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After experiencing Project Fi Google launched this special SIM card still has

Lei feng's network (search for "Lei feng's network", public interest): the author Luo Runxin, Shanghai New York interactive media arts at the University of reading.

After experiencing Project Fi, Google launched this special

Talking about United States several major mobile operators, in the United States who spent his time probably won't have an unfavorable to them.

Expensive rates, inefficient customer service hotline, cheating packages and coverage are often complain about content. While t-mobile is leading the wave of change, such as canceling long-term contracts and equipment network lock, but the process is still fraught with conflict and unhappiness, and some such as the U.S. Cellular operators still using older billing model.

For these reasons, many users turn to more segments of the market of virtual operators. Virtual base station network operator does not own operation, but leased from the other larger carriers, and design their own billing and service. Virtual operators usually targeted to provide special services, such as for non-English speaking users, provides users with unlimited international calling service, even in their native language customer service telephone. Search engine giant Google, rely on unique methods into the battlefield.

Project Fi

In early 2015, there are rumors suggested that Google is preparing its own mobile operator services, then Google to hand over their answers: Project Fi. It is also a virtual network operator, which means that Google needs to hire resources from other operators. For virtual operators, leased network means more than a higher starting point, also means subject to dependency network. But this is not a problem for Project Fi.

It uses more than one operator's network (T-Mobile,Sprint,U.S. Cellular and Three), and automatically switch between networks based on signal strength. Integration with Hangouts/Google Voice also means that the user can use the synchronize other devices receiving calls and text messages, open WiFi coverage WiFi can also be used to provide communication services and WiFi signal becomes weak when the call transfer to mobile phone networks.

Behind the complex operation on the contrary, its billing method is very simple. Base monthly fee of $20 per month, plus $10/GB flow cost, can provide to the United States and Canada unlimited calling, unlimited worldwide SMS, Mobile HotSpot sharing (not wrong, many operators of this function is to charge) and by default contains the global roaming service, traffic while roaming charges, unlimited speed.

Practical experience

This sounds great with how do we service? Author is arrived in New York September 2015. In the United States in a year, use the t-mobile virtual network operator China Telecom Americas Corporation, also use AT&T services, and finally turned toward the Project Fi.

Signal quality FENDI iPhone 6 Plus Case

T-mobile coverage can be said very well in New York City, in a number of places in AT&T. But out of the big cities, t-mobile's coverage is obviously inadequate, on the tour bus Verizon and AT&T users in cell phones, t-mobile signal has begun intermittent or is lost entirely. Fendi case

When in the city, because of Manhattan's architectural complex, AT&T in my dorm only 1 signal, or no signal in many restaurants.

After Project Fi swap, be able to continue to use t-mobile's strong coverage in urban area, and in some traditional coverage blind spots can automatically switch to Sprint's CDMA network, 800MHz low frequency CDMA network means more powerful cover.

Use rates

Rates, when used AT&T, I was sharing with a friend plan monthly fee $30 includes 2GB shares of flow, each device needs to pay the access fee of $25 per month, excluding taxes and other charges are monthly charges for each person needs to spend $40. Switch to the Project after the Fi, even if I personally use 2GB, also $40 costs. If the flow is not used up, AT&T will scroll to the next cycle of the unused parts, ultra 1GB supplementary package, needs to $15 and in the current cycle is finished.

And Project Fi not so many troubling things to think about, if you don't use the full flow of the month, the remaining flows will be calculated according to the price and as a cash back to the next Bill to offset, with Super $10/GB in part the price charged. In other words, if using AT&T, I used super 100MB, $15 cost will be charged and Project Fi, I will be more than cost of $1, fill less back.

Incidentally, Project Fi allow users to apply for up to 9 additional traffic card, shared with the main card traffic. In AT&T, add a flow device to charge $10-$20 cost, depending on the device type.

After experiencing Project Fi, Google launched this special After experiencing Project Fi, Google launched this special


Major carriers online self-service features are available, and Google as an Internet business, this piece of nature is very good.

Different from other carrier complex old interface, Project Fi interface is very clean and beautiful, account more than one flow usage was clearly separate labeling of equipment and can even look up each call duration, rate and actual charges. And it has improved the help documentation.

In times of need manual service, operators will provide voice, chat and messages through various channels is different, Project Fi artificial service is 24 hours a week all year round. In addition to traditional line mode, Google also promotes user page or within the app using words, user and customer service dialing, eliminating dial the hotline waiting for a long time.

Previously, I upgraded Android n experience version ran nearly 700MB flow and flow within the system is emptied due to data impossible to verify, called Project Fi customer service asking for a background check to the flow going. Customer service representatives said they could not query the user's private data, inconvenience to this they are willing to return to compensate the full flow of the day, within a few minutes, the author appeared a deduction within the account record and offset traffic costs, overall service experience was very pleasant, even if the error can be caused by user error.

After experiencing Project Fi, Google launched this special

Trials for Project Fi network is a large area of travel. In May this year, the author to the United States the circumference made a number of trips in the Midwest, route map with a red dot on marking area, continued in use for some time after the return to China during taste of network switch mystery, also experience the shortage of Project Fi.

