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Don t be too optimistic Sleep monitoring does not reflect the quality

  Researchers from around the world have done a lot of research, confirmed the lack of sleep or poor quality sleep on human health hazards. Some wearable devices join the sleep tracking functions, so these devices monitor the accuracy of the data? Do they really work? GUCCI iPhone

  From Stuart Quan, Professor of sleep medicine at Harvard Medical School, said: "Although commercially available sports bracelets, intelligent watches to monitor these devices to the user index of sleep, but they are unable to reflect the user's quality of sleep. "

Don't be too optimistic! Sleep monitoring does not reflect the quality

  Most consumers will use wrist-tracking devices to monitor their sleep sleep, this non-invasive measurement method usually depend on the accelerometer to detect the user's location and movements, but this is not enough.

  Judging from the present situation, sleep tracking devices could only arrive at a rough data, even the professional device is approved for use in the laboratory still needs improvement, because the human body is very complex, one or two health index does not reflect the user's quality of sleep, including heart rate, breathing, movement and brain waves and blood oxygen levels, and so on.

  Stuart Quan thinks, improve sleep very important practice is to ensure that at least 7 hours of sleep a day, these consumer devices are not very accurate monitoring when we sleep, if you think you have problems sleeping, it is best not to put hope in these devices, go to see a doctor.

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Brief introduction of Shandong binzhou folk paper cutting binzhou decoupage

Shandong binzhou the folk pictures:

Brief introduction of Shandong binzhou folk paper-cutting, binzhou decoupage appreciation

Shandong province, Shandong province, huimindiqu popular cut. Ground pattern grilles or embroidery. Jiaodong rough in style. Symmetrical in its paper-cutting (folding scissors) is very characteristic of the characters. Now representative cut author Zhao Qiuchun, Zhao Hengying, and Ren Chengying, Zhang Yuzhen, and Zhang Jine etc.

Binzhou paper cutting history Introduction to folk paper cutting in Foshan Guangdong

Paper-cutting has a long history of binzhou, originated when no test. Ching emperors Hsien-ten years of the binzhou · custom essay in mind: "XI CAI sheng, couplets, easy keeper, charms". The wuding Chi • customs property article also says: "shuori October, carrying wine Pro, muji, cut the incineration of paper clothing, it means that to distribute winter clothes. "This customs description the art in Pennsylvania has had a long history of this land.

Binzhou decoupage structured, simple and rich, Zhuo Yun-ling, bold and rugged, and culture the same strain of the Yellow River basin. From decorative form, paper-cut broad absorption of painted pottery, bronze, portraits and decorations of ancient art advantages, such as sawtooth and vortex pattern, the Crescent Moon pattern, have become the main binzhou art decorations.

Shandong binzhou the folk pictures:

Brief introduction of Shandong binzhou folk paper-cutting, binzhou decoupage appreciation

From content to explore, binzhou cut based on a wide range. Fable, animals, plants, people, or as a theme. Hoist, edible when young, aging can be done after "waist boat", is flooding the "life preserver"; use it made of water containers, compared with pottery, have the advantage of portability, not easily broken. Gourd and closely linked to people's lives, won the love of the people. Penn has plenty of paper-cutting is to hoist as a theme. Gourd as a theme, is to hoist their scoop, scoop merge one or two, and unity of Italy; gourd seed, meaning more sons, the more luck and prosperity. Evolution of Bowl is scoop vessels, binzhou, paper-cut and drawn from the bowl. Migratory birds migratory phenology is important, the arrival of swallows, a symbol of the coming of spring, spring to winter, recovery, human life easier and Dawenkou and Longshan culture creators – Dongyi are people, the migratory bird as a totem. Zuo Zhao and 17 "little Gao's bird" records. Ode to the songs "destiny black birds (swallows), drop, Yin Shi vast" records. Bird theme in Pennsylvania also occupies a very important position in the paper-cutting. Bincheng District Cultural Center collection of paper-cut works, there is a picture of the snake-man, with the stone relief of the historical documents and confirmed, it is the image of nuwa, suggesting that Penn cut more to myth and legend as a theme.

Binzhou people since ancient times, the useful art to beautify your life, decorate their household habits. Simple farmyard, red white walls, green willow trees, doors spring couplets and paper contrast brightness, red que MUI (fascia) on the wall, hanging a light tap blessing decoupage lanterns. Flowers on the Interior, door, window, ceiling Central hanging frame large "five bats (BSOD) Brid" flowers, four flower hand to greet, are less richly ornamented as magnificent, but this simple, elegant and refreshing rural small farm landscape, but also very fascinating.

