Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Power consumption reduced by half ARM core Mali 470 new graphics GPU

Power consumption reduced by half ARM core Mali-470 new graphics GPU

  Wei Feng network on October 21, a few days ago, ARM released a new series of Mali graphics core Mali-470 GPU, main wearable device and Internet fields. Many machines are familiar with ARM Mali-400 GPU because the GPU is widely used in entry-level smart phones and smart watches, and has just released the Mali-470 GPU is his successor. FENDI iPhone 6 plus FENDI iPhone 6+

FENDI iPhone 6 plus

  Since introduction of the ARM, Mali-470 GPU power consumption significantly reduced, only half of the Mali-400 GPU, which means that it can be used for a wider range of scenarios, especially the limited battery capacity of the equipment, or the product is strictly limited to temperature, such as the wearable device. But performance may be more disappointing, because the Mali-470 GPU Mali-400 GPU was only the same performance, only have an advantage in terms of power consumption.

Power consumption reduced by half ARM core Mali-470 new graphics GPU

  But, Mali-470 GPU in some details aspects also for has upgrade optimization, like upgrade has internal vertex processor (Vertex Processor) and pixel processor (Fragment processors) component, makes energy efficiency sharply reduced, and micro-schema of improved also makes its can more full of mobilization clock door control (Clock gating), and up extended to more big core of configuration is can using power door control (Power Gating) to achieve better power management and thermal management.

  Mali-470 multicore support extension with Mali-400 the same, only supports single-to quad-core extension, and Mali-450 scales of 1 to 8 cores. How many nuclear nature is in factories and ARM when the order was discussed core can cover a variety of different number of market demand, price and performance, if you really need to support high resolution product market, nature is the highest of the 4 most excellent core Mali-470 GPU.

Power consumption reduced by half ARM core Mali-470 new graphics GPU

  In addition, Mali-470 GPU die size smaller than Mali-400 GPU, CPU cores into smaller SoC integrated chip, chip size by the manufacturer itself. ARM believes that Mali-470 Cortex-A7 and Cortex-A53 CPU and GPU cores can form today without sacrificing performance but the lowest power consumption SoC processor, screen resolution can support from 640x640 to 1080p/60FPS/32bpp.

  According to ARM the expected Mali-470 GPU will be applied to the renewal of a series of low-power products, including wearable devices, household and automotive products, as well as the requirements of graphical user interface of embedded products and so on. Mali-470 API support GPU OpenGL ES 1.1/2.0 is precisely in line with the minimum requirements for Android Wear smart watches, while OpenGL ES 3.0 is the latest standard, but support is not worth the extra features and cost you more power, and OpenGL ES 2.0 is official is used in a variety of products, so chip manufacturers need to upgrade product manufacturers to provide chip is very simple.

Power consumption reduced by half ARM core Mali-470 new graphics GPU

  Front says Mali GPU people look familiar, because chip makers have low-end Utgard a schema used to design chips for smartphones in the market, such as mediatek MT6592 eight-core processors, using the Mali-400 GPU. In fact, the mediatek chip smart watches and Samsung adopts ARM Mali GPU, its excellent characteristics of ultra low power consumption. It's not that Mali has no high-end GPU, you can see the integration of Mali T760MP8 Exynos 7420 using Samsung Galaxy on the S6, and Samsung also signed a long-term cooperation agreement with ARM.

  According to ARM,Mali-470 will be a long time before they will enter into consumer products, latest GPU chip partners is expected to use the research and development of finished chips will not be shipped until the end of 2016, and the first half of production until at least 2017. 

Power consumption reduced by half ARM core Mali-470 new graphics GPU Power consumption reduced by half ARM core Mali-470 new graphics GPU Power consumption reduced by half ARM core Mali-470 new graphics GPU Power consumption reduced by half ARM core Mali-470 new graphics GPU

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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Play VR how scary horror game Female gamers almost cry

Play VR how scary horror game? Female gamers almost cry

  April 25, Beijing time, if you are fans of horror game, virtual reality technology can make you a horrible experience.

Victorias Secret iPhone Case

  Horror game works best in a fully immersive environment, similar to Oculus Rift and HTC Vive virtual reality devices that can provide such an environment.

  Valve on HTC Vive platform provides a first-person zombie survival shooter game of The Brookhaven Experiment. The game places the player in a dark and terrible conditions, and the player needs manipulation of virtual gun with both hands to fend off zombies. Victorias Secret

  Renate YouTube channel Karl&RenateVR the media tried this game, and play the game on a video posted to YouTube channel. In the video, game make her feel awful and she can't even pass the first hurdle.

