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Kepuwen why can touch screen gloves telekinesis operation

Kepuwen: why can touch screen gloves

And cooling, to many friends who have to wear gloves for protection against the cold, this machine will bring a lot of inconvenience. Tough like Lumia 920 to burst the God machine, gloves can also be used without pressure, wooden useful Lumia 920 of the friends, you can also purchase touch screen gloves and AnyGlove drops of love machine introduced before to solve the problem. However, have you ever thought, why do I need to wear a special touch screen gloves to play machine?

First of all we have to say from the touch screen. Common of touch screen has two species, a is resistance screen, through screen pressure induction produced of current changes achieved touch induction, resistance screen is not exists wearing gloves cannot operation of problem of, has this a problem of is most models using of capacitor screen, its principle for, dang capacitor screen work Shi among of conductive sandwich within formed a Exchange farm, dang human touch to screen Shi, in finger and conductor layer Zhijian on will formed a capacitor and produced discharge phenomenon, will has must number of charge transfer to human Shang, Which leads to the edge of the screen electrode voltage changes, exactly where the calculated on this out of touch. Wearing gloves is equivalent to adding a layer of insulating material, makes capacitive touch screen not respond.

Science and children's shoes, below is the test you ever taught secondary school textbooks of the moment:

"Capacitor": a device for storing electric charge, consists of two insulated (or dielectric filler) apart near conductors (poles). The simplest capacitor parallel plate capacitor, as shown in the following figure:

Kepuwen: why can touch screen gloves

If you have impressions about physics, you may recall, the capacitor charge Q and the ratio of potential u between the capacitor plates called the capacitance of the capacitor, that is:


This formula is called the definition of capacitance-type, it tells us that a given capacitor take charge of Q is proportional to the potential difference between the capacitor plates u, and the ratio is a constant. Lumia was reported before 920 on the screen are more sensitive, because Lumia 920 through increasing the electrode voltage led touch-screen NET electric charge in an increase in the number, but, by that, the capacitance of the capacitor has nothing to do with Q, u, but determined by the structure of the capacitor itself. Lumia 920 touch screen: why more sensitive? Let us look at the second decision on a parallel-plate capacitor (where k is the electrostatic constant):

Kepuwen: why can touch screen gloves

This formula explains the factors affecting capacitance of parallel plate capacitor, or between the plates is the area s-polarization plate spacing d, permittivity ε r. Directly across more of the bipolar plates, space is smaller, the dielectric constant is large, electric capacity c, the greater the value, capacitive screens are also more sensitive.

It also analyses these three factors can be:

1. area s

From the following video seen on the mat after the card (change of dielectric constant and reduced sensitivity) if we are to finger a small area to touch the iPad, touch screen is not responding but if we increase the area of the fingers with the touch screen, c's value changes, capacitive screen in accordance with the corresponding response operations;

2. spacing d

Lumia 920 is more sensitive due to reduce the finger spacing between electric field and conductor: Lumia 920 using ultra-sensitive touch screen displays and sensors are integrated together, which makes the super sensitive touch screen thinner than normal touch-screen for 1 mm thickness (as shown in the following figure). And are at the top of the screen sensor and transmitter location changes, transmitter into the monitor back and sensors into a display of positive, this adjustment has brought improvement of signal to noise ratio, allow the sensor to capture the touch signal weaker; Just Cavalli iPhone 6 Case

Just Cavalli iPhone 6 Case

Kepuwen: why can touch screen gloves

 3. the permittivity ε r

Different media have different dielectric constant ε r. Such as ε r air is approximately equal to 1, ε r of kerosene is equal to 2, ceramic ε r is equal to 6, ε r of mica is 81. (Incidentally, the dielectric constant is used to describe the insulation, and the metal is a conductor, current can flow through but it's hard to leave, special papers on the dielectric constant of metal, is no longer here to discuss. )

General of gloves is cannot let touch screen made reaction, main reasons is because gloves is insulation material, between electric parameter is low, and so-called of touch screen gloves actually is in gloves of fingertips location implanted has very fine of metal line, to enhanced has conduction charge of capacity; also, zhiqian mentioned of AnyGlove drops liquid essentially is a electric media, through change has human and touch screen formed of "coupled capacitor" between electric parameter, makes capacitor c of numerical variable big, So we can wear gloves or to operate.

Understanding the principle of touch screen gloves, then love will try to DIY touch screen gloves made, please pay attention to the follow-up article. Just Cavalli iPhone 6 Case


1. high school of the physical volumes

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Return to Classic classic BlackBerry hands on tours

After following the published square Passport, BlackBerry released Classic positioning the midrange build, integration of the many classic BlackBerry design elements can make many players back with the classic BlackBerry models, also lives up to its reputation as a Classic, foreign media have now brought us the freshest hand-figure rewards, let us see it. Alexander McQueen iPhone 5 Case

Alexander McQueen iPhone 5 Case

Return to Classic classic BlackBerry hands-on tours Return to Classic classic BlackBerry hands-on tours

Classic look and BlackBerry Bold 9900 is too much like before, but this is completely understandable, BlackBerry before might want to design language and remember that its top-selling mobile phone, had to say, Classic design and flattering, while preserving the classic BlackBerry element, adding modern technology upgrades.