Shandong binzhou appreciation of folk paper-cut picture works:

Brief introduction of Shandong binzhou folk paper-cutting, binzhou decoupage appreciation

After liberation, the binzhou mining, sorting and research of folk paper-cut art, received strong support from the party and Government departments, have made remarkable achievements.

Shandong binzhou art pictures:

Brief introduction of Shandong binzhou folk paper-cutting, binzhou decoupage appreciation

In 1950, published by people's publishing house in East China Wu Feng (Hongxi) of the edit window clip selected in the Bohai Sea. In 1959, Feng Xiuyuan's paper-cut works, was elected to the Shandong cut selected book of the Decade, and was selected to the German Democratic Republic on display. 80 's of last century, faster development of binzhou folk paper-cut art, it attracted the attention of experts and scholars at home and abroad. In spring 1981, Shandong paper cutting Association I Wu Hongxi, Comrade Zhang Hongqing was accepted as the first batch of members. In autumn of the same year, Zhang Hongqing House arrangements of folk paper-cut in a thorough investigation, mining, sorting. In 1982, the folk paper-cutting in binzhou (three) participated in the exhibition. Festival of the same year, the original binxian organized the first folk paper-cut exhibition. Editor of the art magazine editor He Rong, Zhang Shizeng, the Provincial Association of Lv Ziqin, Vice-President, Comrade Mao Yunzhi, Deputy Secretary General to visit the Guide and in-depth study in rural areas, access to paper-cut artist Zhao Chunqiu, Zhao Hengying. Shandong television also broadcast video of the exhibition. In 1983, the art magazine the fourth published Zhao Chunqiu, Zhao Hengying paper-cut works 22. On the eighth in this issue, article of the revival of folk art in Zhang Shizeng introduced the folk paper-cutting in binzhou. Vice President of Shandong paper-cutting society baogu bincheng district consider to study folk paper-cutting, Chinese Folk Arts Museum, Shandong Art Museum, collection of folk paper-cut works in binzhou, respectively. In 1984, Zhang Daoyi, a famous folk art studies in the folk arts and crafts on the second part of the magazine articles that describe binzhou folk paper-cut art. In October, the Chinese paper-cutting study was Wu Hongxi, Zhang Hongqing was nano as a member. In April 1985, the Shandong Institute of Arts and crafts Pan Lusheng to visit our area of folk paper-cut and agreed to the provincial exhibition. In August, and counties (of the binxian) Preview works were mainly responsible for the review. Meanwhile, exhibit classifications, guangrao Wen Shaoqing, boxingzhangleibai into province, provides specific guidance. In September, the Central Institute of Arts and crafts Director, well-known artists Professor stopped for paper-cut exhibition the inscription "binzhou folk show" (official script), from November 5 to 15th, binzhou folk paper-cut in Shandong College of Arts and crafts on display. On May 10, 1986 and 20th, binzhou folk paper-cutting in the Central Academy of fine arts exhibition. In April 1987, Wu Hongxi decoupage is the province's foreign trade sector as a gift to Japan and the United States delegation.  In August, Wu Hongxi design of the "United States national monuments" as a commodity for the first time into the United States market, binzhou, paper-cut, a folk art, yumantianxia.

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Nokia executives hint 2016 or Nokia phones will be returned

Nokia executives hint: 2016 or Nokia phones will be returned

  April 2014, Microsoft completed the acquisition of Nokia's mobile phone business. In the terms of the deal, Nokia agreed to within 30 months of the completion of the transaction is not involved in the mobile device market. This provision will expire in late 2016. Sources, Nokia greater China President Mike Wang hinted at the staff meeting recently, Nokia probably will return to the mobile phone market this year. Speaking of Nokia, return to the cell phone market will bring a wide range of help.

  First, Nokia's current core business lies in the telecommunications equipment market, and limited growth potential in this market. At present, 4G has become the end. Nokia in 2015, said fourth-quarter earnings reports in the near future, in the key Chinese market, mobile network will be slow. The other hand, the next wave, which is 5G network construction, probably will not be complete until 2020. Therefore, from 2016-2020 in the past few years, Nokia needs to find new sources of growth. Nokia executives, consumer electronics remains a potential market. Just Cavalli iPhone 6 Case

  Secondly, Nokia announced in January this year completed the acquisition of Alcatel-Lucent. This poses a significant problem.

