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18K wireless headphones no electricity when it is a wired headset

18K wireless headphones, no electricity when it is a wired headset

When there is electricity, which is wireless headphones

No power, it is a wired headset

Wireless headphones? Wired headset? Silly is not clear. This is a fantastic headset from United States New York a development team to launch wireless headphones PUGZ, although called a wireless headset, but PUGZ is wired, and when the headset battery, you can also use it as a wired headset, plug in the phone and then listen.

18K gold little square music recharge balance

18K wireless headphones, no electricity when it is a wired headset

PUGZ appearance with the wired headset doesn't make too much difference, but look carefully, you can see a small square on the line, this is PUGZ no wired headset when the key. This little box is actually charging port when using a cord to connect it to your phone, the user will be able to enjoy music while charging.

18K wireless headphones, no electricity when it is a wired headset

This little box with the team is applying for patents guidance magnetic connector: The Squircle, while for maximum conductivity and aesthetic, the team used 18K gold.

AptX enjoy Hi-Fi acoustics

18K wireless headphones, no electricity when it is a wired headset

PUGZ wireless headset using the CSR aptX audio compression technology standard bandwidth of Bluetooth technology barriers are overcome, provide CD-level stereo audio over a wireless Bluetooth connection. AptX technology demonstrates the superior audio quality in a Bluetooth connection, and its full bandwidth audio frequency consistent with high-fidelity performance.

Enjoy music into the dripping-by-wire

18K wireless headphones, no electricity when it is a wired headset

PUGZ line control enables users to do the following: adjust the volume, pause, play, song, then hung up the phone, mute, awaken Siri or Google voice commands. Wired control's biggest benefit is not pulled out the phone, dripping and enjoy the music.

Any particular charge-charge

18K wireless headphones, no electricity when it is a wired headset

PUGZ wireless headphones need a special charging cable, an adsorption on the small square and the other end connected to almost any electronic device to charge it, like the iPhone, Android phones, computer, AC adapter.

Michael Kors Case for iPad

Magnetic clip hanging on the neck doesn't fall

18K wireless headphones, no electricity when it is a wired headset

PUGZ wireless headsets online 2 magnetic clips, when users do not use headphones hanging around his neck, in the presence of magnetic cables are fixed together to form a closed loop, neither twisted together and won't fall off.

2 styles in 4 colors to choose from

18K wireless headphones, no electricity when it is a wired headset

PUGZ wireless headset has 2 styles, in-ear and earbud, white, red, pink, Black 4 color optional for the user. Because the human ear hole size is not the same, so the development team also provides headphone, s to XL plastic covers. PUGZ IP64 waterproof wireless headphones level headphones frequency response width of 8Hz-28000Hz. PUGZ full wireless headsets require Smartphone for 3% of power, headphones can last for 4.5 hours listening to music full time or 10 days of standby time. Michael Kors Case for iPad

1000 places sold out worldwide sales of package mail

18K wireless headphones, no electricity when it is a wired headset

Raise 1000 places for the super early bird price on the page have all been sold out, after all, all the raised price of $ 99 $ 100 cheaper than retails for $ 199, where to find on such a big discount. Early bird price of us $ 119 places also, what little friends waiting, deft, Shouman No. The project will be concluded on October 9, 2015, the good news is that the global mail, Oh. If all goes well, in November 2015, shipments.

All chips

At present, PUGZ wireless headphones are all on the Kickstarter to raise, as of Lei Feng is small when you write a paper, the project received support from 1798 people, raised $ 219,595, there is no end has far exceeded its target of $ 50,000 raised.

For more cool intelligent hardware information, please pay attention to odd public number (woaiqiku), in odd public key, you can buy, and I'm not gonna tell you, register as a member of Lei feng still get super discount. Michael Kors Case for iPad

PUGZ wireless headphones

49 votes

PUGZ wireless headphones

This is a fantastic headset from United States New York a development team to launch wireless headphones PUGZ, although called a wireless headset, but PUGZ is wired, and when the headset battery, you can also use it as a wired headset, plug in the phone and then listen.

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This game called one life because you really have only one life

  Play game play we are numb to life and death. Other works don't say playing the dark soul of the series, how many times can you die? Recently, however, there is always a favored on Steam game of life (One Life), in the game you really only get one life.