Classic in terms of configuration, 720x720 square using a 3.5-inch LCD screen, PPI is 294, surface was covered by Corning Gorilla glass 3, 1.5GHz Krait processor processor usage (8960), RAM 2GB, camera for mid-tier mobile common 8 million pixels camera, with a single LED fill light.

Return to Classic classic BlackBerry hands-on tours

Classic front is BlackBerry, Heritage Classic four-row QWERTY keyboard and key surfaces have beveled, positive square screen and full keyboard control buttons and a touch-sensitive navigation pad.

Return to Classic classic BlackBerry hands-on tours Return to Classic classic BlackBerry hands-on tours Return to Classic classic BlackBerry hands-on tours

Classic boxes are made of metal, the back cover is not removable, and rear cover made of high quality plastic, and BlackBerry also processing the surface, point-like texture leaves the cell phone has a firm grip, mobile phones overall grip as in BlackBerry phone before solid and comfortable, small, handy for typing and Web browsing.

Return to Classic classic BlackBerry hands-on tours Return to Classic classic BlackBerry hands-on tours

Back 8 million pixels camera and LED fill light is covered with a piece of glass, the speaker is at the bottom of the phone, looks like there are two speakers on the bottom, but one of them is the handset, so Classic is a single speaker design.

Return to Classic classic BlackBerry hands-on tours

Classic SIM card slot and SD card slots are located on the left side of the phone, Cato's design.

Return to Classic classic BlackBerry hands-on tours

Classic support for networks including GSM, 3G and LTE, dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, GPS, and FM radio are also readily available. Alexander McQueen iPhone 5 Case

Classic will specify operators and retailers around the world on sale at United States the listing price of 450 dollars, to Europe, it is 450 euros.

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Tesla Model 3 lines like alien ships Robotics

Lei feng's network by writer Brian Fung, sources washingtonpost, Lei feng's network (search for "Lei feng's network", public interest) exclusively compiled, rejected reproduced without permission.

Tesla Model 3 lines like

In recent decades, trend is the gradual automation of factories in the manufacturing sector. At present, robots on the production of high-tech products has played a very big role. They are fast, efficient and clean. Elon Musk, Tesla's Chief Executive in the production of Model 3, built a "alien ships" and "production machines with machines." Juicy Couture iPhone 5S case

This plant does not have self-awareness, it can't manipulate all; after all, Musk has publicly declared that he may kill the machine's artificial intelligence in doubt. But Musk said at the press conference not long ago, when the factory after nearly five years of development, it becomes a real "alien ships". From the outside, it will make people shocked and afraid: "see it, you might want to say, ' this is what the hell '. " Juicy Couture

Finally, the whole factory complex to humans cannot be directly involved in the operation of, nor involved in the manufacturing process for each Model 3.

Juicy Couture iPhone 5S case

"People don't really need to be involved in the production. "Musk said," unless you get them automatically to speed up. "Of course, Musk does not specifically refer to the machine's efficiency is much higher than humans.

At present, the Tesla is facing tremendous pressure, Musk plant if it is to meet the needs of production than the "pace of human" faster. However, people will still be working in the factory, which is responsible for supervising the robots in their fast-moving environment, make sure everything goes smoothly.

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Windows diminish the importance Microsoft ranked third

As 2016 announced fourth-quarter earnings, people can understand Microsoft's revenue for each product line. Through in-depth analysis of the results, a significantly different from the previous trend of increasingly clear: as the company increases in software subscriptions and investment in cloud computing services, started out as its signature product, the further decline in Windows operating systems within the company. Gucci Note 4 case Gucci Note 4 case

Windows diminish the importance Microsoft ranked third

Due to changes in Microsoft's reorganization and earnings on previous occasions, in fact, make it difficult for outsiders to track the long-term performance of their products, but recently submitted to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission's new 93rd page clearly disclosed in the earnings trend of the long-term performance of its main product lines. Enabling compares Microsoft internal product line, and has been the performance of these products goes back to the year 2008. Can clearly see from the chart, starting from 2014 has less Office and Windows business cloud services.

According to the latest results showed that Office product lines in the year ending June 30 2016 fiscal year revenue of $ 23.6 billion, up slightly. In addition, servers and tools products are growing rapidly, from $ 18.6 billion in fiscal year 2015 rose to 19.2 billion dollars. Windows only ranked third, annual revenue was only $ 14.7 billion, including $ 6.6 billion and Windows related deferred income 10. This figure is lower than in 2015 to $ 14.8 billion, and 2010 is a far cry from the record value of us $ 18 billion.

This trend shows that, under the leadership of CEO Satya Nadella, cloud computing technology and services are important for the transformation of the company. Which were boosted by the rise of Microsoft's Azure cloud computing platform server products and tools business. Office 365 software subscription services and mobile applications for the entire Office product line to the continued growth of major help, making it the most advantageous product lines within the company.

Admittedly, WIN10 of free promotion for Windows product line revenues have had an impact. But Windows revenue decline also reflects the traditional PC market shrinking. According to market research firm IDC estimates global PC shipments are expected to decline this year by 7.3%, compared to the forecast of 2%.

Gucci Note 4 case

Nadella said last week, the fastest speed for Windows 10 is Microsoft Windows systems. But according to figures NetMarketShare, since this system since the release of Windows 7 share still over 47%. Stopped after the free programme, as the principal force Windows product line, WIN10 's future performance is really worrying.