  This video uses a split-screen mode, the left half is Renate see the game screen, the right half is her response in the real world. In this video, she's been screaming.

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Thursday, April 21, 2016

With millet Chen PK micro whale TV Metro cards are what

And new chat, share media in him ran high and the air is still in, and General of the science and technology circle play different, but in any case, tiny whales came billowing.

In charge of the new weekly 19 consecutive years launched "China TV list" Metro in the media with his voice; lane-Internet TV, and Mr LI, bestv's Chief Executive composition "Uncle" and will bring to the world of television, how to look? 25th, micro-whale wayward their "Chief art Adviser," Frank Lee had named a concert, dinner, Lei feng's network (search for "Lei feng's network", public interest) press the title as "Chinese cultural industry investment fund operating partner and Chief content officer" interview with the Metro.

With millet Chen PK micro whale TV Metro cards are what?


Gods and uncle

Lei feng's network: If micro-whale advantages in content, why do TV?

Metro: bestv's Chief Executive, now television is not good enough.

I think the hardware is not much of a threshold (!? ), The production of mobile phones with the same, leave a port for the enterprise, can even be understood as a broadcast platform. In my opinion, the next port is broadcast platform.

If traditional television business, survived a difficult. Eco-mode throughout the television industry will be reorganized, leading Internet companies, it is a matter of.

Lei feng's network: why I chose to leave business, into the field of Internet TV? What will happen next?

Metro: I had never thought that I would leave the new weekly, but now I really want to do video and content industry, compared to traditional TV people think it is one of the few boom makes people restless.

I now work, is the content of Chinese cultural investment company, to see research project should also look for good. This stage will do a lot of "showing" things, such as TV producer, a producer may also soon will also set up a company in Guangzhou, "interesting", under Dan, Jiang, exercise books and others, and into the micro-contents of whales in the production sequence.

Lei feng's network: online PK with millet Chen you, what do you think about it? What are your competition?

Metro: Chen is to spend US $ 1 billion, he is more of a sum of money to purchase, with all partners signed a contract but the backdrop of Chinese culture has had a lot of industrial layout, through the purchase of copyright and investment, form a whole chain. I'm going to do, and more of a tone for the future, to organize the content, production, "produced by micro-whale" content operation.

Ten days ago I talked with Chen commune, was born in the same media, now into the Internet, know that content will be the toughest part of the future, I can discuss with Chen in early September. We sometimes mocked each other in micro-letter group, I would call upon the items he voted we choose to work together.

For the purposes of the Internet, more competitors, more respect for the opponent, the more know how, is the more favourable. We will ever join forces against each other, I think that broadening would benefit.

Lei feng's network: compared with TV plus, millet, micro-whales where's the competitive advantage?

Metro: back TV plus millet had a tear to tear, pretty ugly, and we don't like that.

Millet is the Internet gene, micro-whale is the television personality gene backdrop and the bestv's Chief Executive, were earlier taken reforms of media people; and music as compared to their content for purchase, and our content is produced, the ranking of content, I would like to be seen in 35 years. Lunatik iWatch Case

Lei feng's network: how to define an Internet TV? People in the industry thought that the whale into the night, what do you think?

New: Internet TV, simply gets the TV content services via the Internet.

In China, the TV is a unique industry, early production is a pure hardware, the physical nature of the TV industry, is responsible for the content of broadcast television is the administrative system. But we see today, not necessarily look like in the future, the Internet will break the system, acting out of a fight, broadcast, production, integration of the audience.

Future, we will be content with, it's not too late.

With millet Chen PK micro whale TV Metro cards are what?

Mr Li and Metro in new company 

Lei feng's network: how to evaluate Li ruigang, Internet TV it?

New: Li ruigang, do TV there has been, 2011 post of Deputy Secretary General of the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee and Director of the General Office of the CPC, as the sea one year later, Chairman of the Chinese cultural industry Fund, the operation of the Fund, investment operations.

In my opinion, he does not need to be determined on television, which is something that he always wanted to do.

Lei feng's network: how to get Ali, Tencent invested? Whale what expectations are they on?

Metro: any investment there will be expectations, but I think it is quite interesting, not Tencent Ali, were combined together by micro-whale coming.

Future cooperation mainly in connection with e-commerce Ali, and the butt of Tencent's video platform, for each entry, for export to each other.