Just Cavalli iPhone 6 Case

  In the telecommunications equipment market, the new Nokia's major rivals Ericsson and Huawei. Fellow European-listed telecommunications equipment provider Ericsson to Nokia is good to refer to the object. Last month, Ericsson, Nokia and Alcatel-Lucent announced a 2015 years earnings. In 2015, Nokia's net sales of 12.5 billion euros, Alcatel-Lucent of 14.3 billion euros, amounting to 26.8 billion euros. Ericsson's total revenue to 246.9 billion Sweden Krone (about 26.3 billion euros). From the revenue, operations of the two companies were little changed.

  After the completion of our acquisition of Alcatel-Lucent, the new Nokia's market capitalization of about $ 45 billion to 50 billion. As of Thursday's close, Ericsson has a market value of $ 30.188 billion. The new Nokia how to make investors believe that the market value of the company has reason to 50% higher than the Ericsson or more?

  For Nokia, and tapping the limited capacity of the telecommunications-equipment business. In order to make performance matching market to meet the expectations of investors, so it is imperative to develop new business. After the acquisition of Alcatel-Lucent, Nokia make up the fixed network, transmission and IP services, becoming a one-stop telecom equipment vendors. But the future is likely to follow the example of the company's equipment + Nokia Terminal mode, 2B and 2C-oriented communications provides a full range of solutions in the market.

  In fact, Nokia is never far from the consumer electronics market. Last year, Nokia sold Here map business to Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz and BMW of Germany three depots. After that, Nokia's corporate structure, in addition to core communications equipment business also has a rather mysterious Department, this is the Nokia Technologies. According to Nokia's viewpoint, this Department is responsible for licensing businesses. However, according to media reports and sources said Nokia Technologies has set up a research and development lab in Silicon Valley, and maintained a top team. Mobile phone is likely to be one of the team's focus.

  As early as the end of 2014, the FT reported that the head of Nokia Technologies Ramsay? haidamusi (Ramzi Haidamus) hope Nokia return of "technology leader", while Silicon Valley lab to assume this mission. This laboratory has exposure of projects including virtual reality equipment and material Graphene. Graphene materials used in the manufacture of lightweight, low cost sensors that "one-off" of high-tech equipment possible.

  Haidamusi said in an interview at that time, Nokia Technologies lab in Silicon Valley will bring genuine Subversion. "I've seen some crazy project, but not sure if it was allowed to discuss these items. " Just Cavalli iPhone 6

  In the trade of selling its mobile phone business to Microsoft, Nokia will continue to have and keep the Nokia brand, but also saved a great value phone patent. This means that Nokia has mastered the technology required to develop with the phone, and needed high-recognition brand of mobile products. Nokia executives said on return to the mobile market, technology and marketing capabilities are not a problem, Nokia now need to wait for the right moment, and Nokia Board of Directors and executive team have some discussion.

  In 2015, the global smart-phone market is saturated. Last quarter, as the industry benchmark Apple iPhone shipments or even fell for the first time in its history. Meanwhile, millet and Huawei smartphone maker is bringing fierce competition of China. So, how do Nokia in the cell phone market breakthrough? Perhaps the answer is innovation and differentiation. Sources, Mike Wang says that if Nokia mobile phone, it will not be a parrot device. This phone is not like iPhone or its Mate, but there will be elements of the original. Cell phones integrate with virtual reality may be one way. Meanwhile, Nokia may also launch Tablet PCs and smart watches, to create product ecosystem.

  From the original paper to rubber, wire and cable, in the company's development history, Nokia has had several major strategic adjustment, and complete the beautiful transformation. Selling its mobile phone business to Microsoft is that Nokia is a major strategic adjustment, and now Nokia is likely to kill the "second act" to amaze all promise to remember phone fans. IHS Technology analyst Ann? Fogg (Ian Fogg) words: "Nokia's strategy to promote speed and guts to shock. While the company has had several bold strategic action in history. "

  So, is it true that Nokia will return to the mobile market? In the second half after the expiry of the agreement with Microsoft, it will be seen.

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Vivo X6 fashion show

Risk chance HTC One prospective foreign media review

Their flagship HTC machines named "One" really good, One's name with the top-level mobile masterpieces are also quite match (You are the one ... you are in my mind only ~). HTC used One popular integrated molding process in recent years, and also equipped with the most sophisticated technology--including HTC its own research and development, which also makes HTC One 2013 most watched the first half of a cell phone.

