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Spring of 2016 Apple product launches

Jin was released on March 29, the new generation of flip-screen Smartphone W909, machine equipped with two 4.2-inch flip screen, fingerprinting, 16 million pixel camera, Helio +64G P10+4G memory storage. Configuration, W900, and event keywords are "wise" words.

Jin has had its own series of clamshell Smartphone, but unlike W800/808, W900, such as previous generations, days W909 whether it's design or performance, certainly is the most high profile series of machines. In addition to Samsung's w-series, it is now configured the highest clamshell Smartphone.


Moschino iPad 4 case

W909 colors are very subtle, and ranged between rose gold and red, glowing color similar to the copper.

Body design is tough business, the front is all black 2.5D of glass panels. Forehead brushed metal fuselage panels, rough screws have concentric lines, logo also comes with denim.

Chin are three diamond hidden Android, backlight brightness low key.

Is independent of the hinge on the top part, only noise the MIC hole at the bottom.

Fuselage is symmetrical design, the subject is the volume keys on the left side, the right side is power and USB Type-C interface with cover. Worthy of note is the W909 interface is also integrated in the headphones in the Type-C.

4.2 inch screen frame size is small, even the corner square also has a good one-hand operation.

W909 preserves the removable back cover design, back cover with leather stitching design, battery capacity for 2530mAh.


16 million pixel camera, F1.8 aperture, the optical image stabilization is not supported, and fingerprint identification module below is a Flash. Machine support dual mirco-SIM card (commonly known as the card) and TF card expansion, location of the battery compartment is very thin, likely all the circuit boards are concentrated in the upper part of the fuselage.

Flip open the machine was very domineering.

The IPS screen is 4.2 inches 720P both inside and outside, finesse and great viewing angle of the screen, but the default adjustment and the fuselage was set for that theme.

Nine squares brushed stripes decorate the keyboard, press the great size, click to evoke that returning to the familiar touch.


W909 and regular cell phone is the biggest difference between its dual-screen and keyboard, the machine provides the cover closed and flip mode:

Closed mode, and ordinary cell phone with no doubt, the left side volume, power keys on screen and on the right card screen, Android three gold key is also the same, long press set button to call out a task interface. Worthy of note is from the side without the receiver, so when picking up the phone can only open lid.

Flip mode, flip right after the power button no longer works, but automatically after the flip and press the screen. Screen also supports multi-touch, but three Donkey Kong Android-the location was moved to nine squares on the keyboard.

On the operation, the Jin officials in trying to "replica" traditional clamshell machine logic keyboard buttons, identification, and returned in the direction, and traditional Home key is "transferred" to the hang up button (the photos button below), with more fresh.

Arrow keys move through the screen, you can choose the different elements Moschino iPad Case

Any interface click on the numeric keypad can be direct access to the demand-dial interface. Shutter button can wake up the camera, opens quickly, entity shutter button is also returning to the experience.

Left: the right touch input on the screen: keyboard input

Of course, the maximum function in addition to dial-up type of keyboard, although the entity button more, speed may not be faster than a virtual button, but solid nine-squares is cool. Physical keyboard input without occupying screen space, will be more comfortable to use.


W909 with a EGOS1.0 system, and Jin on the S8 Amigo 3.2 are two branches of the system, interface style is very apparent.

System reserved second-level menu, pre-installed third-party applications such as landlords, aiqi art, but you can uninstall.

Notification bar, shortcut buttons, and multitasking interface and service phone is no different. Moschino iPad 4 case

While based on the Android 5.1, but may be taking into account the target audience's tastes, set menu and icon style is feeling before Android 4.0 specifically.

System cameras and Jin S8, plug-in support, supports separation of focus and metering.


Work, body frame is made of plastic material, texture and look very much like metal, joint control good. A key absence is very small, buffer space, pressing slightly hard but clear feedback.

Body mechanical parts such as shaft was thick, resistance and flip cover closed by only just right to describe the sound, mechanical parts of these details really do quite well.

Handle material feels excellent, the keyboard part is very thin, but the weight inevitably biased, and part of the screen is a two-screen, much larger component than expected, after you flip gravity will be more visible in front. Of course, maybe that's the component of business habits and hope (laughs).

Experience, flip the keyboard in An Zhuorong logic are quite new to this many people, but with no flaws, can see this is a multigenerational series of changes, it is still relatively easy to use.

After the iPhone launch, folding mobile phones has become a very popular category. But before that, that belonging to Nokia, Sony Ericsson, slider, flip the times, they are a truly mainstream. Lot of users want to come from that era, perhaps just a familiar, but modern operating system phone.

