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Pictures of folk paper cut works of the fencing martial posture

Pictures of folk paper-cut works of the fencing martial posture

Folk paper-cutting is a very ancient folk art in China, it has a very strong regional characteristics: Shaanxi paper-style bold; Hebei and Shanxi paper-cut beautiful gorgeous. ... Each holiday and celebration days, they represent beautiful decoupage glue to Windows, walls, lanterns ... ... The festive atmosphere will instantly be rendered very happy. Mainly in folk paper-cut symbols and meaning, and so many aspects of the language, head of composition, multi-angle, multi-directional and multi-level manifestations of their heart, to express their own ideas, folk became not about size, regardless of the proportion, by virtue of experience, spiritual art with unique performance. Snowflake paper cut flower production steps

Fried Diced pork with editing and manual to share paper-cut designs and progress with you, welcome to folk art enthusiasts recommend the manuscript to make customer service QQ:50810 for diced.

You like my work, welcome to friends like handmade paper-cut designs communication exchange with me, here is my contact information, share you want to copy. I QQ:2965276819, validation, please indicate paper-cut designs pictures.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Characters brain waves password password will be a thing of the past is the

Characters brain waves password password will be a thing of the past is the future

Most security experts agree that passwords are not secure. In the eyes of hackers, no matter how complex, how unique the password can be cracked.

How can this be good? Currently the most talked about biometric technology is the solution, but the existing bio-scanner is certified, whether experts on security instead of multiple certifications continue to be questioned.

The following elements, must contain at least two, can call diversity. Victorias Secret iPhone 6+ Victorias Secret iPhone 6+

People familiar with the property: something known only to the user, such as the code

All attributes: something only the user has, such as ATM cards

Intrinsic properties: only users with features such as biometric identification

Simply put, element the more harder it is for using false information to gain access.

However, also consider the user experience, adding more elements of the certification may increase their anxiety. Is now more popular dual authentication, password with a password with a time limit, such as RSA SecurID.

No better way to do it? Brain wave!

Of the University of California, Berkeley professor John Chuang and other researchers have found a solution: complete the authentication by brain waves, or "brainwave password."

What brain wave device to collect? Consumer-grade wireless headset and EEG sensors

Brainwave dual verification of password is a natural because it has informed at once and intrinsic properties, users "think about it", sends out brain waves to complete authentication, nothing is more relaxing than time saving thing.

John said that authenticates using EEG actually occurred a decade ago, but the brain-wave equipment is very complicated, and expensive. Three years ago, consumer-grade EEG equipment began to appear, cost is reduced, such as muse.

Such a cool product when it came out? Patient, researchers are still in the system, and would also like to be able to resist the attacks of fake EEG signals.

Victorias Secret iPhone 6+

Characters brain waves password password will be a thing of the past is the future

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Millet Note Hat Edition

Millet Note Hat indeed stronger than other phones with the same processor performance, as to whether the legend of "Xiao long version V2.1 810" played a role, we have no idea, but there is no doubt that it does have a lot of advantages in kernel optimization. Millet Note Hat voices to remain consistent and Standard Edition, but more on the transient performance of sound excellent. In addition, the hat to dive at low frequencies also will feel in place, also has some strengthening of sound field.

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Monday, November 9, 2015

Long live technology They made the only you can pick up a hammer

Long live technology! They made the only you can pick up a hammer!

It is said that Thor's hammer, other than himself, no one can take ... ... Fantastic, so many were seriously exploring what this stuff is made of, can achieve such amazing results-now, the answer seems to be unveiled, as an electrical engineer named Allan Pan successfully copy a hammer that they can pick up only!


See chart, look, all facing the Giants succumbing to, don't mention it, even move its nothing is impossible!

Well, Allan Pan was lost under, I accept that you are on the planet who has a most magical hammer ... ... But how do you do it all? What I mean is, you fucking don't really go acunico and stole a bar? Well, surely not science fiction--in fact, this thing takes only junior can handle ~

Did you guess? The hammer is actually a powerful electro-magnet is!!! (Fuck, Sichuan in the reader can't help but name-calling, the hammer is a hammer! ) Yes, Allan Pan is inside a powerful electromagnet, then set up a fingerprint scanner on the stick, then, when he went to the hammer when fingerprint match will automatically power off, no magnetic force and, of course, will not be iron plate on the ground, naturally was the son and took up!


(Here are some of the distant sound of mystery) KENZO iPhone 6 Case Kenzo iPhone 6 cover

"Wow, Bob, you see, these skilled was amazing! "

"Cut, flowers, what is this cock, I can play my hammer only, why do you want to see? "


KENZO iPhone 6 Case

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Men style mobile phone shell can light up to open the bottle iPhone case

A long value only decorative and protective phone case cell phone, however, people constantly through a variety of strange ideas make this simple little thing more uses, such as an external cameras, storage gadgets and so on. In recent days, team for Mobile Shell has added more amazing uses: lighter and bottle opener.

Men style mobile phone shell can light up to open the bottle ipHone case

Hangout, this versatile iPhone casing design is simple, small hardware that is installed behind the bright spot in the. Phone case polycarbonate and TPU, form a solid can withstand drops and impacts, adaptation and iPhone iPhone 5 5s. Mobile Shell has a bottle opener on the back notch, when you need to open a bottle, and when you do not have a bottle opener, it lets the phone turned into a bottle. Hermes Galaxy S6 Case

Men style mobile phone shell can light up to open the bottle ipHone case Men style mobile phone shell can light up to open the bottle ipHone case

Hangout is the most interesting feature lighter. In the opener slot below the designers installed an integrated flameless lighter. This piece of electronic conduction through the USB interface power supply, enough to light a cigarette, paper and other items. Safe, it automatically closes, there is a push-pull drawer cover. In addition, the Hangout also provide scaffolds as ancillary equipment.

