mirror and jewels to the main female in the fuselage. In addition, Micromax mobile phone more attractive reasons is that better understand national conditions, have an advantage in the local language and service, such as Micromax to launch local language services also include a variety of phones, launched to support more than 20 kinds of supported India dialect of smartphones. Due to the deep knowledge of the psychological needs of local consumers, Micromax is constantly India function machine for domestic users shift to Smartphones.

Collective short offline retail channels are domestic manufacturers India local manufacturers deeper roots

Domestic thousand Yuan used to channel sales through the Internet, but in India, but is hampered by domestic mobile phone is an important factor. India's Internet penetration is very low, network channels share minimum, millet, network can directly save a cell phone 30% cost, e-commerce sales channels can be said to be Chinese millet channel cost savings, an important advantage of a price war, but in India, mobile phone again this advantage disappears. Because even through network channels to seize part of the user, if copied to India first, will face India's legal policy challenges.

According to relevant statistics, India imposed on foreign direct investment policies in the field of electronic commerce, namely to overseas companies listed abroad in India the development of electronic commerce, must be within a 5 year time frame, 26% equity-backed India and entered the field must be a B2B e-commerce. So far, manufacturers more co-operative strategies such as millet, millet with India's largest online Web store--Flipkart Internet Pvt. OPPO uses Amazon India Company's platform.

But at the same time, offline retail channel India firmly in control of local manufacturers. According to understand, India has over 1.1 billion above of population are live in big city zhiwai of rural area or town, these area Internet penetration very low, through Internet channel hard cover to these mainstream user market, so dispersed of line Xia retail channel network is essential, and as India leading of domestic phone brand one of of Karbonn, they in India territory has has has over 80,000 a above of retail dot. Micromax's offline retail channel is quite perfect. So we see that 2 years ago began to enter India from scratch to build their own online store sales system of the Golden State, but can get India more than 2% market share.

So, a mainstream cell phone to enter India, first of all to build offline retail network channels, millet also announced it will intensify in the India market investment, opening India plant, opened stores, but it is not at manufacturers such as millet, laying and offline retail channels need roots India native, requires time and huge human cost of capital to complete the below the line. For fast from India earn quick money makers in the market's demographic dividend, down-to-Earth will not be easy. From the other hand, India's business environment is not conducive to domestic manufacturers in India with a local offline retail channels and market local manufacturers.

State of pain: India to resolve the employment crisis support manufacturing local firms enjoy the dividends policy

We know from the above mentioned India e-commerce provisions in the field of foreign direct investment can be seen, India market in order to foster its own e-commerce platform, do not allow foreign merchant to India consumer direct sales of products. This is reflected from the side, India's national brand protection policy causes it to not open a business-friendly environment, but which also has India State of pain.

We know that India is a relatively poor population under development, while development in the economy, but a rapid population growth in poor countries, employment is always the India Government's top priority. Leading national brands are best protected by the Government. According to statistics, India Government likes tax on international companies abroad to earn money back. Such as India have been changed after the new law, many international companies for back taxes. In fact, this reflects on the one hand India the protection of national brands, but at the same time reflecting the environment worse for business investments. Disclosure of industry data shows that India in the international business environment ranking, has ranked more than 140 more than the following, the business environment more so than Iran.

Mobile phone industry is India part of the development strategy of manufacturing industry under State Government. Last September, India Narendra Modi Government put forward "India making" slogan, build manufacturing centers in the world is India based on the current state of the future strategic objectives.

For India such development in the of population powers for, to development employment, labor intensive of phone manufacturing undoubtedly is preferred, so we see, India welcomes abroad manufacturers to India opened factory, but not special welcomes only opened retail stores or only through electric business channel sales products and not support India manufacturing of manufacturers, because India Government treats foreign of starting point all is sent hope foreign to India can led local employment and manufacturing of prosperity. So we see in India to build a factory of Apple in India almost no retail store, it is said that with the Government's attitude towards the manufacturing sector greatly. Jin in India online retail stores in its progress towards a plant based on gradually developed. So, no line of millet also said the opening of the channel advantage and experience India plant, opened the store. Step by step this year has plans in India to open factories, has been with India Government and approved. Therefore, the domestic mobile phone in India's mobile phone production, you may need to depend heavily on its own factory to solve capacity.

India local protectionism: the deep crisis of domestic manufacturers in the future

All this reflects India Government protectionism under the selection based on local conditions.