And many don't even have the opportunity to experience non-users in the age of intelligent machines, met for the first time this fusion Android and the clamshell machine, like saw another world through a mobile device. Their fresh eyes, perhaps others familiar with it.


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Jin S8

Jin recently several models all have their own distinct characteristics, whether it's large capacity battery, or their own custom UI is out of its own way. Today at the MWC 2016 Conference, gionee punches again, launched their new flagship model: Jin S8.

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Sunday, March 27, 2016

From Netscape and Yahoo to Google to Facebook

From Netscape and Yahoo to Google to Facebook

In the global high-tech history, Microsoft is not open around the company for nearly 20 years has been in the hundreds of billions of dollars worth of high company, a company that has hit the trillion-dollar, in our memory, the past 20 years, Microsoft global high-tech market has been in the top five in the queue, more than half the year, Microsoft is the boss. Dolce Gabbana iPhone Cases

In the view of Lei feng's network without Internet and mobile Internet, then, Microsoft today is still the No.1.

History of global development of the Internet industry as a whole, is also starting from challenge and undermine Microsoft.

The story's first role was called Netscape's company, the company born in the 90 's of the last century, is considered opened the prelude of the Internet era--the famous mosaic browser at one point accounted for 90% per cent of the market share. 1995 Netscape listed market value of 7.1 billion US dollars on the day, the end of the year, Netscape exceeded 20 billion dollars. Battle of Anderson, founder of Netscape Netscape fame, he boarded the year time magazine cover.

However, after prolonged and Microsoft "browser wars", Netscape eventually succumbing to, and ultimately sold it to AOL.

But after Anderson becomes one of the top venture capitalists, he also became investors in Twitter, Facebook, eBay and SKype's Board of Directors was also entered. This is another story, the press table.

Netscape lost how much Microsoft in reason, first, Microsoft bundling is somewhat excessive, the second is the browser itself is also software in software in the battlefield, Microsoft is a very difficult thing to beat.

Yahoo & Google

Microsoft defeated Netscape, indirectly affect Yahoo!.

"If we are a software company, will not be able to survive, since it would be crushed by Microsoft. If we are a publication like time magazine, has a number of loyal readers, we will go on for a long time. "The mid 90, Mr Yang said this, this line of thinking has achieved Yahoo! 's early glory, also buried the worries of future decline.

Yahoo! is the world's first funky character of the Internet, is also the first Internet company to break through $ 100 billion company, peak time, Yahoo! had reached 140 billion u.s. dollars.

Yahoo! 's rich product is Yang and his classmate Patricia Farrell wrote a classified directory, similar to a Hao123 stuff. Netscape Founder Marc Andreessen, like Yahoo's index lists, in January 1995, he was "random" button Netscape an important online search links to Yahoo!, when Netscape users click this button, you will be automatically guided to the Yahoo Web site.

Dolce Gabbana iPhone Cases

From Netscape and Yahoo to Google to Facebook

Soon, Masayoshi Son, galvanized, with 100 million dollars to invest in a stake in Yahoo! takes 33%, and in 1996, successfully pushed Yahoo! listing.

Driven by capital and Yahoo! attempting to transition, originally just index other sites contents, then Yahoo started directly in providing content on your own site, so there is a source of income, because each page will trigger ads and ad space is calculated by page.

Add news content, Yahoo! launched series such as weather reports, stock information service, covering the user's daily life, as a comprehensive portal to information services. Yahoo! provides information, practical, attracted a large number of users, and for users that year, has a strong viscosity, but in the end was that of selection and produce information.

In 2001, the Internet bust, Yahoo! Revenues. Jerry Yang to no Internet background, Hollywood mogul Terry don't understand technology. He thrown hydrangea, asking him to the helm of Yahoo!. This is considered one of the most stupid decision of Yahoo!, making Yahoo! from this path of no return of a media company rather than a technical content of the Internet or high-tech companies to run, Yahoo! Throughout the company's core focus and business thinking compared with Google there is a big gap and overtaken by Google.

Cai Wensheng have both made this comparison: Yahoo! is hiring 1000 most famous Editor, recommended content; Google hired 1000 smartest engineers built a very good search engine platform, allows users to discover and find their own content. Yahoo! found Google's real value and to catch up when it's too late.

Make people sad and, at critical time of development of Google, Yahoo! gave Google a lot of help.

In 2000, Yahoo! began to outsource search to Google, claiming that Google for "best search engine on the Internet", Yahoo! Annual service charge paid $ 7.2 million to Google's search technology, the money is certainly timely, feeding Google a valuable first pot of gold.