Save 10 operators SIM card data card

After some of the signal is not very good in the areas (forests, mountains), Project Fi switch carriers, and advocacy. But the switching process is not seamless. Because the Project Fi network switching capacity depends on its special SIM card, the SIM card is special because it can save up to 10 operator's card data. SIM card users the equivalent of carrying a dozen, by Project Fi software according to decide which one to use.

Switch network scenario, the SIM card will be completed according to the instructions of the software virtual drawing cards, trading cards and action cards. So the whole process would go through about 8 seconds of disconnection from the Internet signal is not good or fast-moving scenario, the time may be longer. Frequent network switch will cause intermittent network experience, and increase power consumption. The other hand, due to the switching network can lead to disconnection from the Internet so it will not take the initiative according to switch signal strength, but the signal is extremely weak or broken cases will start to search for other networks. This led occurs when there's T-Mobile 4G coverage, and users still use Sprint 3G. This phenomenon especially in mountainous areas, U.S. Cellular has not joined the Project Fi, mountains covered in addition to t-mobile and Sprint, and they hire domestic roaming partner.

The so-called domestic roaming, usually refers to a home base station coverage areas provide services using other operators ' base stations, usually each month there will be some traffic restrictions. In poor signal areas such as mountains, Project Fi will choose to use the Sprint card roaming typically roam to a Verizon CDMA networks and some local operators, because CDMA network coverage in these areas more broadly.

They haven't dropped the case, it will not take the initiative to switch to another signal better cards. Project Fi although no domestic roaming traffic restrictions, but domestic roaming means lower the network priority will sometimes encounter speed limits (t-mobile roaming card to AT&T will make some serious speed limit), and generally not using roaming traders 4G. There are even a few roaming operators do not provide data roaming, provided only voice and text messaging services. Here are several author records of roaming operators:

After experiencing Project Fi, Google launched this special

Verizon, pay attention to the Fi to automatically connect to an open WiFi hotspots and open VPN service provided by Google to protect privacy.

After experiencing Project Fi, Google launched this special

AT&T, severe speed limits.

After experiencing Project Fi, Google launched this special

Union Telco/APC Sprint, only EDGE and there is no data connection.

After experiencing Project Fi, Google launched this special After experiencing Project Fi, Google launched this special After experiencing Project Fi, Google launched this special

There are several in the mountainous area see operators, I have previously heard

International roaming, this time when I came back was lucky enough to experience in mainland China.

International roaming policy, July 12 is a dividing line. International roaming if connection before LTE network will be limited to 256Kbps. Now, Google will cancel this limitation, how fast can run will be determined by the network conditions. It is regrettable that, the American version of Nexus devices roaming experience can be said to be polarized in the city, very good in good, bad time to break.

City, hosted by China mobile roaming services, the network is operated by GSM/EDGE, TD-SCDMA, and B39 B40, B41 TDD-LTE. And the US version compatible with Nexus 6P only GSM/EDGE and B41 LTE. B41 signals can be seen only outside in the city, once it enters the inside buildings or remote areas, usually only the EDGE network is available. Network latency coupled with international roaming, experience is very bad, open Google home page will need 5-10 seconds in some cases packet loss altogether.

This phenomenon when roaming in other countries may also be encountered, only the next generation of Nexus devices truly global Netcom, this phenomenon could change.

Fendi case

Following are roaming under the EDGE and LTE signal test results:

After experiencing Project Fi, Google launched this special After experiencing Project Fi, Google launched this special

Signal indicator on the exclamation mark is due to the author to amend its own Captive Portal Server address, without affecting the speed test. 340ms delay was all the network traffic back to the original operator billing-"detour" that brings. Benefit would be like in the United States as barrier-free use overseas services, because the export of mobile phones IP address is United States.


But even if the experimental service has many imperfections, it still saw the light, after the fresh power of the Internet into the traditional telecommunications industry, consumers have a more diverse selection, also has put pressure on traditional carriers.

Project Fi many imperfections are slowly improving. Thanks to air the SIM card and software upgrade, users do not need to change the card to obtain such as the addition of new carriers and international roaming speed limit upgrades. For permanent residence in the city, and who don't use a Nexus device, this service is expensive. For regular users of international travel, it is a very attractive choice, and the experience is painless because the user can move their numbers to other carriers at any time, without restriction.

Anyway, Project Fi there is still some distance away from success. Google subversion of traditional communication operators have only just begun ... ...

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The decline of both happy and Plato banned no barriers of social operation is

Lei feng's network: on July 21, has been out of the public eye happy because Cheng Binghao left back in the news, smart said the game and happy to sign the issued shares and pay cash to buy assets of the framework agreement, or 100% to buy accounts. At this point, "steal" will eventually go away. SNS com lab founder Zhang, in his view, everything from kaixin and renren to weibo, and surge of data still can't get ahead, because all cannot build barriers of social operation is a hooligan. Ted Baker Galaxy S4 Case

The decline of both happy and Plato banned, no barriers of social operation is bullying

If the elapsed time is for all UGC-based interaction, kaixin is based on the explosion of interactive game, what seemed at the time the effect is consistent, brings the user's continued use. On kaixin, has brought a surge in short-term data again and again.