This game called one life because you really have only one life

  If you can't get the name of the game, realized the seriousness of the problem, then please read this official description: "the one life is a first-person survival game with permanent death. If you die, you must always leave the game. Can you survive in this world full of danger? Upgrade equipment and battle with friends. Remember: every action you are likely to be the last time. "

  In other words, once your roles in the life of the die in the game, you can't get any more after the game, the initiator of the "PLAY" button will appear dimmed. The system is terrible!

  Don't know what the developers of the one life thoughts, they are not so much games, rather than in what the social experiment. When you defeat an enemy, you can choose to release him, to humiliate him, or directly addressing him (that is, permanently kicked him out of the game). Players will choose, the developers are very interested in. In addition, in a real life and death games, players move and General games will be any different, this is an interesting topic.

  This game, after all, not too expensive, $ 10 low prices might attract a lot of new players to try. So what of the one life in the end look like? Check out the video:

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iPhone 5 Disney case

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A little away from the best Surface Book comprehensive evaluation

  There is no doubt that Microsoft Surface lot after the launch of the Book that one bright spot for all are stunning. Powerful performance, thin fuselage, unique hinge design, aesthetically pleasing overall shape, constitute the Microsoft notion of what is the best laptop.

  That's right, Microsoft Surface Book known as the "ultimate power", it is born to and Apple MacBook Pro, as well as the top Windows laptop just positive. Surface Book is first and foremost a pen, but it is a tablet. There is no doubt that high end determines the price of its high-end positioning. Believe after reading press conference, many people are quite wallet bleeding heart want them to a computer. Then, Surface is the Book a good laptop, also is said to be a collection of stunt again?

  Since Microsoft called Surface Book laptop, then we first judged it as a laptop.

A little away from the best Surface Book comprehensive evaluation

  When you first see Surface Book, it is easy to associate it with MacBook Pro comparison. Big touchpad, keyboard keys with moderate intervals, the overall combination of silver and black color is just right, these are bright spots on the MacBook Pro, but Microsoft was not copying Apple. And Surface Pro 3, the Microsoft Surface Book selection of magnesium as a material, so it feels soft, not as cold as the aluminum MacBook feels. Microsoft's flagship location is reflected here, apparently aimed at people who like Apple design.

  Open Surface Book requires two hands, magnetic seal because the two parts together, so that when you walk in with it shaking. It exploded not that afraid of screens, primarily to protect the hinge. After the opening, Surface Book of beginning of the 13.5-inch screen will make you feel a bit strange. Reason to blame, because it seems a little high, it is because Microsoft chose the 3:2 aspect ratio, rather than the vast majority of 16:9 or 16:10.

  Honestly Surface Book the movie experience is not ideal, because there will be black, but Web page look and feel great, because the screen height even more. If you spent more time on the Web, then you might fall in love with this strange screen. In addition, the Surface color reproduction and viewing angle of Book is also very good, it's the vivid color, 1700:1 of contrast makes the black handle is very impressive. Dim Windows of 10 overall tone, which is very important.

  Microsoft keyboard and touchpad Surface Book up and down a lot of work, it also makes you feel it a place in high point. Surface of touchpad Pro 3 poor accuracy, but too small, but the Surface is completely the opposite of the Book, it is a sizeable glass trackpad, and give the feeling of MacBook. Touchpad in Windows experience is very smooth, but it operated Chrome and the Edge, two browsers intermittent when there were subtle. Microsoft says there will be an update to solve this problem.

  Typing with the Surface Book beginning may make you feel uncomfortable, because the key travel is too short, leading to feel hard, you may take a few hours to get used to. But when you get used to the Surface after the Book of keyboard, laptop keyboard may make you feel very simply. Key interval Surface Book very good, other manufacturers should be strengthened in such detail is.

  Surface Book powerful but Basic Edition and a high coordination between small dimensional differences do not. Talk about basic version first, it has 8GB of RAM, there is also the new Intel i5 processor. Performance, Basic Edition soon, basic Web browsing, light Photoshop, ordinary desktop application runs with no problem. Followed by 16GB RAM and I7 processors with high version, if only basis, you do not feel the huge difference between the high and low distribution, but to play the game, and I7 processor and Nvidia GPU brings improvement was obvious. Nvidia drivers haven't kept up, so too much is bad for the performance evaluation, but the game runs good, low in special effects are smooth, this contrast most of the deformation is very good.