In January 2002, Google introduced AdWords advertising system based on auction, the system allows advertisers to bid online, its advertising automatically matches the search term, but Overture company Google of infringing its patents. Later, Yahoo! Acquired Overture company, Yahoo! Google uses a perpetual license to these patents, and Google in return to pay Yahoo!270 million shares, about 1% of the shares of the company. Yahoo! Google plays the role of guardian angel again.

Some say Google Yahoo! terminator role to play which is a lifelike form. On the surface, Google does not appear to be obsessed with into Yahoo! pages advertising market, but in fact, Google's advertising model diverting funds into the Web advertising market. Starting from the bursting of the dotcom bubble in 2000, Google now go on at the same time, Yahoo! You entered a period of recession.

Internet victory

Internet and software industry compared, maximum difference is information in which of share different, in Internet times, information of ordered of circulation is most important of trend one of: Netscape and Microsoft in browser this software of positive market pinch, defeated is must of, during basic not involves information of ordered circulation; Yahoo! this occupy has whole global Internet of high, but more put himself to a media direction development, more hope gets static of page advertising market share, Information control and the greatest vantage point allowed Google to capture, thus making their influential decline.

Google began as a Yahoo! Challenges and alternatives appear, but we found, in fact, is Google challenges Microsoft.

In the past 10 years, Google around beyond Microsoft the strategic objectives of sustainable development effort. Microsoft control of the desktop, Google continues to invest on the server side; Microsoft dominate the PC,Google acquisition of Android and is open to all mobile phone manufacturers, occupy over half of the Smartphone market share Microsoft document dealing with extremely powerful, with Google Gmail and other areas. In the field of the browser, Google also began to Rob it from Microsoft in a number of shares. Development, Google and Microsoft start on an equal footing.

However, even as Google and Microsoft battle from afar when Facebook began overtaking from the side rear, though still didn't catch, but Chase has become.

Facebook for Google to catch up, and classic. But around the orderly flow of information to competing: page and Brin considered in the processing of information all over the world, the machines can do better than men. Facebook is essentially a social networking company, Zuckerberg believes that social connections can make daily life more efficient, smoother information flow will. In terms of business models, Google and hope that all the information is available free, on this Foundation sponsorship from advertisers. While Facebook is through referral, search, and according to the user's interest to provide news to replace Google's position, and on this basis to develop their own advertising.

Parties and even into their respective areas of strength, Google released Google + social networking product, Zuckerberg plans to roll out social search sites, and hopes to roll out competing with Google's Gmail e-mail service.

Fans in Facebook, Google just connect together computers around the world, while Facebook is world connected with the human brain, on the production of information, Facebook also took upstream source of these opinions in support of Facebook beyond Google is only a matter of time, many Google employees are voting with their feet. But when listed as Google, one-sided finds that Google will overtake Microsoft, but until today, Google and Microsoft is actually on an equal footing.

You can imagine, be it Facebook over Google, and Google over Facebook, its efforts effective circulation of information will enable us to benefit from these grass, assuming of course that they can one day through the wall into the.

Charm Blue Note 2

1145 votes

Charm Blue Note 2 Dolce & Gabbana iPhone 6 Plus Case

Charm blue NOTE 2 both hardware and software have changed very much. NOTE 2 power button location changes, and HOME keys are directly used by larger capacitor HOME key, implements more features, is a good solution for big-screen phone control. System, magic blue cancelled a traditional Smartbar Flyme controversial, based on Android 5.1

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I am very ugly but very important Mobile phones without vaginal discharge can t

I am very ugly, but very important! Mobile phones without vaginal discharge can't

  Cell phone back cover design on the market today are divided into two kinds, is a mirror-glass design, the other is a three-stage design. The former looks more beautiful, do better integration of the fuselage, but the durability and easy fingerprint. Three-section design in use and metal texture is superior to the more durable. Has been a mobile technology leader Apple iPhone 4/4S is the mirrored glass back cover design, the iPhone 5 and after products are built using metal three-section design.

  In order to pursue a better texture, released after iPhone6 is 5/5S of the upper and lower ends of the plastic instead of metal. But due to the metal body signals for mobile phones have a lot of obstacles, iPhone6 antenna with wider ways to ensure signal quality, and here the antenna is used to ridicule the "vaginal discharge".