HTC One like a supercar--with most of the top scientific and technological achievements, while these technologies are not yet fully mature. HTC One regardless of appearance and grip the handle are very good. If you have older HTC cell phone, you can trade 100 dollars, which is good news for consumers.

HTC is One of the following parameters:

Network: GSM/GPRS/EDGE of four bands, four bands of UMTS/HSPA,LTE Cat 3 network (100Mbps download speed of 50Mbps upload speed) body material: aluminum alloy one, touch-screen cell phone with three dimensions: 137.4*68.2*9.3mm, 143g screen size: 4.7-inch, 16 million color, 1080P, Super LCD 3 touch screen, 469ppi, Second generation of Corning Gorilla glass protection. Processor: Qualcomm APQ8064T Xiao long 600CPU: quad-core 1.7GHz, Krait 300 architecture GPU:Adreno 320RAM:2GB operating system: Android 4.1.2,HTC own Sense interface storage space 5:32GB/64GB camera: 4MP-megapixel autofocus camera, HTC Home "UltraPixels" technology, and optical image stabilization technology, A LED flash camera: 1080P 30 frames-per-second camera support HDR camera 720P supports 60 frame per second front-facing camera: 2.1MP, front-facing camera, 88 ° wide-angle; 1080P supports 30 frames per second video, supports HDR camera batteries: 2300mAh Li-Po battery other features: Beats audio, "BoomSound" stereo speakers, microphone HDR, HTC Zoe

HTC One camera using his development of the second generation ImageChip, supported a number of unique features, such as the HTC One high-speed continuous shooting feature of x seen above.

HTC continues the previous style, the main audio, audio/visual experience. Other than the Beats Audio, front speakers also supported the "BoomSound" technology, HTC claims maximum sound volume can reach 93 decibels. HDR microphone also ensure quality of a high quality.

Design and industrial quality

Risk chance HTC One prospective foreign media review

▲ Positive picture

HTC has been kept in one aluminium unibody design tradition, we are also very appreciated. Use of metal and glass to create a high-end aesthetic enjoyment (think Joe Wang classic iPhone 4! )

HTC One in shape and somewhat similar to Butterfly, but the fuselage structure is more compact. Design language is similar, but adds more embellishment.

Risk chance HTC One prospective foreign media review

▲ Back picture

Butterfly is different because of the screen size in size down to 4.7 inches, while keeping the 1080P resolution. Lower means that the pixel density of the screen size increases, at this point, we'll be involved below.

(Compare with Butterfly) more sleek front (due to antenna design, had to design a three-segment, which also lead to back and iPhone 5 is quite similar). One front is divided into three parts, the middle screen uses Corning's second generation Gorilla scratch-resistant glass, screen surrounded by aluminum metal (I think glass is how metal aluminum together! )。 Speakers of the upper and lower positive support HTC Boomsound audio technology, HTC said the highest volume can reach 93 DB.

Risk chance HTC One prospective foreign media review

Bottom • BoomSound feature

Juicy Couture

In the bottom of the screen there are two capacitive buttons – back and Home keys. Does not set the keys and task switching buttons. Double-click the home button to call out multitasking to switch interface, set in Sense 5 features a unique gesture is made to call out. Interface can be set through the system setup press the back key to achieve the effect of call-out settings.

Risk chance HTC One prospective foreign media review

• Distance sensor, ambient light sensor

Equipped with a front-facing camera above the screen as well as the ambient light sensor, proximity sensor. When you call, speakers at the top of the fuselage acts as a headphone receiver role.

Risk chance HTC One prospective foreign media review

▲ Positive wide-angle front camera

HTC One front-facing camera and Butterfly were almost the same, 2.1MP sensor, 88 ° wide angle, and support 1080p HDR video recording capabilities.

Risk chance HTC One prospective foreign media review

▲ MicroSIM card slot located in the left side of the fuselage

Risk chance HTC One prospective foreign media review

• Fuselage right side volume keys

Risk chance HTC One prospective foreign media review

▲ The microphone at the bottom and the microUSB interface

MicroUSB connector and a microphone at the bottom of the fuselage. MicroUSB interface also acts as MHL function, which means that content can be output to the level of HD TV watch.