A little away from the best Surface Book comprehensive evaluation

  Surface on the Book of the most unique and most interesting is the new dynamic pivot hinge, it chic, looks great. Hinges have a one node, allow you to adjust the screen angle adjust voice sounds strange a little fun. Hinge adjustments are not infinitely, but daily use is certainly no problem.

  Due to Surface Book itself is a Tablet, which hinges on the design has to have some compromises. Hinge resistance is as big as the laptop, when you are typing or touch screen can feel it shaking. Many Windows in one that has this problem, and even Microsoft are not perfect. Surface Book can sometimes make you feel when you put it on your lap time would be more obvious.

  A hinge problem has become a Surface Book major weakness. If you put it together, the screen and keyboard is not attached, but would leave an obvious gap. The pore Surface Book is here a lot, and dust, dirt, hair, and any small will run in, touch the keyboard or screen.

  When it comes to flat-panel parts, set a small key on a Microsoft keyboard, used to separate screens and keyboards. The design is very interesting, as long as you can pull out the screen, as a large plate to use. Surface weight of the Book with low and high distribution is 1515 and 1579 g, flat state is 726 grams, all in all very good.

  Because the 3:2 aspect ratio, with a flat Surface Book is like holding a stack of paper (of course not weight). This may be Microsoft's design ideas, so its Surface Book called "electronic Clipboard." Would you normally use this mode to handle the paperwork, playing games or watching a movie or something, after all, is not appropriate. You can take back the screen against the keyboard, make the latter a bracket, but it will make it more bulky, doesn't make much sense.

  New progress of Surface Pen is not small, but it is performance in Surface Book is not satisfactory. With a slight delay, if you want to draw a headache. Just remember to take notes, this is no problem. Surface on top of the Pen "Eraser" can start Cortana, however I do not know why it has little voice recognition. Surface Pen can be adsorbed on the Surface side of the Book, but when I put it in the bag will always fall off. Alexander McQueen iPhone 5 Case

A little away from the best Surface Book comprehensive evaluation

  Surface screen parts of the Book itself is a full-function PC, but it goes beyond just the touchpad and keyboard at the bottom. Two USB interfaces at the bottom, an SD card slot, mini DisplayPort, some models still have significant independence. Surface Book is designed for a screen at the bottom of the charging base when you don't need a flat state, it can be easy to take back. The design is clever, but the biggest drawback is the need to have a certain power to start. You can remove the screen, but when the charge runs out of time, you will have to wait at least sufficient 10% to back.

Alexander McQueen iPhone 5 Case

  In use, notably Surface Book software problems, almost every blue screen. Microsoft says this and SSD, and associated fix is in place. In addition, after removing the back screen, touchpad gesture recognition failure may occur. From the control screen and pick up the applications occasionally crash. Judging from these details, pushing Microsoft Surface Book may be a little hasty.

To say that flat part that had to ridicule about battery life. Surface Book tablet mode battery life of only 4 hours, but Microsoft said "laptop mode 12 hours autonomy" was not deceptive. According to tests, base range for 13 hours, this is very rare for Windows notebooks. If you are watching HD movies, Photoshop, Internet under these mixed operation, the battery life is about 7 hours. Charging, the tablet itself took 2 hours, and bottom with that 4-5 hours. Alexander Mcqueen iPhone 5


  Surface Book after all, Microsoft claims that the "ultimate laptop"? So close. Why, because you can't help but wonder: If only a purely notebook computer well. New design brings screen flickers very annoying, weird space so you have to clean it every day. Yes, the Surface of the Book is a fabulous product, it beautiful on the screen, battery life amazing, keyboard and trackpad comfortable, this is a collection of various elements of the notebook computer, but Microsoft wanted to do attempts to weaken the Tablet experience. Moreover, the flat pattern of usage is not too high.

  Surface Book proves that Microsoft has the ability to make a full compete with MacBook Pro laptops, but it needs to be a more reasonable match to all innovations. But anyway, Surface Book can definitely leave a very strong impression, even having a defect, mix it as this may still be the best.

  If Microsoft simply to do a laptop, that Surface Book is probably the best Windows laptops, but it is not.