  Why Mobile must exist "vaginal discharge"? For signals and what kind of impact, small series below to the first use of such "vaginal discharge" iPhone6 design as an example, explain "vaginal discharge" of great importance. IPhone6 open back cover, as you can see, seemingly one of the metal back cover is actually a plastic filler, apparently is divided into three sections, and both ends of the antenna, while the middle is responsible for conduction. IPhone6 part antenna involves Cellular antennas, WLAN and Bluetooth. Such as GPS, NFC, and the following are some of the major Cellular antennas.

  From this we can see iPhone6 as Netcom's mobile, increasing this kind of mobile phone "vaginal discharge" is Apple in order to signal to select more, but also to ensure the signal quality stability of last-ditch move. This last ditch design is also all-metal rear cover good signal solution of 2015, so domestic mobile phone manufacturers to exclusively use such programmes.

  Now the popular "vaginal discharge" process is CNC plastic injection molding. CNC plastic injection which is controlled by the so-called automatic machines, metal injection molding process of partition.

  CNC plastic injection in different phones have different solutions, such as mainstream in 2015 in the three-stage design. In 2016, many manufacturers have a new way of thinking, in leucorrhea location better than Apple and even innovative. First approach cell phone antenna hidden in the frame's position, very good design, not only hides the "vaginal discharge", and signal extension can also strengthen the signals receiving and sending.

  Another way is that the back cover metal has been extended to cover the upper and lower parts, CNC hole in the bottom section, opened a large location for injection molding process. Not only cleverly hide the antenna, you can also let cell phone back cover metal and plastic part of the transition, keeping the fuselage design of one, while more delicate beauty.

  In addition, Huawei's mate s of the t-shaped antenna, which cleverly took advantage of the shape of the antenna, look more symmetrical and beautiful.

  One sentence summary: Disney Galaxy Note 4 case

  Due to currently technology of limit, currently also no found perfect solution metal Hou cover shielding of way, so "leucorrhea" also President time exists, since "leucorrhea" cannot elimination, that we should for species thinking to treats it, not blindly of canceled it, can will leucorrhea into fuselage design among, let leucorrhea became phone design of part, so, it not only enhanced signal received capacity, more can upgrade phone yan value, so why not does?

[Article correction]

Collection is the collection of 1542 Disney Galaxy Note 4 case

Disney Galaxy Note 4 case

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Spring of 2016 Apple product launches

Low price: Looxcie HD Outdoor 4.99

Previously recommended Looxcie related products, which are some of the more interesting camera. The Looxcie HD Outdoor is the three cameras. Its maximum 1080P video, COMS with high quality and low-light sensors, automatic light-weight seriously, built-in WiFi support memory card expansion and a 1200mAh battery is pretty good. There are waterproof suits and install mode, basically there are no pressure.

Looxcie HD Outdoor historical low price $ 164.99, about 1000 Yuan, price of 1150 Yuan. Licensed 2K+ the rhythm of domestic copper mine, the price advantage is obvious. Kaidaer mini speaker

Purchase address Kaidaer portable speaker

Kaidaer portable speaker

Low price: Looxcie HD Outdoor 4.99 Low price: Looxcie HD Outdoor 4.99 Samsung Galaxy S6

1849 votes

Samsung Galaxy S6

On the whole, the new Samsung Galaxy S6 material just as Apple launched iPhone 4 o'clock it was amazing. Volume-high location and handset design and overall did not match, is the place where I feel will improve on the design. Functions, fingerprints and photographs are very powerful, I heard more than one peer praise these two features "as well as iPhone" or even "better than iPhone". Systems experience, Samsung and all other international companies choose to be consistent--move closer to the native Android system, compared to before the Samsung fully customized systems, more modern, more fresh, naturally, was easier to use.

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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Spring of 2016 Apple product launches

IPad Pro foot

Recently, some users found just get Apple iPad Pro, I get a "suspended animation", you must press the home key and the power button to force reboot to restore. Starbucks iPhone 6 Plus Case

Loading iOS 9.1 was present already appears in the systems 32GB and 128GB on iPad Pro device, regardless of Wi-Fi users or LTE are reflected. The cause of this problem is due to hardware or software, it is not yet clear. IPad Pro crashes often occur during the charge, so many users think is caused by the charge.

Apple's official website announced a temporary solution. Meet iPad Pro panic, use iTunes for the iPad Pro can be connected to the computer to factory settings to force a reboot the device, press the home button and power button simultaneously for at least ten seconds, until the Apple Logo appears on the screen so far. Starbucks iPhone 6 Plus Case

IPad Pro foot


  Spring of 2016 Apple product launches

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Starbucks iPhone 6 Plus Case

iPad Pro

434 votes

iPad Pro

As the Apple press conference before the start of the much anticipated new product, iPad Pro second debut. In introducing the iPad Pro, when he said, this is by far the most powerful of the iPad, the integration of the most advanced hardware and software technologies.