From international environment see, while, China production cost rose, on the, India rupees devaluation, India Government to stimulus local economic, must need support local phone manufacturing supply chain, while also see has local intelligent machine market of huge potential, and to weakening domestic economic contradictions, India also is strategy sex adjustable rose intelligent phone, electronic products of import duties, speed up development India phone manufacturers itself assembled, and development, and manufacturing intelligent phone capacity, actually, Micromax is the Government's policy to stimulate and support, has grown to become India's largest mobile phone manufacturer. Micromax also carried the India brand impact of international expectations, often publicly expressed the need to save its founder India economy in response to Prime Minister MODI visions and policies, develop India mobile phone manufacturing, which reflect its national ability to incite emotions. So, Micromax in India under national conditions, have a local policy to protect and India the great advantage of national emotional identity. In this connection, is domestic mobile phone manufacturers in India market rewarding the greatest obstacle, and domestic manufacturers in the future in India's deep crisis.

So we see that, actually, right time and India local conditions are not conducive to China-made mobile phones in India's rise. To captured India market, domestic phone manufacturers need research India of conditions, and policy and subtle of user psychological needs, deep line Xia channel and this based Shang sought local of cooperation, if always hold with challenge and beat India local manufacturers sat Shang India phone market first put spot of idea, that may in led to domestic phone follow-up in docking India local market of process in the, due to on policy and India conditions of not understanding and led to a collective "acclimatized" of big defeat.

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Chinese version of Pebble smart watches

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Chinese version of Pebble smart watches Starbucks iPhone 6 Case

A lot of people told me, after a fresh, their Apple Watch most commonly used is the "view alerts" and "view" these two functions. Pebble that two things can be done, and whether the iPhone or Android phone, are qualified for the job. Even if it is on a business trip, as long as a week, do not need to bring the charger.

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100 dead smart hardware products what are the characteristics

Know there is a hot posts over the years you've seen what are the most intelligent hardware bullshit? , Laughing. Just conceived flickers all the preparatory stages of the project, we plan a fun, but then in Lei Feng online really is better fought in a so-called smart hardware project, read the introduction knows death. In order to save energy and money of investors and entrepreneurs, I will babble a few words.

As usual, first conclusion:

1) in the original hardware based on the touch screen;


2) based on original hardware remote control;


3) superposition of many unrelated functions;


4) not user cannot do any open platform.

Contains these features "intelligent hardware" will do to death, contains more die faster.

Defining constraints

Intelligent hardware here has no strict definition, as long as the manufacturers claim to be intelligent hardware, we include it without a processor need not even charged, like the "55-Cup".

Here said "drop dead" there are two conditions:

1) means far fewer sales than expected was not even issued a second order, is dead;


2) smart parts eventually become something dispensable, "smart" is dead.

An intelligent hardware whether it is useful, in fact, is a matter of opinion, may be useful for some people to others is completely useless, for the latter will feel this product is pure bullshit. This article does not "useful" this tired out.

Legacy hardware based on touch screen

If a mature hardware adds a touch screen, that it itself has already have independent input and output capabilities, since independent input and output, and knew without having to guess it must have their own independent network, computing and storage capacity.

Looks powerful, but cost also goes up, costs will directly lead to this product will do to death. If your intelligent hardware is so much more expensive than traditional hardware of others, but not much more powerful than traditional hardware, this will die this product directly.

And, based on such a big hardware, whether owner or product manager will be racking their brains to come up with a lot of features, the development team on the run, led to the most basic functions of this product are not doing it, and then it's not.

I cite two examples:

1) VOW intelligent headset, in traditional headphones and a screen, WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G, download music, known as connecting soul to soul. You see, cried on the model are cool ... ...


100% dead smart hardware products, what are the characteristics?

2) Zettaly Avy smart speaker (name just a mouthful), claiming to be the "brains of speakers, who no longer are attachments. Using the latest generation of quad-core ARMCortex-A7 processor, equipped with a pure native Android system 4.4, WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0. As speaker, equipped with 2 x 5W speakers, sound can be comparable with 500~600 speakers on the market. "

You see, I had cost more than 1000, made out of products can be comparable to 500 speakers on the market ... ...

100% dead smart hardware products, what are the characteristics?

Another positive example: the one where the piano, he didn't add a touch screen to the piano.