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Skeleton candle Candles and show his true colors soon

Has two faces of cute little candle and watch it melt ... ... 20160120-skeleton-candles-1

Wow ~ a variety of small animal-shaped candles, so cute ... ... Want to use! But you know, it did catch? In the process of slowly melting, gradually revealed a gruesome side-a skeleton! Well, cute animals and some skeletons! This is the Pyropet candles, lovely on the outside, the evil within, two faces! Moschino iPhone 6 Plus Case

The candle project co-sponsored by Thorunn Arnadottir, and Dan Kovaland, successful from the very beginning, on the Kickstarter 4 days to raise funds needed for the project. Now, the Pyropet candles sold in the world. Shape of a chubby Santa Claus candle burning melted and deformed, Thorunn inspiration, and had a really terrible drama of candles. case Moschino

case Moschino

20160120-skeleton-candles-2 20160120-skeleton-candles-3 20160120-skeleton-candles-4 20160120-skeleton-candles-5 20160120-skeleton-candles-6


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Copy does not copy the pictures say XQ colorful

With this APP, does not comment on its performance in the test, did not comment on its differences with the Path. The basic requirements for a social networking APP, they are failing, the use of process flow, core function and so on, et cetera.

Paul Frank iPad Air Case

Said by the good news unlimited development, this is a major development for the Android market business, has been in operation for two years, has released four products, but that is the first landing of the App Store. Said the core of tragedy is the buddy system and Secretary service. Said buddy system can only add Sina weibo mutual powder or enter names directly, and cannot read the address book. But funny is that there are "people may know" button – to ask, if the background could not get the address book data, analysis of how users may know the person? Mutual powder is to duplicate a SINA weibo? As regards small Secretary service, because all new users to be forced to pay attention to this account, leading to new users in its own timeline and see a large group of people advice--because they don't know, and strange and uncomfortable. These two problems are too serious, that we do not lower left lateral easy accessibility BUG can be ignored.

Copy does not copy the pictures say, XQ, colorful.

XQ by Beijing Tour interactive development, the company has also developed an APP of the micro-game, mainly is an integrated application platform for SINA weibo's social gaming WEB page, can operate on a mobile phone. Heart fine of problem covers has whole "Path process": problem, first is created user interface ugly, cannot replaced cover; second is interface and function are too too simple, only took photos and sent mood, cannot meet general user of needs; its three is time axis interface ugly, color scheme and posted paper style are to be optimization; its four is only added micro-Bo mutual powder for friends, no contacts; last is program obviously more other evaluation object to card some. Almost as negative examples. XQ have a micro innovations deserve kudos, XQ can take photographs in offline mood, update its own timeline, until the time when there is a network and then synchronized with the server and displayed on the timeline is subject to the actual event.

Copy does not copy the pictures say, XQ, colorful.

Color is modified from the famous five-minute team, they create on the WEB farm is a miracle product, on the mobile side, there are many cross-platform work. But the colorful this product is eye-popping. Colorful read directories and guides the user with text messages inviting friends to build a private network, but its interface and UI design with a strong era of plain text style. And colorful pictures of smart writing mood-the current version is to wonder, to the colorful and heart clear cut are not the same person, right? Relative to the famous five minutes earlier, the colorful program performance was smooth enough, both slide up and down the timeline and the left and right to switch tabs, there are obvious Caton. In addition, have to mention registration did not learn of the colorful Path, or traditional first box enter, fill in personal information before the start of set cover. Development team obviously did not realize that this is the Path of an excellent location.

Copy does not copy the pictures say, XQ, colorful.


GoPro Hero+ LCD

683 people voted Paul Frank iPad Air Case

GoPro Hero+ LCD

Prices, GoPro+ LCD position belongs to GoPro midrange between entry level between the Hero and the flagship Hero4 Silver. To 60 frame/s shooting 1080P video, supports WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity for smart devices, maximum 40 m waterproof support microSD extension to 64GB Hero+ LCD bright spot, which means Paul Frank iPad Air Case

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Discover and PayPal partnership

PayPal today with United States financial services companies Discover Financial Services (hereinafter "DFS") cooperation, starting from next year, PayPal will be in the United States issued more than 50 million active users of payment cards. DFS in the United States with the more than 7 million lines of business will open to Paypal, PayPal users can directly brush card, and do not need to upgrade and transform the existing POS devices. Through this partnership, PayPal expansion further into the physical retail market. Last year, PayPal has cooperated with at least 15 retailers, including Home Depot and Office Depot. Paul Frank case

