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ANTVR is the virtual reality of a good story

Every product needs a story, and the story of excellence are often able to determine trends in the early, but in the long run, success of a product, and also had little to do with the story. So there is a sense, tell a good story, good product is immutable law of subversion.

ANTVR is the virtual reality of a good story?

Unswervingly stick immersion 100 years

In the Ant release, I first heard the concept of telepresence, if it is to be different, change the expression for immersion beyond reproach. There is a consensus in the VR world, virtual reality immersion is the key, and perspective is one of the important factors of immersion. Because when people wearing VR glasses angle close to 180 ° to the naked eye, in the virtual world has lost a true proposition.

ANTVR from development to the present, its spread has been no distortion of the optical scheme, but what is not mentioned is sacrificed along with greater perspective. Oculus of the optical scheme are wide of the mark, founder of ANTVR tanzheng said "the optical scheme is a distortion of the Oculus, which caused it to 20% of the pixel is a waste of my product utilization is 100% pixels. "And regardless of the Ant's perspective of virtual reality helmets can do more, insisting that sacrifice perspective without distortion seems to be associated with virtual reality" being "poles apart from the essence.

ANTVR is the virtual reality of a good story?

Concept publishing keep foot in suspense Hello Kitty Note 4 Case

After following the Qiao Bang launches was incomplete without One More Thing, before ANTVR at the press conference said this will launch seven new products really appetizing. Imagine ANTVR started out more than a year, raised over the past few months, if there are seven forming product, really worth looking forward to.

But in fact the Conference has released seven products, but four of them just in the concept stages of patent products. Went on sale shortly after the press conference the VR camera and gun with consumers, probably separated by a "hammer phone" distance. Too far away from mass production, so we no longer have to struggle capacity, but for those who "take off your pants" audience miffed.

ANTVR is the virtual reality of a good story?

Rich more

This is sophistry.

Site has a lot of domestic counterparts to attend as guest in the audience, the VR team basically are in early-stage, so resources are more or less affected by financial constraints. In this regard, ANTVR there is no worry about peers, smooth make you the envy of the financing, project progress and to go the desired.

All ants have higher expectations beyond reproach, so horizontal reference category with products we do?

ANTVR at the press conference, and pixel viewing angle is used to establish coordinates, under centesimal system of calculation, only two points lower than the Oculus DK2 ANTVR HEADSET, but the comparison is too rough, even sensors that can have a huge impact on the user experience is not taken into account. Even if there is no good against both optimization and minutes make a kill Oculus DK2 VR glasses, in this standard, also has a few products with one of the competing. In particular they most are far less ANTVR on the volume.

Full compatibility and content

Tanzheng said he liked the open, so to do a open product. So ANTVR decisively chose compatible, and relish. Compatible means that you can use existing content, theoretically, ANTVR don't have to worry about the content side. Difference between content and quality content is there, even if it is the same game, first-person/third-person and the difference between interactive VR users, may be the sort.

Who knows a world developers, and developers need to profit-driven, where that interest came from? Is, of course, the mass of users. Trace, the user experience is the right way. VR immersion are required to redefine the game, poetic Ant depending on the Conference theme is "goodbye reality", if there is no first person, or without custom interactivity, people will sooner or later from the flawed "reality" out of, after all, a vulnerability than the dream of "reality" is weak.

HTC One M8

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Hello Kitty N4 case

HTC One M8 Hello Kitty N4 case

HTC One (M8) is Taiwan mobile phone company HTC 2014 development of next-generation smartphones, belonging to the HTC advanced flagship models in One series, on March 25, 2014 by HTC Chairman Cher Wang and Peter Chou, Chief Executive of London and United States synchronized New York published. Powered by Android 4.4.2 operating system, HTC Sense6 user interface. Duo twin lens cameras provides photo back focus function.