When the happy path defines strategy as "explosive game", when Chinese UGC experience than playing the game, his fate was doomed, because the light is almost a game no transfer cost, will never build a moat mode, you only bet games can fire every time, of course we know it is almost impossible.

Dire straits in July, the silence has generated two long Internet News:

A is Plato APP of "character label" virus page fire has, a night Zhijian brush burst friends circle, himself also quickly soared to Apple Mall social list 15 name, finally provoked boss micro-letter shots has, is a night Zhijian seal account fans clear zero, as soon as possible fire to speed died Zhijian of bungee jumping type transition, dramatic as a Department standard of ice and fire of song.

Another happy to Plato, all cannot build "mind moat" hackers are bullying's growth is, happy at last "click" the news, compared with the message to be less fire, please forgive me I heard after the first reaction is--Hey, this thing is still alive? A quick death and immortality as the Mummy, a stiff but not dead into zombies, reflects a bizarre but infinitely helpless now.

Dead or alive, this is not the core problem, the problem is how to reflect on death and life, very often people are too addicted to the hero tales of success or failure, so you do not know, well pain is forgotten, history is always similar, how dead or how he died.

Looking back to 2006 when QQ is necessary for maintaining our relationships, even though you have QQ fortress wind and LOW wind forced to draw criticism has added, but also rely on unable to leave. People knew this stuff don't know what new tricks to play on the Internet, when rivers have been identified, rub rub rub continuously on the Internet out of school (modern man), fun, Twitter three challengers, all time against rapid Tencent's fake Empire--you finally going to change! Who wants to, in this chaotic situation, Tencent launched a very low-key does not know what app (free SMS are well developed, micro-there seems to be no eggs), so quietly, quietly advancing.

Smartphone coming, have sprung up overnight out numerous social networking APP, about guns, singing, drawing, anonymous, workplace instant ... ... But the app so quietly, quietly advancing the. Until one day, we found this ordinary-looking a bit LOW before you guys have beaten the big and small, brings all of the competitors, and times around a circle, went back to the hands of Tencent.

The smoke of the past, like a shooting star flashed over social networks are ... ... So here's the thing? This fire n products, where to go? Why was the fire like that, but eventually escape but fast-growing cycle of death? "The fire die" is certainly better than cannot even fire fire, but why always end up sighing, in their "fire" in the process, as growth in Facebook hackers constantly, but why not Facebook exploits yet? Hacker is growth failure?

 First, remember: "old Heroes" is gone

Wonder thread, and trace the source.

Kaixin of news, hook up has author heart sleeping has long of memory, that is 07 to 11 between, at dish dog also in China Telecom of a Office lattice between in boring live, University during of idealism, and dominated and graduated Hou of social dark, and Yong often life formed has huge of drop, daily only of fun is shopping BBS irrigation: end, and Alma Mater BBS or himself operation of interest BBS. At this time, Facebook, and Twitter appeared happy, light up lives.

The following is from the point of view of an ordinary user to recall, rather than dimensions of product managers or entrepreneurs.

(A) all networks

For schools, the initial reason is "sister", a lot of girls are registered in schools and display their forces around in QQ space home page, which also makes the popular Web site on college campuses, I graduated from the old line of sight. Later, studied in school, until one day I found a plain in the lower class man, his friends and visitors are all pure beauty, from clearing North of the University, which I do not hesitate to register in school, and apply for a star. But it's used most often in action is the "someone", large blend in every girl, every day quality excellent University page, pages brush, looking for the girl they know or don't know, don't have to worry about authenticity of the user. This feeling and, later, a lot of people to play Mo Mo, into a highly similar, but have to say, when quality is far higher than their girls in school. No exaggeration to say that, after my GF even if not through the campus to get to know in the past, the depth of the relationship between the fermentation must be there also, that is paradise for literary love poems make Kochi youth, all in the past ... ...

The decline of both happy and Plato banned, no barriers of social operation is bullying

(Now renren's login page)

From the mobile era begins, school into everyone and all the way to a recession, grew into today's egg-like. But my loyalty has been maintained by the year 2014, this is one of the core reasons "circles".

Once in College debate ring with accomplishments, "old", is feeling is very easy to build for all of its own. Not need like in micro-Bo as in reality in the has Newby of name head or background, also not need formed jokes hand Navy company play various operation, as long as released some and interest (debate) about of articles or State, on can soon harvest a heap interactive strongly of friends, enjoy micro-Bo Shang big v of feel, even fans didn't micro-Bo as millions and, but more is quality high of learn siblings, this exists sense and achievements sense also is is strong of. At that time, my enthusiasm is very high, nothing in the UGC on everyone, then watch friends rising day by day, beautiful boys and girls all over the country come to visit.