Hermes Galaxy S6 Case

Men style mobile phone shell can light up to open the bottle ipHone case

Phone case there seems to be a simple accessories, it can host a lot of novel ideas. Sometimes simple designs can often be poked a user pain point, allowing users to generate goodwill. Hangout have landed in the last week Indiegogo join mass to raise prices $ 29, the expected delivery date in July this year.

Men style mobile phone shell can light up to open the bottle ipHone case

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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

To a pair of eyes and DORA robots might be able to achieve

To a pair of eyes and DORA robots might be able to achieve

DORA was designed by a team of students at the University of Pennsylvania a exploration robot, it can achieve and human head movements synchronized movement, and keep the same speed and agility, can be remote in the eyes of mankind.

When using the DORA, requiring users to take an Oculus Rift VR eyes users free to swing your head, DORA will make users with the same movements, DORA camera images observed by mapping it to the Oculus in the Rift, which provides unprecedented exploration robot technology for human sense of immersive.

To a pair of eyes and DORA robots might be able to achieve To a pair of eyes and DORA robots might be able to achieve

Sounds amazing, in fact, it's almost DORA (Dextrous Observational Roving Automaton) has full functionality. DORA is mounted on a robotic bust of four-wheeled electric vehicles, it will be free to drive and observe surroundings, just like Lei feng's network has introduced the PadBot robot for snow. But mobility is not DORA focus of this project, focusing on how to create the remote experience another.

DORA's first task is to make a camera-less consumer-grade Telepresence robot, Double Robotics and iRobot provides support for remote operated Telepresence experience, users can remotely any observation and any action in another room, rather than a simple link to a webcam and speakers. Swarovski iPhone 5 Case

You can imagine if you video conference, but the camera is fixed, if you want to watch other perspectives from the camera, you have to to help you adjust the camera by someone else, so the experience is very bad. DORA can help you in other places as if it were sitting in the field, free swing head can see want to see places, greatly enriching the experiences of telecommuting. Swarovski iPhone 5 Case

Of course, you are unlikely to see Telepresence robots outside the workplace, because it needs a room, corridor and other highly structured background. If a disabled person wants to go to the Museum to see the exhibition, is now generally observe the robot experience is seem as bad as connecting two mobile video, make users feel very bored.

DORA robot at least in surface Shang, with General of robot is not as of, don't mind he of mobile sex, dang you using it observation a place of when, it can for user provides immersive of feel, like completely seamless of street camera as of icing, followed with you wants to watch of perspective to help you observation around of things, and not traditional observation robot as for you brings of monitoring image.

DORA has the advantage of quick and efficient conversion perspective, remote-controlled robot to quickly adjust the camera angle of the robot is a difficult thing, but freely oscillating head Oculus Rift on your glasses to control when DORA, as though you're far away a pair to suit your wishes and moving eyes, helping you accomplish more tasks.

Swarovski iPhone 5 Case

Development of DORA two classmates Nappo and Zachares has been working for this project in the past years, next week they say DORA the Intel-Cornell Florida Cup competition, top prize is $ 10000.

This contest is a push for DORA, Nappo, said DORA will enter commercial use in two years time, retail for around $ 2000. The price for tourist attractions, meeting rooms or other tasks are relatively cheap.

If more support from the Oculus Rift, virtual robots will not be too far.

via popsci

To a pair of eyes and DORA robots might be able to achieve

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iPhone 6 Plus

IPhone 6 Plus is the screen since Apple is the largest mobile phone products. IPhone 6 Plus HD has a 5.5-inch retina display, a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels, is iPhone 5S 185%. 7.1 mm thickness to thin more than iPhone 5S. IPhone 6 Plus a new feature, called "reachability" to complete one-handed operation of large screen phones: double-click the home health, the main interface will fell from the top of the screen, so that users can touch interface to the top without hands. Overall, the iPhone 6 Plus is a bit like a smaller version of the iPad mini.

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B O PLAY the base iPad base with good audio and BeoPlay A3

Nowadays a lot of people have a iPad, comparing iPhone one of its big advantages is the screen size makes heavy computer users behind and enjoy movies and video, but we think iPad movie anything less? Right, because the iPad itself design, speaker function, leading to see enough. Denmark of pedigree brand audio equipment B&O the latest young line B&O PLAY in view of this, BeoPlay launched a new base A3, for your iPad adds a rich audio experience.

Base of iPad, iPad base base BeoPlay A3,B&O PLAY

This from Denmark designers Steffen Schmelling BeoPlay A3 has a simple design and subtle faceted design allows iPad display a variety of angles, in any kind of environment. The Adaptive Stereo Orientation technology to power the BeoPlay A3, built-in dedicated motion sensors can detect direction, one of the four speakers and select activate it at any time, according to the iPad toward the best listening experience. BeoPlay A3 based on landscape or portrait modes to decide which two tweeters to activate and keep listeners can hear the treble signal at constant distance from the source, although compact, stereo experience is amazing. OtterBox iPhone 4 Case

OtterBox iPhone 4 Case

Base of iPad, iPad base base BeoPlay A3,B&O PLAY Base of iPad, iPad base base BeoPlay A3,B&O PLAY

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