GoPro Hero4 Silver

649 votes

GoPro Hero4 Silver Paul Frank cases

As a camera not only do the camera, holding a bunch of extreme sports videos in the Youtube, further down the hearts of grass when GoPro spelling is not the hardware of the camera itself. Sports culture as the core, and relatively good hardware and accessories, GoPro sports camera is you want to do, "Red Bull", once the GoPro truly "moving camera" yardstick of all latecomers, no matter how cheap the price. Performance highlights, will have to face many problems faced by such domestic beverage Red Bull, users to buy or not to buy you, depends entirely on how much you like "Red Bull".

Paul Frank case

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Small room Philips released new short range projector

  Earlier news that Philips will release new short on the CES exhibition from the projector, and now it has come to: Screeneo HDP2510 debut. Moschino iPad Air Case

Small room! Philips released new short range projector

  The so-called short distance projection, as the name suggests is to endow the projector at a very short distance to the wall projection screen technology. We know that you want to use the projector, in General rooms big enough to just go, so short distance projector is living Savior.

  Compared with predecessors, Screeneo great HDP2510 progress. First, the reviled before resolution from 1280x800 up to 1920x1080, contrast ratio also increased from 100,000:1 to 150,000:1. Moschino iPad air cases

Small room! Philips released new short range projector

  According to the changes and wall distance, Screeneo HDP2510 projection screen sizes up to 120 inch, 50-inch minimum. To do a drop shadow, you just need to make it from the wall from 10 to 44 cm.

Moschino iPad Air Case

  In addition, Philips also highlighted the low outside noise characteristics. The fuselage, you can find three HDMI ports, one VGA, one fiber port, a headphone jack and USB interface.

  New products will be on sale March 2016, priced at £ 1590.

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Basic features of Chinese folk paper cut art and technique

Cutting characteristics

  Folk paper-cutting was made possible after China's long history, yet its pure and fresh nature, with strong social and cultural structure in rural China have a close relationship. Its existence in view of the contradiction between each other and unify the different characteristics of each other, determines that it is changing the way natural selection, which kicked off arts, literary arts and Court spacing.

1. Dependence and independence of a unified

  Folk paper-cutting is essential an art activity with folk customs. It's there, it will cling to the folk background of specific cultural and living environment. Home in the has funeral arrangement, Windows Shang cannot posted have booming; doll not sick, Granny also refused to cut a series hanging soul of villain people; for pendulum lining gift of, to see is wedding, and funeral also is make sushi; pair married old wife of housing in if posted Shang pair sat account hi spent, that certainly is young of played; drought no rain, if cut of not rain of "only pound mallet", but seeking fine of "sweep days Po", that not know to was how many people of curse. The attachment feature of this objective function restriction, performance on the specific composition of the work, or works of decorative features. Such as roofs, dish rack for suspended hanging like Yun Zi, must wire connected posted on the window panes are still required for, and multi-pierced, otherwise light to just a big paper sheet put Kang Wei, best little bits and patterns, or for a long time very easy to damage.

  Many constraints, and form a unique artistic language. Folk paper-cutting in addition to completed a role in folklore, but also hard to show themselves in the process of independence that is characteristic of beauty. A piece of paper-cutting, regardless of the occasion is used to, in the creative process, the author inevitably affected his aesthetic feelings. As long as the standard of beauty, the aesthetic value of it and will have a presence. The independence of folk paper-cut art form, of course, for qualified folk are not left behind, but to fully harness the folk forms of improvisation. Thus. Its value of existence beyond the foil folk acts.

This kind of artistic independence, along with the social change and the fading of the old folk and more obvious. (Art China net http://www.artcn.CN/)

2. Unity of collective and individual

  Absolute sense, any artistic creation cannot simply be considered to be a matter of individual products. People's social attribute so that it necessarily reflects a certain class of artistic interest. Individual, collective, or on the basis of traditional play.