This beautiful of experience no continued long, eager to a eat a fat of everyone full release identity audit, a night Zhijian was purely of school within space cohabitation, various vest marketing, began cross fly, and this is with with "piracy plagiarism" wind of public home page reached peak, various cookie, and each other reproduced of chicken soup, and success learn, and thriller title and jokes began in flow in cross fly, directly of effect is you recognize seriously really wrote a article dry articles, brings of effect far than family from micro-Bo Shang copy to a jokes, Also did not want to write slowly. Meanwhile, because of the vest and Navy, all similar to the micro-blogging network on violence began to escalate very ambiguous attitude throughout the site and finally 2014, I suffered a terrible network after the siege of defamation completely gray heart, and never looking back.

We tried in this case, for the author the user, everyone burst fire is because "the opposite sex", and sticky from the "circle", when your personal information, creations, friends, influence of precipitation in the previous time, "switching costs" will be very high, and you leave. However students will graduate, graduated circles of the old dog to want to maintain their influence, we must constantly UGC and attracting new fans, but it was eventually defeated:

First, because freshmen do not have all the new fans learn not so easy, was absorbed by new fans: do you also wonder if they are really students (or marketing? );

Second, because the creation of input-output ratio, write something better from a copied one joke on Twitter, as somebody makes personal accounts, organized marketing. Also frequently encountered in Internet is the most terrible siege of violence risk, so they have got to want to UGC. When the identity of the true fresh fans and seriously UGC are hard to sustain when the platform except for you is a feeling, there is reason to hang it?

But please note, be sure to note, a boat owner Chen made three benefits are obvious things: Ted Baker Galaxy S4 Case

First, release the identity audit can quickly pull master of users, and Twitter in the same competition on the track immediately;

Second, release the public home page of permission marketing, access, can rapidly enrich news feed content can also introduce some institutional users rely on development of ecological, micro-blogging blue v, app public, institutional account is not known it?

Third, everybody copied many features, what fire copy, which is made up of at least in probability theory, what fire that he passed through "market test" copied to the probability may be followed by the fire one, isn't it?

These three things are essentially one thing, is to do everything possible to focus on short-term growth, the pursuit of a beautiful data, and copies to minimize risks.

Yes, you understood correctly, in my opinion it is this strong emphasis on short-term data, highly stressed the certainty of low risk traders, speculation, renren, sent to the grave. But every time this mentality on the battle statistics would be very nice, growth is explosive, and hacker, helpless won all the battles but lose the war.

(B) accounts

So happy about? First impressions are powerful "hunger marketing". I use Facebook not long, kaixin appeared, however due to the need to fake happy for invite messages and Chen, are unable to see the true me for a long time, which makes it become a legend that stays in the River, long long way back. Feeling at that time, kaixin is popular, is the presence of a higher force, people you don't know, is a product that everyone will use in the future, China's Facebook. Obviously, the beginning of "hunger marketing" was very successful, and has produced the outbreak of potential energy.

Finally one day, author registered has kaixin, at on found company in colleagues are are in above, other sector of white-collar beauty Ah, marketing sector of girl Ah, and interface play are and school within alike, so a began of idea and intends to also is simple: like in school within as, sent some heart wrote of articles, and photos like, show himself of talent and taste, building himself of circle. Simply what was on everyone, go here (also you will go to space, jiayuan, 51, that's it), but the result is completely different:

On one hand, they become deskilled, things are rarely old colleagues read, read a little harvest;

The other hand, China's unique workplace culture, hardly original article, we all be friends today that forward chicken soup, and health of third parties, Affairs.

Power of UGC was gone, then play the game. That's right, the second point in my opinion accounts of fire is a game, accurately is very suitable for light among colleagues in social games, slave trade, Rob spaces and eventually swept many of stealing food, all explosions! Goody Two shoes, however I always think of the explosion of the popularity of the game is too low, it has not been immersed ... ... At or around this time, Twitter has emerged.

We happy in this case, in the highly successful "hunger mystery marketing" in the outbreak, and maintains its viscosity is "games", strong explosions slightly through the social property game, set off the crowd again and again, activate the crowd, taking up their time.

Yes, if the elapsed time is for all UGC-based interaction, kaixin is based on the explosion of interactive game, what seemed at the time the effect is consistent, brings the user's continued use. On kaixin, has brought a surge in short-term data again and again.

But the effect, really: is it consistent?

Users more UGC, UGC on the SNS platform power is stronger, his sense of belonging and higher switching costs, gradually he immersed, leave. But game does, especially kaixin this mild small game does, user of continued using does not can pulled high he of transfer cost, its fun instead "marginal benefits decline", so this boom often is movement type, and a wave received a wave of, as long as you can constantly made new of more stimulus of game, data on will has been rose, but as long as one day you do not out has......

Or, you do game was soon copied, because in fact you are copying, this is what happened later. QQ is always the first time follow up rapidly, which became one of China's most profitable game company Tencent, and eat up happy on the one hand "play bonus", so the explosion models at a time advance is limited, became an instant failure week offensive, it is impossible to threat to Tencent's chain of rivers.

Use of UGC and slowly rising interest atmosphere often slow company, once in school, watercress and know all. And Dang kaixin put strategy path defined for "burst paragraph game" Shi, dang kaixin of UGC experience far than play game Shi, he of fate on has destined to, because light game almost is a absolute not produced transfer cost, and never will build moat of mode, you only bet each a times launched of game are can fire a put, certainly we know this almost is impossible of. This chain-just one day out of, or appears to be able to fast track the precipitation ability many times the opponent ... ... The UGC really does not do in the workplace, look at leading British and tenderness.