With millet Chen PK micro whale TV Metro cards are what?

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Millet TV 2S

218 votes

Millet TV 2S

This is known as "youth television" the thickness of only 9.9mm, almost the same with millet 4 8.9 mm. 2S using two-color anodized aluminum frame, TV back cover is metal. In terms of screen display, millet 2s TV Super clear picture quality using fourth-generation engines, YUV lossless signal transmission; the site also shows this TV compared with Samsung, sharp, Sony, millet 2s TV in color

Lunatik iWatch Case

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Monday, April 18, 2016

Oculus Rift on how to change the virtual reality developer

Oculus Rift on how to change the virtual reality developer?

Last week, I was at the Hacker Dojo participated in a virtual reality developer in Silicon Valley party. This is an informal event, participants can register online and pay the $ 5 donation entry; can accommodate hundreds of people packed inside the House, some of the applicants could not even approach.

Givenchy iPhone 6 Plus cases

Many Silicon Valley developers in related fields have brought their products to the site. They have developed a virtual reality display hardware, such as the recently released Morpheus Sony and launched Android-based 2.5K resolution of virtual reality helmets GameFace Labs; film and data acquisition hardware, such as 360-degree 3D audio and video recording equipment Jaunt VR and STEM wireless motion tracking device developers Sixense; more developers working on virtual applications, Their computer desktop or small game to the virtual reality platform, with a more lively form.

The Oculus VR recently bought by Facebook to pay $ 2 billion, did not participate in the party, but it is the main actors on the activity: in addition to compete with companies like Sony and GameFace Labs, but all the other developers on site Demo uses Oculus Rift. Application developers do not have to say, they are all computer and Oculus Rift together, let participants take turns to come and experience his work and Jaunt VR and Sixense Oculus Rift such companies need to display their hardware in the production of content or interaction effects. Rough statistics, on-site activities at least 6 sets Oculus Rift.

Oculus Rift on how to change the virtual reality developer?

Until then, virtual reality based on Oculus Rift emerge; in events such as GDC, there are a large number of developers to use it to display the work. But walk into a virtual-reality theme activities, see Oculus Rift appeared so dense, there is a special feeling: it really changed the virtual area developer.

While virtual reality has been talked about for years, is not something new, but in the past remain in the movies or in the science and Technology Museum, primarily in areas such as military, medical, more distant from the lives of ordinary people, while many developers try to apply to virtual reality rendering, but lack of a suitable device, and easy to use development platform.

Oculus Rift on how to change the virtual reality developer?

Oculus Rift to solve these two problems. Although the DK1 (the first generation of development kit) there are various defects, but it is a cheap enough to display tool, developers can get it using relatively low-cost and easily test their results. The other hand, Oculus began shipping SDK was released soon after, and then continue to improve, allowing developers to easily develop applications based on it.

Up to now, the Oculus Rift DK1 has shipped more than 60000. If it is a consumer product, this number is not very big, but for the developer version, this is already a considerable size; even some of them fall into the player's hand, there will be developers purchasing multiple units, but believe that getting the developer still has tens of thousands of, there are more developers to the DK2 waiting. Prior to that, where there has never been a virtual reality display equipment will have the support of so many developers.

In fact, I attended the monthly meeting of the organizers behind the activity, and the "virtual reality in Silicon Valley" were founded last year; soon after, they will also be hosting a virtual reality Expo in Silicon Valley. If there are no Oculus Rift, it is difficult to imagine today would be the size of the Organization and activities.

Oculus Rift on how to change the virtual reality developer?

It can be said that Oculus Rift in the virtual reality field you want to make a difference in games, applications, and hardware developers like Arduino and Makerbot 3D printer to create intelligent hardware and entrepreneurs--it slashed the developer to enter the threshold of a new field, and then creating a new ecosystem.

Millet power strips

937 votes Givenchy iPhone 6 Plus Case

Millet power strips Givenchy iPhone 6 Plus cases

"It will give 6 iPad charging at full speed, I still 5 iPad." 2A charging equipment will be more and more, if you already have more than one such device at home, while the pursuit of efficiency and convenience, this 6 monster really worth considering. For me, now there are 4 full speed USB is very happy.

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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Canon EOS 1D Mk II rumored again for real this time

  If you are a photography lover, do you think you should replace a professional camera, then by the year 2016, your wishes may come true. Canon has done for us in the past to create numerous high-end camera, and in 2016, they want to make classic continues.