  The collective character of folk paper-cut, apparent in its attribution at the end of the work. Author is no longer the work of private, but to society as a whole and the collective. Thus its final appearance, must be directly focused on the wisdom of the crowd, blending thousands product of artistic talents and aesthetic preferences. In particular solidification works has been passed down through the ages, is the result of many generations of repeated polishing and modify the basic stereotypes, and is generally recognised, spread, and save. Ma TU, weaving, prototypes of his works, has been unable to examine. Similar works are spread throughout, which look very different, it is hard to tell which piece was one of the author's own creation. So, forming an important collective cause, should be the anonymous folk paper-cutting phenomenon. Professional artists of folk art and creative endeavors works do not indicate the author's name, there is no individual copyright. Good work spread in the world, once spread into a large number of copies and the origin of the variation work, authors into "worker" concept of this group.

  Of course, such workers are utilitarian art are indeed founded on a strong collective consciousness of folk culture, but this alone does not suffice as the negation of folk paper-cut artist artistic personality. As the art of professional artists in their quest for self-expression, but it will not be lost in social and historical location, folk paper-cutting in national collective mental consciousness at the same time, it certainly won't be in the art of self. If the personalities of writers and artists is reflected in "I aim for the" greater self "position, the manifestation of folk paper-cut artist personality, he is the" greater self "ego" naturally. And do not talk about East and West regional art styles and characteristics, even if the works of different authors in the same area, also has its own distinct personality. If ye have despised to fly, it is very difficult to see through.

  Whereas LAN and Zhang Linzhao River in northern Shaanxi as an example, the distance between two people but Barry, age, customs are basically the same. Zhang Linzhao childhood home in affluent, listening to the theatre, educated middle class in feudal ethical code of discipline. But life is difficult, three times widowed, married four times, had 13 children all died young. Therefore, external depressed, withdrawn, shy, idealistic thoughts on life. Its creation was to "forget the mess of things", and is rarely affected by the interference of others. Spicy bitter pain and visible inside Coke does not personality conflicts. Urgent through emotional discharge in the creative process, achieve psychological balance. LAN pan, she felt "people live busy busy alive, so happy. "About life and the world do not have high hopes, and pay attention to their own contributions to the community, which belongs to the" living in contentment long "types. Her husband Li Xinan is active Princes of Apple's introduction of the northern Shaanxi plateau, but she never thought what should be rewarded. Therefore, the cheerful and lively, candid and open-minded, confidence strong, willful active, and often sloppy, losing three of four. She cut flowers because "they let me cut, I cut it well, is flattering. Otherwise no great accomplishment, hinged flower, hinged flower heart good. "We can see its inner world has a tendency to emphasize self-worth. In their work, have a personal image and clear the mind shadow, described as "painting is the man." This character exists, conforms to the collective characteristics of cultural traditions in the region, and made no secret of the spiritual world of the author, and literary arts, the Palace of art expression in the hesitant and in stark contrast to moan.

  For a long time, folk paper-cutting has always been considered to be repetitive, labour or replication of traditional patterns, ignoring the workers the individuality of the artist created, this is a historical injustice.

3. Variability and stability of a unified

  After all, not every paper cut of working women have access to artistic maturity. A village, a ravine, then one or more are recognized by the community of smart people, it will spread their works. Transmission is smoked for the kind of method is a simulation method by memory. Spread, is often a daughter-in-law home prompted his wife's appearance, King's daughters and in the mood to Liu's husband's family, people should have the right to follow their ideals and aesthetic interest on the manuscript be altered arbitrarily. Works of the original form of the inevitable changes will occur. Variations of this heritage, constantly adjusting the folk paper-cutting with the spread of age, ethnicity, region, differences between the practices.

  Meanwhile, folk paper-cutting folklore forms assumed by extended transmission of HIV/AIDS, and the basic pattern of stylized technique is relatively fixed, modes of inheritance handed down for generations and make it form a relatively stable characteristics. In some works the equivalent of opera repertoire, of which the missing lines, less an action causes audience uproar that cannot be arbitrarily changed. Folk paper-cutting also tend to have this situation: a good piece of work, after a clumsy hand turned into a ugly piece, and then through the hand of an experienced woman, makes it back to glory. Traditional Chinese paper cutting art stained

  Variability and stability of folk heritage, and its survival is closely linked to traditional Chinese culture. Therefore, the occurrence of a major social change, will result in different geographical and cultural psychology of fluctuations and adjustments. To form a new State, so mining and sorting of folk arts, including folk paper-cutting, should have national responsibility of artists important subject today.