So happy to die cause you? Is not it. Almost as he was Twitter.

(Iii) Sina weibo

We see Sina weibo.

From the launch of the new weekly "micro-era" special issue of the day, Twitter has arrived. Author is one of the earliest Twitter controlled, then really is every day immersed in the world of microblogging, brush in the Office until 10 o'clock at night to remember the work, fingers is constantly repeated refreshes, forward, forward, refresh, ... ... Micro-letter and later stressed that "private property" different micro-Bo is the most emphasized is the "public life", he is like a square.

The "public life", specifically "the pleasure of even a public figure" and "YY pleasure of participation in public events".

As we all know, SINA weibo and rice has a big difference, is the emphasis on Celebrity Big v's introduction seems to require every employee must pull 5 v, otherwise there is no bonus. So the experience is unprecedented at this time, those high celebrities in the past suddenly appeared on Twitter, like an ordinary fine Lao sentences and even interact often communicate with you (because user was not much, they back up), which was the impact, I who had conversations with celebrities! Meanwhile, early adopters and the atmosphere is more simple, less cost of UGC is not high, your quality is good, really could be a topic people, everyone really is the media, remember that author is city roots has a list of the top 30. So it was Twitter, gave people a lot of hope, not only close to the public, and over time can become a public figure, this kind of buoyant feeling pent-up desire to express the full release to come out.

However, the explosions of UGC Exchange with everyone and happy games, Twitter the most important scene at that time was "at first hand, and participation in public events", Yong-Wen line wrong, urban dead, where another earthquake! Always pay close attention to these hot events like festive look every step of progress, new messages appear immediately forwarded out a ... ...

Have to say, Twitter may be the keyboard are hotbeds of early mass production, usually lack "square experience" of people on Twitter like a chicken quickly involved in various public events. We hold a belief in the unseen, China now has a lot of problems, but as long as we're a vocal on Twitter, and forward, everything is getting better, every time we click on, are all part of this big change.

Twitter is another advantage of the early "good quality content and the illusion of omnipotence".

Because at the beginning we do not know what the Navy, satin hands, marketing, are very serious about passing information in 140 characters to attract attention, thus ten watch, there are 3 or 4 you are interested, such as micro-fiction contest was a lot of impressive content. Meanwhile, the micro-blogging features more and more, but complex interface on the PC and we really do not think this is a problem, which was "do complete too heavy is slow suicide" values? Until the app appear.

Twitter myths is Kai-Fu Lee to write Twitter change the way China not long after the end of the book.

Overnight, we find Twitter celebrities begin to ignore people, not operating the accounts I, near the Hall of pleasure gradually disappeared, between the celebrities and the "Matthew effect"--Han broke a "Hello" attracted thousands of forwarding, you write a nobody;

The Matthew effect appears between regular users and marketing, you write a feedback received, as far as its army of zombie fans work together to boost marketing one joke, do you still want to write;

Then, participate in public events of pleasure gradually reduced, public events but endless violence, along with the top and finally under a heavy hand gradually subsided, a dream is just a game;

Finally, one day, Twitter continuous brush 50, or you don't see one you like, you don't want to send any content, you know the app to go there at this time.

After this case, we will find that Twitter is really caught the momentum, it was really a step constructed around public figures and blue v, the new "public" chain system, just like everyone's "campus" chain system. However he too impatient and greed has, to user data of surge completely ignored has community atmosphere of shaping, as long as brings data surge, jokes hand, and Navy, and marketing,, and zombie powder with you hilarious's, finally one day user data of surge and no brings big network effect of marginal cost decline, instead brings has user experience of "marginal benefits decline", wants to tube has too late has. Function development of short-term, one-sided emphasis on tall full executive power, and functions exercised great restraint and precision micro-letters formed a good correspondence.

Ordinary users more usage due to functional experience of micro-start of the letter was a disaster, have all found when v micro public dividend higher then the micro when Twitter winter arrived.

Second, today, history has repeated itself

We recall the three classic cases, they have all the data surge in explosions, they have zhongxingpengyue hopes, they had real good experience and atmosphere ... ... But in the end everything is back, and this story is in the era of mobile Internet has witnessed the social APP only later interpreted this process faster, and fast-growing death, Bo died suddenly.

By the year 2016, the myth of social explosions are still going on. Earlier, anonymous friend impressions games just through your circle of friends, you draw a self portrait I started of the same QQ bunch, and faceu face video is come into vogue until recently, Plato's personality label fire ... ... In the demographic dividend is up today, creating explosions become a power, hacker becomes a viral marketing growth trend. As of now, I can't evaluate the success or failure of these detonated, and they identify deeply with the method of capital company or know the essence, after all, is for profit, can bring the surge in users with the lowest cost is a skill, no doubt, my planners with respect to those detonated.