  According to the latest rumours, Canon will launch in January 2016 EOS 1D Mk II DSLR camera.

  Although no anti-camera performance was excellent, and free camera for the SLR, more portable, but for those photography lovers, owning a powerful DSLR camera, has always been their dream.

Canon EOS 1D Mk II rumored again for real this time? Canon EOS 1D Mk II rumored again for real this time?

  But one into the SLR is as deep as the sea, water, and the silver. Three generations of the poor is the so-called photography, SLR ruin lives, but even so, people still SLR camera has a tireless pursuit.

  People mentioned the free camera, most people first think of Sony, but when it comes to d-SLR, Canon is the brand that we cannot shirk, because Canon has brought us a lot of cameras in the "geo" (of course there thanks to Jackie full screen image).

  Although now also could not confirm the authenticity of this rumor, you know this is not the first time we heard the news that Canon 1D x successor. Early in 2014 end, we on had heard Canon will in 2015 early of CES or CP+ (Japan International photography equipment and image exhibition) Shang brings new of SLR, but this is rumors soon was confirmed really of is rumors just, and now, time came to has 2015 years end, related of rumors and take has out, but for those waiting for has long of photography lovers for, they still will select believes this is rumors eventually will into really.

  According to rumours, Canon should be in 2016, CES or CP+ brings us a new major announcements on, although it is not clear whether these announcements are associated with EOS 1D Mk II DSLR camera. Michael Kors

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Monday, April 11, 2016

Spring of 2016 Apple product launches

Apple table hit lonely Watch OS 2.1lai

On December 9, Apple pushed iOS 9.2 full version at the same time, also brought Apple Watch Watch small OS 2.1 update. Apple Watch before this updated version mainly fixes a BUG and vulnerability, while adding a large number of users using the new language.

Apple table hit lonely Watch OS 2.1lai

According to official information showed that this Watch OS 2.1 update adds to Arabic, Czech, Greece language, Hebrew, Hungary language, Malay language, Portugal, and Viet Nam supported language, Siri was also enhanced speech recognition capabilities.

Apple table hit lonely Watch OS 2.1lai

Addition of right-to-left language such as Arabic language, this also increases the Right-to-left (right to left) of the user interface.

Apple table hit lonely Watch OS 2.1lai

Others, mainly solves the problem of event calendar update error repair a power-save mode time display error; third-party applications startup error problem is fixed; fixes the problem of third-party applications display error repair switching system instability issues when the system language.

Note that watch in iPhone OS 2.1 is to update to iOS 9.2 can continue. Incipio iPhone 6 5.5 case INCIPIO iPhone 6 Plus Case

Apple table hit lonely Watch OS 2.1lai


  Spring of 2016 Apple product launches

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Apple Watch

3744 people voted

Apple Watch

But Apple Watch after a few days I feel, watch the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. Interaction on the watch is not only faster and less bother than phone to social, Apple Watch has another hidden benefit: it than phones are less likely to indulge in. In such a small screen, you can't do anything, so I don't have that feeling of being sucked and they get lost in electronic equipment. To me, that's the biggest difference between Apple Watch and mobile phone. Until now, Apple Watch is pure business, aim is purely to improve productivity. For some users, this point may be worth hundreds of dollars in price.

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Incipio iPhone 6 5.5 case

Friday, April 8, 2016

Microsoft pushes Nokia 230 feature phone main camera and battery life

Microsoft pushes Nokia 230 feature phone main camera and battery life

  Beijing time on November 25, according to technology site VentureBeat reported, Microsoft today launched the new function of the Nokia brand phones Nokia 230, this phone is considered "perfect for self-timer and self-portrait-sharing." Victorias Secret iPhone 6 Cases Victorias Secret i6 Case

Victorias Secret iPhone 6 Cases

  Nokia Nokia Series 30+ operating system running 230, a 2.8-inch display, integrated FM radio, supports memory card (supports the memory card capacity up to 32GB), front and rear cameras pixels are 2 million. Compare with Smartphone, Nokia 230 camera is not particularly good, but for the price of feature phones, this camera is not too shabby. Nokia 230 have dual SIM versions.

  Dan Ka and Nokia dual SIM versions 230 price is $ 55, will first come to Asia and the Middle East market in December this year, and then landing next year "other markets".

  Although smart phones has become popular in many Western countries, feature phones in many developing markets are still very popular, in part because of low prices. Microsoft released in January Nokia 215 feature phone, $ 29 price making it known as the Microsoft price lowest Internet terminals.