Basic features of Chinese folk paper-cut art and technique

Folk paper-cutting techniques:

  Folk paper-cut is created in order to meet their spiritual needs of the working people, and in the midst of their own and spread the art style. Live in workers in deep soil, not restricted by utilitarian thought and values, reflecting the human aesthetic and spiritual quality of art basic and has a distinct artistic characteristics and lifestyle.

  Speaking from the technique, cutting the actual or openwork carving on the paper so that it is showing the image to be. Working people by virtue of their own ingenuity, artistic practice and life in the long-term practice, would be perfected this art form to temper. Formed mainly of carving, hollowing out a variety of techniques, such as tearing, burning, mixed colors, color, dye lining, write off, cutting performance with infinite depth and breadth. Fine-weave silk, thick such as large. Their different forms can be pasted line, hanging hanging. Because of cutting tool materials simple popularity, skill is easy to grasp, this irreplaceable characteristics of other art, therefore, this art form since ancient times, almost all over the towns and villages of our country, won the people's favorite.

Basic features of Chinese folk paper-cut art and technique

  In the early periods of human, art is not "folk" and "uncivil". With the development of civilization, the emergence of social classes, functions, forms relative to the "Hermitage" and "scholar art", "folk art" this historical concept. Works of different categories reflecting the different levels of aesthetic standards, should be the fundamental boundaries with each other. Paper-cutting, not if it's paper-cut works can be described as "folk". Many noble members of the public in the history class paper-cut artist royalty holiday customs demand, many artists for artists painted, or professional artists using decoupage techniques to create examples. These kinds of works and collective works for themselves has a qualitative difference, from the aesthetic qualities of workers, are not generally accepted by the public. Some works were circulated in some areas, but ultimately is not the people themselves to create mutate beyond recognition. Even today, appeared in mass art activity in many parts of the paper-cut works, should not be confused with folk paper-cutting. Mass activities created can also take the form of folk paper-cut, create masses of good works, and folk, but its purpose is often out of their living needs, even the expressed intention of mentor. Although there are close links between the two, but it is not a concept.

  When you study the range of folk paper-cut, not only at the surface to see, that all that is paper cut out is folk paper-cut, rather than whether it was necessary for the spiritual life of the people themselves, is generally understood and accepted by mass, are spread widely among these basic conditions of folk art. Theory of contemporary folk culture is weak, causing confusion in the understanding, which many people think, who lived in folk artists or craftsmen have made, such as ivory carvings, snuff bottles, can be classified in the category of folk art, which should be corrected. Folk arts, including folk paper-cut, its creation, aesthetics, and the worker the soil of life cannot be separated, to and coexist with other arts categories clearly distinguished.

  Folk paper-cutting works that best embody the spirit of their true colors, mostly remains in the rural mountain areas of the island, to the team of rural women workers should be civil practices and personal aesthetic preference continuity or creations.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Standing Office experience Aspirus intelligent stand up desk

  Stand concept has been increasingly popular in Europe and the Office of health, Aspirus intelligent stand-up desk appeared, which not only can be changed easily to support all kinds of computers, mobile APP can also quickly adjust the height and configuration.

Standing-Office experience: Aspirus intelligent stand-up desk

  Of course its real intelligence embodied by the built-in sensor array to keep track of your Office and Office time through the APP to view your standing time and remind you how can Health Office.

  Aspirus is smart because of its unique sensor array system using far infrared temperature sensors to determine whether you are sitting or standing investment. With mobile phone via Bluetooth connection, we can make matching APP to receive information, combined with expert advice as you establish reasonable stand during office hours, to maintain a healthy state. Moschino N4 case

  Aspirus intelligent stand-up desks are currently carried out on Indiegogo to raise, standard early bird price of $ 499/set, with five piece of cover price of US $ 2495. Expected to ship in September 2016.

Standing-Office experience: Aspirus intelligent stand-up desk Standing-Office experience: Aspirus intelligent stand-up desk Standing-Office experience: Aspirus intelligent stand-up desk Standing-Office experience: Aspirus intelligent stand-up desk Standing-Office experience: Aspirus intelligent stand-up desk

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Moschino N4 case