Risk chance HTC One prospective foreign media review

▲ Top features

3.5mm headphone jack at the top of the fuselage, as well as power/unlock button. This button serves as the IR emitters. HTC One in system also has an APP to control the conversion of television channels.

▲ Back three-feature

HTC One also uses a three-stage design on the back, between the three "white line" is actually plastic. Noise-reducing microphone is placed in the upper part on the white line. Greatest highlights and innovations of this phone is of course the back of 4MP "UltraPixels" technological camera (sensor). The Nokia PureView, we see the most advanced technology, but perhaps it will be better than Nokia, of course subject to detailed evaluation of our future. We know that although the 4MP sounds a little low, but we are still looking forward to the real performance.

▲ Back camera close-up

HTC One is equipped with a 2300mAh Li-Po battery, built into the metal body is not removable. But consider the Butterfly has been compared to the capacity of 300mAh, and Sony Xperia z and 5-inch capacity.

One body thickness of 9.3mm, back curved aluminum back cover gives the grip is very good, also helps to hide fingerprints. Body weight of 143g, with the same Butterfly and iPhone 4S.


HTC One 4.7-inch screen, commonly used 5-inch instead of 1080P. 12%,PPI were small compared with the 5-inch screen is increased to 469. But the pixel density of the 441ppi and 469ppi were non-human eye can observe. 300+ppi has already said will be within the limits of the human eye, at that level it's hard to see fonts-alias. But 400+PPI seems to be more delicate. Although with Super LCD3 screen, HTC seems to have some improvements in the processes and technologies. Screen viewing angles are very good, colors are more accurate than previous Super LCD3, contrast a little has improved.

¡Ø screen front

Screen also uses the OGS technologies, distance between the screen and glass is very small.

We have One Samsung Galaxy HTC S3 put together, Super AMOLED screen in more excellent contrast and color saturation. But the LCD and AMOLED screen performance gap is small.

• Screen contrast

Focus on BlinkFeed Sense 5 UI

Still running Android HTC One 4.1.2 systems, but the most important thing is paired with the latest Sense 5 UI. While Google hopes Android manufacturers try to keep consistent UI experience, but similar to Samsung, and HTC also prefer Android, adding their own unique features, rather than on Google's request to go.

▲ Lock screen

Compared to before the lock screen and look quite different, but the function remains unchanged. Sometimes clocks, weather information, as well as four shortcuts. Also, you can place folders below for much more application shortcuts. Lock screen will show the missed calls and received messages.

• BlinkFeed information

Desktop home page change is even greater. Which is called BlinkFeed, a key part of the content to provide services. Integrates your social network here for information as well as news and other content that comes from thousands of Web sites. You also have the option of setting your subject of interest. Also supports search feature if you need it you can search for a specific topic of interest.

It doesn't matter if you don't like BlinkFeed, slide left to ordinary Android desktop shortcut widget and gadget. And you can put a home page setting the default home screen, so that after you click the home button to quickly return to the settings main screen.

• UI interface screenshots

BlinkFeed is similar to the Timescape Sony desktop gadgets. Somewhat different is that this is not a Widget, we believe that in this way a little more likable.

Standard Android HTC Sense and 5 on the other hand there is a major difference. We know that the Android system has canceled the menu/set button, but instead is in the lower half of the screen fixed on a button. HTC Sense 5 using different methods on the interface, creating a hidden option, when you are on the home page for the next slide will activate it.

In addition, other Sense before the UI, and 4 Sense 4+ is a bit like you see below.

▲ APP list

APP list, the default list shows the 4*3 lattice, of course, this does not make full use of the screen space. Manually change program list can be changed to 4*4 distribution.

HTC model in a nice One-screen design style is also similar to the main page. 5 pieces of content are optional. The following figure:

In addition we found in the HTC One same capabilities and WP8--Kid Mode, multiple different models can be for every child. You need to activate by email, then according to the pictures and information to enter the corresponding mode. The following figure:

• Kid mode function

HTC has been a separate APP for users to help users pass information your old phone to the new phone. Not just HTC home phone switch, and also includes other manufacturers such as Samsung mobile phones. In addition to Android, but also supports Windows Phone system, BlackBerry,iPhone support! The following figure:

• The transmission of content between different mobile phone

Worth mentioning is that the transmission of data from iPhone to HTC One is convenient, One can even identify iPhone backup files (presumably supposed to be text messaging, contacts, call history). We get back out!