However, if we measure the success or failure of these detonated, certainly there are some very clear objectives:

Impressions of the core value of a friend, is the impression of the great wall, personal information ever more abundant precipitation above the user, like his "milestone, advocacy position" without it? Platform can therefore accumulate a large user database, really people, Baidu search, any information can be found above, according to arbitrary criteria to search above people? The production and deposition of this data, is the core set of indicators.

Community systems same is richer because of the influx of people, or is everyone just taken from just to the "draw a self portrait" tool to run out and go functionality? Same ever show their endless because of the crowd surged into the channel and functional value, then formed the belonging together, creating a virtual mind city? Full activation of the channel system and value transfer, habits and resultant formation of a sense of belonging, is the core set of indicators.

 Faceu face video has been popular in North and South, but now after the 95 favorite QQ began to face video, faceu in video tools to build brand new 95 relationship ring? Can you develop the habit of their IM using faceu? To foster their story video habits? Faceu brand experience is good, but turn to the brands here can really do form a valid one unfamiliar social, or theology and theology into the big differential is not bad? Which of the above four points just made a major breakthrough can be regarded as a core indicator of success.

What about Plato?

We acknowledge that hackers use growth approach, even if it did not bring a surge in core features using only brings surge of exposure, just bring ranking improvement, this is a victory, but just operating and growth to a large extent the hacker's victory. Short-term does bring good data, you can work on investor demand, can legitimately PR and share successful experiences, but you should know that this is not the victory of the war.

Increase a hacker is not wrong, the growth in hacking one up on his book said, he should be established based on the high, or bring the tremendous increase of the ephemeral, meaningless. Increase a hacker is your tipping point, and depth of product and business model are you, do you have any depth, there is no cohesive, there are no barriers, there is no moat, and that's what's important. Draw a beautiful curve of growth or as fast-growing as the seismic line speed to die, this is the watershed.

Third, the prospects, standards are traceable

Then maybe you'd like to say, the authors tell you void, moat of what barriers, what is this thing?

We say something false. In Buffett's theory, the moats are often the so-called patent, transfer costs, net benefits and costs advantages. And trout positioning theory, the nature of competition in the market is based on splitting the category logic on the user's mental, is to seize the commanding heights of the users ' mental. Do not underestimate these traditional theories of business, saying that "thinking is King of the Internet", developments in recent years has fully proved that even today they are fully applicable.

So if you are a social networking community, or similar products, several indicators are applicable:

1, have passed the core values of the product: core functionality based on core scene, brought about by the core movements and core of the user experience.

To cite an example, if In today's core value proposition to their tools and stickers, the development is definitely a huge success as it is today. But if you put the core value proposition as instagram like social communities, it must be said that the current core value delivery is very limited.

Ted Baker Galaxy S4 Case

For example, if Plato is to label tools, then marketing so successful this time, but if he is in fact a faceless social tool, please label and character almost has nothing to do ... ... Of course, someone will say, increasing hacker just increases the exposure of products, allow users to know about you. Users are more willing to download and you? Today's users have been lazy to H5 must only H5 and no more next APP, even if hardly down to study under. As a reminder, just passed the core value may not be meaningful, the core value is strong enough, can lead to some kind of surge in efficiency, which may be expected to make user-dependent.

2, there is no relationship between the chain network advantages. This is particularly important for social products, even if n people download you do not constitute a chain between them, do not form a network, you and a tool or game and how much difference does it make? Why did user QQlow burst finish without chains, one left, may have been out of touch with the people around, lets people follow you around, it isn't reality. Of course, micro-letter chain of acquaintances has been difficult to shake, you can try doing the circle link chain, community relations, and so on.

3, there is no transfer costs. As the emotional thinking laopa puts it, many of the products are "tissue paper products", paper towels, high frequency you just need, but out of that happiness, do not form a sense of belonging. So can social products is a very important point allows the user to continue to serve you "invest", personal information precipitates or UGC or chain ownership can do, is to be like the app so that you don't like it, but want to leave Lima is too scary.

4, and whether it could be "information noise" side effects ", data is rising, but destroyed the product brought into a new user experience and atmosphere, final core users began to leave, and evaporative cooling occur all the time, and just like appeared on Twitter.

5, eventually, have to preempt the user's mind, in their mind, "... ... Use your "neural circuits. Positioning category theory and logic in the era of information is particularly important today, because too many users don't want to choose and take, often a APP a that category will remember, I know communication with micro-letter, there will be no rice talk. Even more frightening is that category just a few users are willing to remember, so mobile APP on the screen just a few.

Finally, let us face it, in today's demographic dividend out, developing an APP can users soared, huge amounts of financing and then to marry fume Blanc peak days are gone in life, reality often is, even tried a way users soared, the proliferation of data is far removed from the final victory is often the "inflow or outflow". Kaixin's story has been staged in the product form is not bad today, people always leave everything to the operation, however in the unsolved case in depth can only win battle of the surge of data again and again, winning over and over again teasing massive financing battle but lost the war. Data is rigid, the data may also be bubbles, can take you to the sky into the sea, may also inadvertently betrays your cognitive ability.