100% dead smart hardware products, what are the characteristics?

Based on the original hardware and remote control

In a number of features on a single hardware, add remote control function, known as the smart hardware products. If this is called intelligent hardware, why not bring the infrared remote-control air conditioning, televisions, electric fans also called intelligent hardware? Just because you use WiFi, you can control home appliances?

The remote control function, in fact, did not bring much, ordinary people do not need remote control room electrical work. Remote-controlled rice cooker began to work in the company, who will help you with your rice pot? R/c air conditioning started on the way home, may I ask how big is your House is, it takes a long time to turn the temperature down?

Significance of intelligent automation, self analysis and perform an action. Are you smart, instead of my intelligence.

Remote control for intelligent electrical apparatus does not roll, heaps and heaps, wants to see the students can directly move the appliances e-commerce site to raise the plate. Fortunately, remote remote control increases the cost is not high, but can sell for a higher price fool users. Users can find at home and eggs.

Irrelevant functions stack

A function is not attractive enough, plus one, two, three, has been added to your satisfaction. Product managers can demand with the boss: "look, I have done so many features, users still don't buy it, it's not my fault."

A look at a few examples:

1) Intelligent Dream Flower vase. "Is the gateway, wireless routers, temperature and humidity sensors, adjustable CO2 sensor, bright lights, PM2.5 measurement, noise detectors and other equipment a variety of intelligent feature set in one of the vases, sensor indoor temperature, humidity, CO2 concentrations, noise as well as PM2.5 levels and display related data in a bottle on the screen and on our mobile phones. "

What, afraid of it, hahaha.

100% dead smart hardware products, what are the characteristics?

2) Samsung 510 liter four-door refrigerator RF24FSEDBX3. One can watch TV, listen to music, play video, refrigerator, Samsung also produced. In addition, the refrigerator can be called, depends on the weather, and change, watch the news. I've been wondering, why not also about Kara OK function?

100% dead smart hardware products, what are the characteristics?

Another positive example: Nest thermostats, simple home, say no more. Marcelo Burlon iPhone

Marcelo Burlon iPhone

100% dead smart hardware products, what are the characteristics?

Before users open platform

Bosses want to much, think big. A Word to explain: there is no user, who will connect you to the open platform?

This essentially is the same as previous, team will be dragged into the mire, the product never release date. Even if released, no one.

At last

If a company is developing products that contain more than 4 characters and bosses/product managers still are not allowed to question and not modify investors around the left, please round to drive away.

"The author" Hou photosensitive, also CEO for video, a serious business person. Venue and know the column: there is talk, look at recording stories and incidents in the course of his business experience. Marcelo Burlon iPhone Case

The ONE intelligent Smart Piano piano

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The ONE intelligent Smart Piano piano

As a vertical piano, The ONE Smart Piano is quite an advantage in price; a smart piano can teach you to play the piano, make enough eyeballs, and functional, its smart-lamp mode, Kara highlights such as the piano is also very attractive.

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Air conditioning fan on cool summer neck the Neck Cooler

Air conditioning fan on cool summer ~ neck: the Neck Cooler Air conditioning fan on cool summer ~ neck: the Neck Cooler

Well, this summer it will be just as unprecedented geothermal, turned love is rare, it sees this, could use air conditioning fan hanging around his neck (Neck Cooler): DKNY iPhone plus case DKNY iPhone plus case

DKNY iPhone plus case

From Japan Thanko, this paragraph air conditioning fan both cooling and massage of function, will of card in neck Shang on can began sent wind, from external put air sucking in, then after internal cycle cooling Hou, again from neck behind blow out--as how achieved cooling of, Thanko is vague, love rare estimated or is can into ice, through ice cooling, or is inside has metal pipeline, air through pipeline, while reduced must of temperature ~ energy does not high, 3, 5th battery can let it work nearly 12 hours and, of course, if you're computer fat, can also be powered through your computer's USB port. And very light, some more than 190 grams in weight, can even be hung on the neck to participate in outdoor sports and play badminton or something, really take anywhere cool ~

1980 yen a, is available for sale here:

Air conditioning fan on cool summer ~ neck: the Neck Cooler Air conditioning fan on cool summer ~ neck: the Neck Cooler Air conditioning fan on cool summer ~ neck: the Neck Cooler Air conditioning fan on cool summer ~ neck: the Neck Cooler

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