HTC One carries the latest mycophenolate mofetil 600 processor, 1.7GHz Krait 300 CPU core, same processor is also used in LG Optimus g Pro, here we are to see their "coquettish" ~, first look at the single-threaded run.

• Benchmark Pi-run second, almost the same with the same processor g-Pro Juicy Couture

▲ Run Linpack performance closer to the old One in the processor, and the same processor g-Pro gap

• In comprehensive run of rabbit (no overclocking, not funny), HTC One first

▲ Ran second Quadrant (not overclocked, not funny) Juicy Couture iPhone plus 6 cases

▲ GLBenchmark 2.5 Egypt (1080p Guan Ping test)

▲ SunSpider JavaScript performance test

▲ BrowserMark 2 browser performance test

First impressions review

Smartphone development is faster and faster, homogeneity of hardware configuration is more serious (see domestic manufacturers, Huawei), every year, we can now see a flagship phone of the manufacturer, a lot of configuration we are able to roughly guess before release. And HTC launch of One to give us a lot of surprises.

Smaller screen size brings more ergonomic phone appearance size. 4MP resolution with mainstream Smartphone photo pixel opposite approach, for better night results, however this bold attempt is very positive.

Can say the axe on the HTC Android processing, transformation, more comment said HTC iPhone look, running the Android system, carrying is Windows Phone interface. Yes, HTC is trying to combine the advantages of each system create One!

HTC also insisted in the audio experience the way to go, following after the promotion Beats audio, HTC BoomSound technology, support for stereo playback, use of noise-reducing microphone during the call HDR technology can also get better call quality.

There is no doubt that technological innovation is very rare, but also great risk, of course, if successful will also help HTC pull away from the bottom of the sea, both opportunities and challenges. Think about Nokia 808, though much of the photographic effect can fall to pick the card machine, but prominent scenes and oversized sensor so that many consumers will baulk at. HTC is also facing the same problem, larger sensor size sacrifice picture resolution.

Overall, HTC in the future, we will bring One more detailed evaluation. At that time we will give you a more definitive assessment and analysis.


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Red Note 3

For red rice Note 3 this new paragraph, rice stressed that this is their first full metal phone, of course it is also owned by millet's first to provide fingerprint identification phone. Red Note 3 gray, silver and gold three optional, millet official stressed that the use of new technology, so that its metal shell fit right in, and in order to guarantee great texture, designed to use the arc-shaped edge, 120th double blast of sand material.

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What Japan should help phone wearing panty tears

  We all know the Japanese love technology tree, for example, their smartphones to carry strong waterproof function is so that the women can still use mobile phones when in the shower, in a Word, they'll always have weird ideas.

  When we provide our Sony or sharp phones when purchasing accessories, we vary their phones look very personal, such as buying a very unique cell phone protective shells, of course, we also purchased some of the more useful accessories, such as screen protectors, battery or standby data line and so on, but! Can you imagine your cell phone do you put on a pair of panties? That's right! You read that right! A pair of panties!

  In Japan, is apparently here of machine friends are has will phone as has himself of couples or lover has, to protection phone of private hidden, let phone of sensitive parts not exposed in people Qian, they actually for himself of phone wear has very sexy of underwear, and style also very of spent pretty, cute Strawberry paragraph, wild Leopard lines paragraph, even also has Sumo players wear of style, anyway, this absolute let people think brain hole big open, noise points full!

What Japan should help phone wearing panty tears What Japan should help phone wearing panty tears What Japan should help phone wearing panty tears What Japan should help phone wearing panty tears

  These powerful "underwear" is a famous toy manufacturer Bandai brought us, it is said that these cell phone underwear in Japan's middle-aged uncle and is very popular among young people, but it is clear that "cell phone underwear" and nothing ... Unless you think your phone is not wearing panties is a very shameful thing ... ...

  Well, these various types of underwear can phone in Japan vending machine to buy, the price is $ 2, it seems Japan consumers like the vending machine for a reason (you know). Certainly, if you didn't want to you of phone in street nude Ben, you also without to Japan for you of phone purchase underwear, because you can in Japan of some online mall for you of phone purchase these "underwear", but you in online mall can cannot a strips purchase, Online Mall of "phone underwear" are is to sets for units sold of, a 7 article 40 dollars, price! FOSSIL iPhone 5

FOSSIL iPhone 5

  Well, back to the point, while the Japanese like tech tree, but we still expect them to use a wide variety of powerful black technology benefit a large number of friends.

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