  Smartphone prices are lower than ever. Nokia 215 soon after launch, Microsoft introduced the Lumia 435 and Lumia 532 Smartphone, their prices are 80 and US $ 90.

  In addition to price, feature phones as well as other values. Need long battery life standby mobile phone users may find that feature phones very useful, since they can provide a much longer talk and standby time. For example, 2 versions of Nokia 230 pledged 23-hour talk time – more than Nokia 215. Single card version Nokia 230 standby time of 27 days, 2 days shorter than the Nokia 215, dual SIM standby time of 22 days. In all, the standby time is very long.

  Although Nokia mobile phone brand in most Western countries have "dead", Microsoft apparently thought that still has value in the marketplace launched lower-priced. However, when the mobile phone market, Nokia's return, a situation that will make people confused.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Prevention fire the little things you may save your life

Prevention, fire the little things you may save your life!

Said shuihuowuqing, case statistics show that many fires, fire deaths and injuries mostly due to smoke, which affirms death directly in between 1/3 and 2/3, even people who were burned to death, most are also affected by smoke and fainted, eventually affecting the fire difficult.

Prevention, fire the little things you may save your life!

Now, a team from Canada Safty iQ team designed a Saver emergency breathing apparatus, usually you can put in your bedside table, in the event of emergencies, protecting you against toxic fumes and may save your life.

5 seconds to activate raced against

Prevention, fire the little things you may save your life!

Within five seconds, the user can activate the Saver emergency breathing apparatus. Open the cover remove nose clips, set on the nose. Nose clips to prevent toxic gases into the body through the nasal cavity. Then open the other end of the yellow filter cover, emergency breathing apparatus into the mouth biting Saver, cat or crawl low body, be sure to prevent smoke choke into. Saver emergency respirators filter system in the plumes of fire for valuable users get 5 minutes of breathing time, though not long, but it may well save your life.

Main features: triple filter system iPhone 5 case Givenchy

Prevention, fire the little things you may save your life!

The first layer to filter out smoke and dust

Second level filter carbon monoxide

Third bed filter for toxic substances

Saver emergency breathing apparatus is not providing oxygen, but the built-in filtration system to clear incoming gas. We know that fire, smoke a large amount of carbon monoxide and hemoglobin in human blood can cause suffocation. Therefore, huojialate is the second tier of the main ingredients for filtering the carbon monoxide, the harmful carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide.

Givenchy iPhone

Incidental features: LED flashes and alarms

Prevention, fire the little things you may save your life!

Saver emergency breathing apparatus is also fitted with an LED flash capable of penetrating thick fog to help you quickly find the escape road, or guided rescuers to save. Same time Saver can alert help firefighters to quickly locate people trapped, and rescue. Givenchy iPhone

Prevention, fire the little things you may save your life!

Portable emergency breathing apparatus, there are 2 buttons on the device, used to open Flash and alarm respectively.

-Mounted emergency breathing apparatus, once down from the wall jack, Flash and the alarm will automatically turn on.

Small size large

Prevention, fire the little things you may save your life!

Saver emergency breathing apparatus high 10 cm, a diameter of 5.5 cm and weighs 145 g cylinder. Compact size can be placed in many places, such as drawers. Official recommendations, best place to place near the bedroom, bedside cabinets, wardrobe, bathroom. And whether it is at home or the Office, simple design allows the Saver does not seem unexpected.

Frequently asked questions Q:5 minutes effective time Saver emergency breathing apparatus was not too short?

A: when there is a fire, the best escape for 2 minutes, and General residential to 2-3 minutes, high-rise buildings is 5-6 minutes. So, 5 minutes is not short.

Q: use the Saver emergency breathing apparatus is there an age requirement?

A:Saver emergency breathing apparatus using very simple, suitable for all ages, over 6 years of age recommendations. Children when they use the recommended without nose clips, you can hold your nose with your hands directly.

Prevention, fire the little things you may save your life!

Q:Saver is a one-time emergency breathing apparatus, please?

A: Yes, once. Once the yellow filter end cover is opened, filter layer will be exposed to the air, after 5 minutes, filter systems will lose effect.

How long is the shelf life of Q:Saver emergency breathing apparatus?

A: the expiration date written on the side of the device, because of the small Saver size, triple filtration system for a period of 3.5 years.

Prevention, fire the little things you may save your life!