We emphasize the DAU, emphasis on retention, emphasizing the burying point detection, because the reality is so cruel. Remember the product two years ago burst fire, and how many are still in use? Focus on growth hacker, to pay attention behind them, not to suddenly hear the name of a product, we all lament--Hey, this thing is still alive?

I am good, wild dogs way products, venture in Shanghai, tested Polish consumer interest in new communities, business SNS lab community, event marketing researcher, micro signal: biohazard2015, welcomed the blending, fight back.

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Friday, July 15, 2016

Lighting interface for Apple to launch a high quality audio

Lighting interface for Apple to launch a high quality audio

Prior to rumored iPhone will be for super thin body to cancel the 3.5mm headphone jack, the news or been confirmed. Paul Frank iPhone 6 Plus Case

According to Japan website Mac Otakara disclosed news that Apple seems to be Apple's music service to develop higher-quality audio streaming format. Sources said Apple's new streaming media formats will be named "Hi-Res", the format will be able to take full advantage of Lighting interface audio output capability, the rate can reach 96kHz/24.

Mac Otakara part was informed by a Tokyo-section portable audio sources, Apple's current plan is for Apple's music service next year this Hi-Res high quality streaming media formats.

In fact, Apple last year announced a Lighting interface audio specifications, this specification means that manufacturers can try to design the official launch by Lightning interfaces with the iOS device connected to the headset, which replaces the 3.5mm headphone jack. Up to now, including Philips, JBL, as well as a number of other manufacturers have launched a similar Lighting interface headset products.

Lighting interface for Apple to launch a high quality audio

Also, recently there has been news that Apple is likely to total abandonment of traditional 3.5mm in the next-generation iPhone headphone jack, turn to the Lighting output audio interface. Indeed, the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack not only takes up the internal space, but also increase the risk of equipment into the water. Moreover, the iPhone after the Lighting Connector output audio output capacity will be able to deliver high-quality audio files.

Current 3.5mm headphones in General only for CD-quality sound, but use Lighting interface from headphone device can output 96kHz/24 high quality audio files. Outside analysts believe that if Apple will use this format, enable both the Lighting Connector audio output functions, in conjunction with the noise headphones real listen to effect or will be at the Studio level.

Lighting interface for Apple to launch a high quality audio

It is worth mentioning that, in the early 90 's many organisations trying to launch better sound quality than traditional CD have the new audio formats, including digital audio recording (Digital Audio Disc), Super Audio CD (SACD) and DVD-Audio of these forms, but these attempts eventually because this or that reason could not be recognized by consumers. Paul Frank case

However, taking into account Apple's music service's huge customer base and Beats the product's huge popularity in the consumer, we believe that Apple plans to launch the Hi-Res new streaming media formats are expected to become mainstream in the future, and become the company selling iPhone, accessories, and music subscription service a selling point.

Paul Frank case

In addition to considerations of high quality audio content, Apple had in fact earlier continue to strengthen the importance of Lightning interface. For example, Lightning than an iPhone and iPad series charging and data transfer interfaces, the interfaces in MagicKeyboard, Magic Mouse 2, Magic TrackPad, 2 iPad Pro Pencil and Apple TV device also plays a very important role in daily use.


Lighting interface for Apple to launch a high quality audio


Lighting interface for Apple to launch a high quality audio

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Friday, July 8, 2016

Tencent s investment in today s headlines Tesla shelling deliberately planted

Tencent's investment in today's headlines to create the most powerful news media CP

21st century business Herald 

Tencent's investment in today's headlines; Tesla shelling deliberately planted the wealth; Director of Tencent million bribery and sentenced to 9 years | Lei feng's morning news

On July 7, is owned by Tencent letters every day and occasion of today's headlines playing up to my ears, the industry came the company is investing in today's headlines. Sources say investment would be completed within a week, valuations in today's headlines will be increased to $ 8 billion.

In June 2014, launched two years of headlines today complete the c $ 100 million round of financing from lead investor Sequoia Capital, voted for SINA weibo. After this round of financing, today's headlines about valued at about 500 million dollars. In just two years ' time, today's headlines valuation has increased several times.

A senior executive at today's headlines said in an interview with the 21st century business Herald, is not yet known of Tencent's investment related matters. The company Tencent public relations people are silent on the matter.

SAIF partners Asia Jin Feng Chun told the 21st century business Herald reporters think, if true, for Tencent, the investment to expand its content distribution channels, the key factor is that Rob flow entrance. "Neither BAT nor any other Internet companies, share the same desire for better flow. "

Tesla issued a document the wealth of shelling reported false intentionally planted

cnBeta Hello Kitty case

Hello Kitty case

Tencent's investment in today's headlines; Tesla shelling deliberately planted the wealth; Director of Tencent million bribery and sentenced to 9 years | Lei feng's morning news

According to a CNBC report, Tesla Electric company after starting the pilot involved in the fatal car crash, Fortune magazine exposed Tesla secret accident truth, selling behavior. In this regard, the Tesla published post blasted the Fortune report "incorrect", deliberately misleading.