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Friday, March 18, 2016

OPPO R9 spring fashion show

• Small is beautiful small Aviate Yahoo Desktop Launcher review

Yahoo down, strategy for unknown chaotic management, several senior executives leaving, MUI also didn't save Yahoo around. However this does not affect the user's Yahoo made some popular products, such as beautiful interface, the Yahoo Weather, such as after the revision of Flickr, Yahoo recently gave us a surprise--Yahoo Aviate Launcher, one can call "intelligent desktop Assistant" launcher.

• Small is beautiful small Aviate Yahoo Desktop Launcher review

Being an Android user, author using the classes based on unofficial CM CM and primary systems, the standard equipment of the Apex Launcher is the author, however, as time went on, LG G2 gradually aging, and finally one day I can't stand growing cotton and not the updated system, turned back into the Korea neighbors arms of Samsung ... ... And began a frustrating path, but somehow both Apex and the Nova on the S6 is more or less a few minor problems, not the author's satisfaction. After many setbacks I finally found Yahoo after this author is no longer struggling, smart and clean Starter Aviate Launcher. FENDI iPhone 6 Plus Case

• Small is beautiful small Aviate Yahoo Desktop Launcher review

Just like Yahoo's publicity, Aviate has a very simple basic desktop layout, only a row of frequently used programs on the bottom icon above is two reminders of the desktop, we can slide or tap to switch to the other two desktops. FENDI iPhone 6+

• Small is beautiful small Aviate Yahoo Desktop Launcher review

If you don't like author like wallpaper, you can also add multiple widgets on the desktop. Of course, you need to have a good match, or uneven levels of widgets on the beautiful ... ... Like the one above.

• Small is beautiful small Aviate Yahoo Desktop Launcher review

As head of the Flickr Yahoo, its initiator is no doubt of course wallpaper maniac demons, except when used for the first time since the n wallpapers for users to choose, but in the Intelligent Assistant interface to open the cover, just click Settings wallpaper you can automatically download and set as wallpaper.

FENDI iPhone 6+

• Small is beautiful small Aviate Yahoo Desktop Launcher review

Aviate function there are different from other initiators, slide up from the bottom edge, you can pull out your favorite contacts and recent contacts, make very convenient.

• Small is beautiful small Aviate Yahoo Desktop Launcher review

Although known as the Intelligent Assistant, Aviate Application Launcher does not discard the traditional drawer, but made some innovations in the traditional drawer, we can force them to become "smart categories". Right to enter the application drawer interface, Aviate has two drawers, the first layer is the Aviate depending on the application type and frequency of use automatically generated intelligent classification, author of the drawers automatically was classified as a "social, photography, productivity, utilities, transportation, entertainment, learning," several major classification, Aviate depending on frequency of use will automatically use the highest ranked in the forefront. Users click on the sorting arrow at the top right corner of the card displays the categories apply to all.

• Small is beautiful small Aviate Yahoo Desktop Launcher review

Intelligent classification interface right again to enter a similar Action Launcher in alphabetical order of all the application interface.

• Small is beautiful small Aviate Yahoo Desktop Launcher review

Yahoo Aviate greatest feature is a basic desktop from the left to enter the "intelligent desktop Assistant", different from the desktop, Aviate intelligent assistants is similar to Google Now launched left into "Search &Now" design. Aviate Intelligent Assistant provided in the Chinese State "settings, today, moving, listening, organization, near" six different scene modes. To morning work time for cases, Intelligent Assistant will provides day of date time, and alarm clock, and calendar event, and weather, and news and so on, are is to similar Yu Google Now of card type rendering, user also can according to himself of needs itself added class accounts, as bus Shang author like see friends circle or browse about about micro-Bo, as long as will "social" class accounts added to "today" can fast calls social class application.

• Small is beautiful small Aviate Yahoo Desktop Launcher review

Application in addition to adding categories, but we can also add in a different scene modes the Widget you want. In work mode, for example, in addition to classes and utility classes can add productivity point, you can also add Wunderlist and EverNote Widget, you can quickly manage GTD and enhance operational efficiency.

Here, you can ask is not scene mode: switch, its "Intelligent Assistant" where is it? Don't worry, in addition to the manual switch mode, Aviate also has a learning function, through a period of use, intelligent assistants will be based on time and location to determine the user environment and automatically switch the scene mode. For example, when I was just out on the bus in the morning, left into is "today" mode provides a variety of counseling. When I arrived at the company, smart Assistant automatically switches to "units" mode, providing a variety of productivity tools. Just like Google Now, and after a long time of use, Yahoo smart assistants will fit our habits.

