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2014 Samsung to say the most compelling phone, it must be Note Edge, this has a bit of the future range of phones at the press conference impressed a lot of people on the same day, other special features is to say no, but I was just so cool.

Concepts still practical? Review Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

Samsung's so-called flexible screens, in a Note on the Edge will in fact not let users easily bent, face hard glass and metal border will care to protect this valuable screen, but at least it's a cell phone can be as a precursor of science fiction come true.

Samsung also said on more than one occasion Note Edge is a "Limited-Edition concept phone", although this isn't the first surface screen Samsung phone (Galaxy Round do you remember last year), but this is the first in the world Samsung officially released and available surface screen phones.

Note Edge has accompanied me for weeks, and I didn't come up the goods within this time the meaning of existence, but Edge is a really cool phone and I really like.

Concepts still practical? Review Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

Edge always is a Taiwan Note 4 of derivative products, at least in hardware specifications Shang Edge and it of brothers is amazing of similar, real let Edge in a bunch of phone inside stand out of, natural is that block bent of screen has, said this block screen not currently top of screen one of certainly is not objective of: this block screen has very stunning vivid of color and near frenzied of pixel density. Note Edge's design is really impressive, iPhone 6 arc side glass is curved at the edges, and the curvature of the Edge is another realm: when viewed from the left, Edge screen giving a stretch is not felt.

Concepts still practical? Review Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

Side out of this screen most certainly need time to adapt, but adapt will be able to use thumb very easily manipulate the territory. On the desktop do not have to worry about shaking in my hand do not have to worry about accidentally touch, put it in his pocket is so relaxed and natural.

Edge of the screen's resolution is actually higher than the Note 4, plus a total of 160 pixels Edge at resolutions up to 2560x1600 than the Note more than 4 160 pixels means that extra Edge in daily available screen resolution and Note 4 is the same.

But real with up of when, this block cool dazzle of screen for whole Taiwan phone most basic of experience of change and is unlikely to, bent of part in displayed desktop Shi will has series of small tool, user can back and forth sliding select; in into APP zhihou, surface part will will dark down, or displayed user advance set good of a series text, user certainly also can from right designated into screen, call out small tool, and without minimum of current is run of APP.

Concepts still practical? Review Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

Bent part of the gadget has many, most notably, of course, are a variety of shortcuts to applications, which allows users to easily switch between the various applications; another use is to display weather and applied in a non-read notification icons. I like according to the location of the most popular Twitter and pedometers and walking distance of s Health information, especially the former, actual use really is very cool and this is something my brushes all day, and these little features for entire mobile phone is very nice ornament.

Also screen of bent part also can displayed for like call of people is useful of fast dial, and latest news (but hand Shang this Taiwan NTT of custom machine only Japanese news so I with not Shang), and detailed of weather information (this I also close has, after all see with that PM2.5 index is annoying), into music play device Shi this block part also can used to displayed some music control, and background play music of when these button will has been left in there waiting user instruction.

Samsung also specifically for Edge of bent screen part open has a application store, Samsung also development has a heap Hamburg game, on in this a small block screen Shang you need as soon as possible to according to game in customer of needs made Hamburg--I feel this stuff maximum of meaning is boss in next of when you can pretending to using Edge to remember notes and actually play game's (and you boss also have sat in you left), also also has a RAM dosage table--for those memory finishing forced syndrome patients also is somewhat with of.

Concepts still practical? Review Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

Note Edge of camera photo interface also with to has this block bent of part, most of photo control button are was put in has that above, clean of framing interface left has user, built-in of s Note application is so, this practices does is Rod, but also not always flawless--Dang has notification out of when, these control button on was blocked has, and so missed snap opportunities does is egg pain.

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Paddling down from the top of the curved part of the, you can call up some quick small tool, flashlight, stopwatch, timer, tape recorder, which is not what, the cool ruler function, of course. Here the most practical feature is the timer, cooking this way choke time when no grass that back and forth like the iPhone HOME button. Or when the application is running full screen, Edge or be used as a clock at night use.

Concepts still practical? Review Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

Actually said has so more, Edge real of good is various fancy of function and no effect Edge as a Taiwan very rod of intelligent phone of nature, and Samsung currently best of intelligent phone Note 4 compared, Edge positive screen of size slightly narrowed to has 5.6 inches, battery capacity reduced to has 3000 Ma Shi, this does also let Edge of range capacity than Note 4 (but with day also is didn't pressure of). Ted Baker phone cases

Otherwise, Edge is a Note 4, loaded with Samsung's latest software, latest of 16 million pixel camera, Mark S-Pen and supporting software, Samsung's latest metal frame design also makes mobile phones better overall sense of high, and thankfully, the plastic back cover didn't fake leather stitching.

Concepts still practical? Review Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

Note Edge relative to the Note 4 there is no prominent selling point, Edge gave me the feeling is like Samsung show technology show capacity and telling the world "I'm not no innovative companies", as regards the practical effects, at least I thought it was OK.

Overall, Edge is a Taiwan is rod of intelligent phone, because Note 4 is a Taiwan is rod of intelligent phone, Edge in Note 4 based Shang joined of dazzle cool elements and no let this Taiwan phone lost it has some excellent, and said truth, future of phone grew up such child of possibilities also not too big, if to signed a Edge of two years contracts, to has 2016 years, may also on you a people in with such child of phone.

But nevertheless, Edge still is 2014 most excellent of intelligent phone one of, as Samsung best of phone of "dazzle color version", if price gap not too big of words is very good of, and unfortunately is Edge of pricing than Note 4 your has too more, does, if two Taiwan phone put I before any I pick, I certainly will selected Edge, but consider to price, also buy a Note 4 more deal.

Curved screens in the current course is not a necessity, even for a period of time or may not be in the future, but on the phone in this area, we are also much-needed Edge to present new concepts products, because the road to the future, and certainly won't be easy.


Very nice screen;

Cool look; Ted Baker iPhone 5

Basic is a Note 4.


Battery life than Note 4;

Bent portion of the screen is not very useful;

Samsung software is a bit bloated.

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