Tesla CEO Yilong·masike (Elon Musk) on Wednesday forwarded the Tesla team in charge of this blog link to respond to Fortune the misleading article on autopilot. This blog, titled doom (Misfortune), Tesla is given in the article more about the interaction with the Fortune magazine details.

Tesla confirmed that Fortune magazine had contacted them during the July 4 public holiday and hope to comment on articles. But Fortune did not ask accident timeline issues, while refusing to give Tesla 1 day time confirmed the relevant facts, instead of "a rush to print the story." Tesla said in the post: "before figuring out the truth, Fortune early action to make up the story. "

Was sentenced to 9 years in occupation of Tencent, Tencent Director 3.739 million Yuan

Tencent's investment in today's headlines; Tesla shelling deliberately planted the wealth; Director of Tencent million bribery and sentenced to 9 years | Lei feng's morning news

July 7 recently, Tencent, former Director of Yue Yu during occupation of public funds and get a trial in the case of bribery. The Court held that Yue Yu and its acquiring company under contract to individual account behavior has constituted a crime. Meanwhile, Yue Yu gray public relations fees referred to in the trial was not recognized by the Court.

Now the case has been the judgment of first instance: Yue Yu was convicted of embezzlement and non-national bribery was established, punished, Executive sentenced to 9 years.

It is understood that during Yue Yu total occupation of Tencent 3.739 million Yuan, and its subordinate Zhang Dongbo, Fan Dan respectively occupy 684,000 and 671,000.

Microsoft executives "the shakes" COO Kevin Turner end separation

NetEase technology

Tencent's investment in today's headlines; Tesla shelling deliberately planted the wealth; Director of Tencent million bribery and sentenced to 9 years | Lei feng's morning news

On July 8, according to foreign media reports, Microsoft currently COO Kevin Turner (Kevin Turner) had submitted his resignation on June 30, will be retiring at the end of this month, its chief operating officer position, and joined the financial post of Citadel Securities served as CEO of the company. Microsoft CEO satiya·Nadela (Satya Nadella) on Thursday confirmed the news via email. Hello Kitty iPad

Turner's departure also raised several other Microsoft executives of redeployment, including gudesen·atuofu (Judson Althoff) will be responsible for leading the company's global business operations, and Jien·feilipu·kuertuwa (Jean-Philippe Courtois) will be responsible for leading global sales and trading business. The two executives will report directly to the Nadela.

Google acquisition of Visual recognition startup Moodstocks

36 large data

Tencent's investment in today's headlines; Tesla shelling deliberately planted the wealth; Director of Tencent million bribery and sentenced to 9 years | Lei feng's morning news

Acquisition of machine learning platform Magic Pony in Twitter, used to improve the experience of pictures and video, Google also acquired Moodstocks followed up the France startups, the main Visual identification based on machine learning, future Nexus phone photos, may be able to automatically recognize the camera thing. Moodstocks Moodstocks Application Notes, through photos, books, CD, posters, flyers, and more. After the acquisition, Moodstocks will stop API that provides developers with Visual recognition, the tool will be gradually incorporated into Google.

IOS and macOS Sierra 10 beta released today

Tencent's investment in today's headlines; Tesla shelling deliberately planted the wealth; Director of Tencent million bribery and sentenced to 9 years | Lei feng's morning news

Two days ago, Apple released a second developer beta of iOS and macOS 10 Sierra. Now that Apple has today released iOS and macOS Sierra 10 public beta, Subscribe to Apple users can download iOS Beta test project 10 and macOS Sierra public beta and experience the new capabilities. Of course, the most important thing is to find the Bug report to Apple.

Want to experience iOS and macOS 10 Sierra friends, you can access Apple Beta testing site and enter your Apple ID to complete the registration. Recommends that the user installed the beta on a non-working machine, avoid new system Bug causes file loss.

After 300 million Yuan financing financing confirmed LeVR is valued at about 3 billion

Tencent's investment in today's headlines; Tesla shelling deliberately planted the wealth; Director of Tencent million bribery and sentenced to 9 years | Lei feng's morning news

TV plus Holdings Limited's virtual reality unit LeVR technology limited to Sina science and technology confirmed that the ongoing round of about $ 300 million worth of financing. Le did not disclose more specific information, but after the news, said this round of financing the lead investor of Beijing star investment management limited, a wholly owned subsidiary, Shenzhen huaxin investment fund, and after the completion of financing, letv VR valued at about 3 billion.

Old behind closed doors VR: Hammer technology VR team hiring large numbers of skilled workers

Tencent's investment in today's headlines; Tesla shelling deliberately planted the wealth; Director of Tencent million bribery and sentenced to 9 years | Lei feng's morning news


CEO Luo Yonghao Hammer technology over a period of time before they are referred to the VR device information. Today, Hammer technology micro-VR device has officially started to recruit a large number of technical personnel. The Hammer technology recruitment appears to be quite comprehensive and VR team recruiting software engineers, Web front end engineers, technical art, 3D art design talent of VR equipment.

Hammer was Ali after soliciting more money to do other things, exposed hammer, an analyst some time ago T3 will be released after the summer holiday, hammer began opening another stove to do sideline. But, I do not know of old VR glasses will also have three entity keys?