Intelligent assistants to provide geographically based in the vicinity of the top recommended. Because of its built-in positioning based on Google maps, so ... ... Offset moving. Xposed framework plug-in authors are using "app Google Map correction" after finally improved.

Might you think Aviate Launcher and not very striking features, but increasingly the same Launcher market, Yahoo has brought us a different way of thinking, namely desktop could provide higher efficiency in its simple and beautiful, really • small is beautiful.

1837 votes

Samsung Galaxy S6

On the whole, the new Samsung Galaxy S6 material just as Apple launched iPhone 4 o'clock it was amazing. Volume-high location and handset design and overall did not match, is the place where I feel will improve on the design. Functions, fingerprints and photographs are very powerful, I heard more than one peer praise these two features "as well as iPhone" or even "better than iPhone". Systems experience, Samsung and all other international companies choose to be consistent--move closer to the native Android system, compared to before the Samsung fully customized systems, more modern, more fresh, naturally, was easier to use.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

OPPO R9 spring fashion show

Launched Braava Jet Mopping Robot iRobot robots

According to foreign media reports, the United States famous robot iRobot today launched a new MOP robot: Braava Jet Mopping Robot. Alexander Mcqueen iPhone

Launched Braava Jet Mopping Robot iRobot robots

Braava Jet Mopping Robot is similar to the traditional MOP cleaning method can be adapted to all types of hard floors, like bedroom hardwood floors and bathroom tiles. 

Launched Braava Jet Mopping Robot iRobot robots

This machine uses a similar manual drag mode will automatically move criss-crossed repeatedly cleaning the floor, remove stubborn dirt and grime. Alexander Mcqueen iPhone case

Launched Braava Jet Mopping Robot iRobot robots

In addition Braava Jet Mopping Robot Automatic cleaning mode is user-selectable, the user can choose according to the floor type, such as dry-erase, wipe wet.

Launched Braava Jet Mopping Robot iRobot robots

Braava Jet mopping robot has a compact design, the overall size of only 17x17.8x8.4cm, iRobot said it could be as deep as any tight spaces and corners.

Launched Braava Jet Mopping Robot iRobot robots IRobot Roomba650 sweeping robot

11 votes

IRobot Roomba650 sweeping robot

Alexander Mcqueen iPhone case

IRobot Roomba650 Intelligent robot sweep, the second generation of cleaning system (AerovacI), improved cleaning equipment, waiting for you to verify a miracle, a key to start, intelligent cross, zero distance sweep along the edge, automatic recharge, comfortable living from iRobot sweeping robot can go!

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Sunday, March 13, 2016

To see virtual reality video you might want to 5G help

To see virtual reality video, you might want to 5G help

2015, Mobile World Congress, MWC, Shanghai from July 15 to July 17, held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, the exhibition theme "mobile unlimited". During the Congress, companies from around the world showed its latest mobile technology, 5G technology development concerns.

Lei feng's Web on July 17, MWC in Barcelona, from March to July in Shanghai MWC,4 month, 5G technologies, standards and application-defined research has made great progress, current CEO of Huawei said Hu Hou Kun, 5G road has become clearer.

Hu Hou Kun pointed out that virtual reality and immersive experience will become the killer application of 5G and 5G in the empty technology Subversion network architecture and business model innovation.

As the transition from 4G to 5G, on July 14, Huawei join hands in China Mobile, Japan, SOFTBANK and other industry partners to publish the TDD+ solution, and TDD+ is the core component of 4.5G.

On the MWC in Shanghai, Huawei shows the world's first 6GHz 5G test sample, peak rate break 10Gbit/seconds. Lei feng's network was informed that 5G will in the future not only from person to person connections, also joined the connection between man and matter, substance and, there will be tens of other number of joins. And 5G will bring a 1 millisecond of ultra low latency network peak rates of up to 10Gbps. Starbucks iPhone 6 Plus Case Starbucks iPhone 6 Plus Case

Temporarily unable to meet the needs of these revolutionary experience of existing technology, 5G in the empty technical innovation and subversion of network architecture can bring the revolutionary experience, allowing consumers agree 5G the business value of technology.