At present, the Saver have a portable emergency breathing apparatus and two hanging emergency breathing apparatus, portable emergency respiratory network for $ 99, buy it now, an estimated 5 to 7 working days delivery. Chinese users purchase required to pay an additional $ 30 for international shipping.

For more cool intelligent hardware information, please pay attention to odd public number (woaiqiku), in odd public key, you can buy, and I'm not gonna tell you, register as a network of Lei Feng (search for "Lei feng's network", public interest) members can obtain the benefits of super well.


Prevention, fire the little things you may save your life!

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Saver emergency breathing apparatus

6 votes

Saver emergency breathing apparatus

Saver emergency breathing apparatus high 10 cm, a diameter of 5.5 cm and weighs 145 g cylinder. Compact size can be placed in many places, such as drawers. Within five seconds, the user can activate the Saver emergency breathing apparatus. Saver emergency breathing apparatus is not providing oxygen, but the built-in filtration system to clear incoming gas.

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Monday, April 4, 2016

Samsung pushes the world s first 12Gb memory 6GB RAM phones

Samsung pushes the world's first 12Gb memory: 6GB RAM phones

  Wei Feng network, September 9 Samsung today announced at the official blog, the world's first 12Gb LPDDR4 mobile DRAM (dynamic RAM chips) has officially entered the production stage, will accelerate the speed of DRAM technology in the worldwide promotion, provide strong support for the next-generation smart phone revolution next year. Moschino Note 4 Case

  Samsung introduces 12Gb LPDDR4 DRAM with 20nm process, increase of 30% compared to the previous generation 8Gb LPDDR4 DRAM speed, up to a maximum of 4266Mbps, DDR4 DRAM twice times faster on a PC, while reducing power consumption by 20%.

  12Gb LPDDR4 DRAM memory can be used to form the 3GB or 6GB, the former requires 2 chips, which required 4 chip, which is currently the only way to smartphones, Tablet PC 6GB memory technology, not only leads to more extreme multitasking experience, 4 k screen phones a perfect match.

  It is understood that currently will need 4 3GB memory 6Gb memory core, 4GB core memory you will need 4 8Gb memory, we can see that saved 12Gb LPDDR4 under the the same capacity DRAM 50% of space, allowing equipment to achieve a more compact design.

Moschino Note 4 Case

  This year after ASUS launched the ZenFone 2, 4GB memory phone debut one after another, including Samsung's recently launched Galaxy Galaxy S6 edge+ and Note 5, but by next year, look to the Galaxy match 6GB Note 6,4K screen memory configuration can be expected soon.

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Friday, April 1, 2016

Microsoft PC gaming experience better Xbox games look on the PC

Microsoft: PC gaming experience better Xbox games look on the PC

  When it comes to PC games, Microsoft's every move, because Microsoft has its own Games for Windows Live. But now more players upset Microsoft because Microsoft's plan failed to give the player a genuine choice, even considered replacing the Steam platform ecosystem functions.

  However, Microsoft also is more adept at changing and listening to the user's enterprise, and hope that in the future some conditions can be improved on Windows 10. Head of Microsoft's Xbox gaming Division feier·sibinsai (Phil Spencer) indicated that in the next few months to focus improvements based on feedback from the community.

  Build 2016 during the Developer Conference, Microsoft noted, "we have listened to feedback from the PC gaming community is clear and the response, we are working hard to ensure that Windows 10 gaming experience has greatly improved. We are committed to ensuring that we meet or exceed expectations, including providing more functionality and support. "

  Feier·sibinsai commitment, all the improvements will go into free Windows 101 annual update packages when entry into force, and Xbox applications will usher in new features every month.

  The power of Microsoft DirectX 12:

  The Forza series game will appear on PC

  During the Conference, Microsoft announced the Forza developers Turn 10 series will be One of all Xbox experience on Windows 10 PC. But Microsoft has not released official content of the PC version, not clear with the franchise on the Xbox version on One of the different.

  In addition, the Forza 6: peak (Forza Motorsport 6:APEX) planned Windows of Store shelves and free to download, you can confirm this with the Xbox version has One very obvious difference, first of all, is to provide content, and Furthermore, racing parts, track selection is limited. However, for those who have 4K properties of the host, PC version supports running in 4k@ 60fps.

  Xbox platform and Windows 10 will continue to deepen integration, Microsoft plans on two different devices to establish the same Windows Sote shops, a games for all platforms to achieve real, cross-purchase.

  The Windows PC version of Forza 6 videos:

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hello kitty cases for iPhone 6 plus

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