For the general public, how will you experience the revolutionary changes in 5G? Hu Hou Kun pointed out that virtual reality and immersive experience should become a critical application. "Many of these applications can make industry-shaking changes, including gaming, virtual design, medical education, and even the art industry. "Hu Hou Kun explained that" to achieve this, we want to make in a mobile environment of virtual reality and immersive video at resolutions up to the resolution of the human eye, this calls for speeds up to 300Mbps or more, is almost required for the current HD video experience with speeds 100 times. "

According to the 3GPP standards organization's request, 2016 started 5G standard developed in 2018 for completion standard frozen. In this short span of 3 years, 5G from standards to reality still has miles to go.

Huawei Zero glory bracelet

274 votes

Starbucks iPhone 6 Plus Case

Huawei Zero glory bracelet

According to the official data, zero band has recorded (using Huawei 2012 lab algorithms), sleep (specially equipped with Cap Sensor), information notices and waterproof (IP68) and other functions, in terms of battery life, Huawei said, Zero time continued for four days. But that relative to the B2 bracelet 5 days of work time, seems to be a step backward.

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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Experience has matured PlayStation VR version review

  Yoshida, President of Sony's worldwide Studios rides recently said publicly that virtual reality will be the game's "ultimate weapon", company expects of its PlayStation VR. This is, of course, since the concept of video games there, "into the game world" by players around the world and YY the many science fiction authors. Now this dream has come true, even if it is not yet mature, how can players not exciting?

Michael Kors iphone 5 cases

  Just end 2015 at the Tokyo game show, Sony's booth plays alone is, of course, PlayStation VR. Distance closer to 2016, PlayStation VR has entered the final stage of perfection. Now PlayStation VR can bring is not the same experience? We take a look at start evaluation:

  Helmet body

Experience has matured PlayStation VR version review

  Compared with the prototype before the show, TGS PlayStation on VR no different in overall design, remain rounded shell, showing is the Sonett Sao. But the new version works much better many, suggesting that it had preliminary preparation for the listing.

  Compared with the E3 2014, TGS 2015 significantly lighter PlayStation VR on, wear the feel more comfortable. This is very important, because it takes a long time to wear the device there is a high demand for comfort, light weight as possible also strengthen the sense of immersion, after all, when you realize that when there's something on the head, won't be able to put the game in.

Experience has matured PlayStation VR version review

  It is worth mentioning that, TGS Hall light chaos, but does not affect PlayStation VR images. Many of today's virtual reality glasses that are vulnerable to external light interference, Sony is doing very well. PlayStation VR to track player movements are very stable and smooth, which is of great help for slow sense of Vertigo.

  Sony PlayStation VR in public for a long time, many details so it believes players are already familiar with. Said new progress, we're going to jump directly to the gaming experience, look to TGS on the PlayStation what VR brings a new feel.

  Game experience

Experience has matured PlayStation VR version review

  You haven't heard of the RIGS:Mechanised Combat League before the game, but if you are at a virtual reality experience, then it will surely be the show's biggest highlights. Michael Kors iphone 5 cases

  Mechanism of the game is simple: you play as a robot pilot, trying to win the robot fighting competition. Game combines both elements of battle and sport.

Experience has matured PlayStation VR version review

  Game idea itself is not particularly interesting, but it tie-in PlayStation VR on the formation of a magical chemical reaction. After wearing glasses, players seemed to have become a robot pilot, immersed in the heat of battle. PlayStation VR high resolution and a high frame rate make sure that players use in high-speed motion sick.

  Shows players using traditional PS4 handle, if you are using dedicated PlayStation Move, we may be able to get the General pleasure of the Pacific rim. Michael Kors website

  Fun experience

Experience has matured PlayStation VR version review

  Critics say virtual reality is a kind of "lonely technology", because in their view the player as soon as you put on the glasses, he is cut off from the real world. Sony by PlayRoom VR concept, wants to challenge such stereotypes.

  PlayRoom VR idea is very novel: this game supports multiplayer play, players are divided into two roles--wearing VR glasses and handles. For example, a player wearing a PlayStation VR to first-person perspective playing monsters in the game, while the other four ordinary players handle the human, and then started fighting on both sides.

Experience has matured PlayStation VR version review

  Game sounds simple, but the play was very interesting. Handle four players can enjoy and friends to share in the fun, but playing a monster player can also interact with everyone, the whole atmosphere of the game is fun. PlayRoom VR, critics comments were the perfect retort.

  Horror game wary of playing

  Capcom PlayStation VR specialist to create a name for the Demo of the kitchen. Sounds like peace, in fact, it is the work of a terrorist.

  In this Demo, the player's role was a killer tied to the kitchen. This setting requires you to sit in a Chair for PlayStation VR, can be added into. Next, the horror that occurred one after another, at around, people can not help but cry.

  Even if not experienced, all players knew the terror game and virtual reality technology was so terrible. As separated by a screen of security no longer exists, in highly immersed experience in the player has been unable to distinguish between real and virtual--the difference between a bad heart players using PlayStation VR playing horror games, really going to have an accident.

  General comments

  After a long time of development and polishing, PlayStation VR has come of age. New model brings more comfortable wearing experience, Sony brings more to show sincerity and play content.


  Future virtual reality glasses market must be a three-party hegemony. And win or lose, at least Sony PlayStation VR has the excellent quality is undeniable. However, considering that PlayStation VR for the PS4 to build, whether it can appeal to PC die-hard users say.

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Monday, March 7, 2016

Hard to create open class Online early adopters HTC Vive

To compete, Xiao long 820, 810, 808 vs A9 vs Exynos 7420

Xiao long 820 with carrying machine step by step listing, XDA forum using Samsung Galaxy S7 edge abroad as representatives of the Xiao long 820, and carry other SoC machines compare and see what the latest 820 can become a true King.

Use a test machine iPhone 6s respectively Plus (Apple A9), S7 edge (Xiao long 820), Note 5 (Exynos 7420), Moto x, Prue (Xiao long 808), Nexus 6P (Xiao long 810) and HTC One M9 (Xiao long 810) the six machines.


To compete, Xiao long 820, 810, 808 vs A9 vs Exynos 7420

CPU testing because testing machines including both Android and iOS platforms, so unified cross-platform-runs using GeekBench test, 8 times in a row, record results as shown in the figure.

To compete, Xiao long 820, 810, 808 vs A9 vs Exynos 7420 To compete, Xiao long 820, 810, 808 vs A9 vs Exynos 7420 To compete, Xiao long 820, 810, 808 vs A9 vs Exynos 7420 To compete, Xiao long 820, 810, 808 vs A9 vs Exynos 7420

In these tests, can clearly see long 820 surprise in S7, mycophenolate mofetil, from the beginning to the end of the test score difference, not like with 810 apparent performance degradation as the Nexus 6P or HTC OneM9; Note 5 continues the previous play, Exynos 7420 once again proved their strength. 820, not only in terms of performance improvement, can continue to stay to the end of the test. Moschino iPad 4 case


To compete, Xiao long 820, 810, 808 vs A9 vs Exynos 7420

To measuring the mobile, lined up: the left beginning iPhone 6s respectively Plus, S7 edge, Note 5, Moto x Pure, Nexus 6P. Test results in line with expectations, iPhone Note 5 and 6s, Plus the best, about 28.3 degrees Celsius; 6P temperatures, reaching 35 degrees Celsius, came in behind Pure Moto x 31.1 degrees Celsius; S7 edge of this very well maintained between performance and heat balance to 28.9 degrees Celsius exhaust Note after 5 and iPhone, many with outstanding performance compared with 810.


To compete, Xiao long 820, 810, 808 vs A9 vs Exynos 7420

Official updated Adreno 530 Xiao long more than 820 40% image performance, through the 3DMark test can see the Nexus of 6P or Note 5,S7 edge performance is really great. Just like CPU test, 820 in test performance dropped significantly, though it scores higher than the comparative models. It is worth mentioning that, already at room temperature to 24.5 degrees Celsius before the test room and allow the machine to cool for 30 minutes, but the initial temperature was not consistent, and may affect the test results are for reference only.


To compete, Xiao long 820, 810, 808 vs A9 vs Exynos 7420 To compete, Xiao long 820, 810, 808 vs A9 vs Exynos 7420

S7 carrying Xiao long 820 edge leading from the beginning to the end all Android models, promising the same GPU performance has increased substantially. But the models have suffered different degrees of decline, which HTC One M9 from 1041 to 1082, really awful. Moschino new iPad case

Moschino iPad 4 case

Test temperature, surprise is of the highest temperature this time iPhone 6s Plus,S7 edge in the second heat, with the S7 edge Note 5 of the same initial temperature slightly lower. Amazing Nexus 6P whole rounds of tests increased only by about 2 degrees Fahrenheit, is unclear, perhaps because testing GPU, its architecture has separate CPU and Adreno 430 proved Adreno 430 alone is a powerful mobile GPU.

XDA here reaffirmed this test cannot represent the full level of Xiao long 820, only representative of S7 edge of the device itself, after all, custom software, back office administration, internal hardware configuration, such as too many variables, this test is only for reference.

Text compiled from XDA


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