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Samsung OLED TV has no future is quantum beat

Samsung: OLED TV has no future is quantum beat

  Citing Korea Herald reported, Samsung TV Division Head Jin Xuanshi (Kim Hyun-seok) on Tuesday reiterated that the company had no immediate plan of production of OLED TV and that due to the technical difficulty to further improve, so Samsung think OLED TV has no future. Korea Suwon Samsung bluewings headquarters, he said: "I've always said it will take at least another two or three years considering the OLED TV. But from 2013 use OLED still maintained in precision production and high-cost State, so I can say that OLED is not our future development direction. " Moschino S5

  Compared to traditional LCD screen, OLED can ensure that more bright, more accurate picture quality, although smart phones and other small-screen devices have been extensively deployed OLED screen, but due to the high costs of production and low capacity and delay of the big screen.

Moschino S5

  Although the company will not continue to invest in large OLED panels, another technology but still full of hope, that is, quantum dots (quantum dots). Quantum dot technology is not entirely new, last year many TV manufacturers have already showcase their quantum dot TV. Because the TV screen's resolution appears to users, are a more basic things, for manufacturers, and cannot be used as propaganda, such as screen brightness, the color field becomes the new promotion. Quantum dot screen, is to upgrade a screen color gamut technology.

  Quantum dots using quantum dots on the screen to produce a more accurate, red, green, blue, or RGB (although today's quantum dot technology and not very complete respectively red, green, and blue color). The essence of quantum dots is that different sized quantum dots emit different colors of light compared to traditional LCD and LED screens, its colors are more precise.

  Samsung had already shown the HDR 1000, 1000 here, of course, is a marketing term, but at the same time it also represents 1000 nits of brightness, apparently for the HDR findings are very significant. Samsung use HDR 1000 together with Ultra Black character, which is to reduce the environmental impact, a technology to reduce reflection of light.

[Article correction]

Collection is the collection of 1542 Moschino Galaxy S5

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Technology to connect the virtual with reality

Technology to connect the virtual with reality

"A good technique to get promotion, and ultimately does not depend on the technology itself, but on good content", somatosensory control technology of concern at present, Connaught room, General Manager Liu Hao-Yang said. In fact, the "sense of control" or "motion capture" already in industrial applications for many years, with the popularity of games in recent years, people are beginning to realize the potential of this technology to the consumer market. June recently interviewed two domestic startups engaged in somatosensory area, Connaught room in aobizhongguang in Shenzhen and Beijing.

But both are in different directions, and future areas of application are very different. Aobizhongguang is based on optical, using cameras to capture the 3D scene; Novo as release is based on motion capture sensor, you need to wear sensors on the body. There is a profound technical accumulation in their respective fields, founder of core team are experienced researchers in related fields, and they also face similar problems in application.

Advanced technology, hard

Aobizhongguang was established in early 2013, said company CEO Huang Yuanhao, the core team has more than 10 years of technology accumulation, "in the optical range finder has caught up with companies such as Microsoft, but still a little gap in the intelligent algorithm." June saw them with PrimeSense, the industry's leading product parameter contrast, their accuracy, resolution, and delay control is very good.

Technology to connect the virtual with reality

Make use of 3D technology, they are the first thing to do is to reform the TV interacts. Somatosensory action TV what is a scene? Probably something like touch-screen phones operate in the same manner: click, slide screen, multi-touch. Huang Yuanhao with some sense of Samsung TV as an example explained that the 2D based on camera technology could not obtain "the distance" information can only be understood as a mouse up. -They are currently trying to solve optimization problems, such as after the first prototype in the near future, will go to several major TV manufacturers demonstrate, want some cooperation.

Another company Connaught room is the same set up soon, the professional application of motion capture technology in the film and television industry by the blitz, there are several companies buy authorized. Liu Hao-Yang said the mechanics of their professional background has been a great help. Principle of sensor-based motion capture, is not simply to capture sensor data, but to build a mechanical model. Since the sensor measurement error, and the distance between the sensor information can have errors.

Leader in the field of performance capture is Netherlands Xsens, "they saw in this direction in 2010 is still very great", Liu Hao-Yang said. Xsens products in the most important areas of application are research institutes, used as a dynamic, machine learning research, product cost is high, users after a period of training to use, but also because pursuit of accurate results regardless of cost, these professional equipment prices are relatively high.

In addition, both companies have done the game plan. Aobizhongguang want TV in the living room to open, with Microsoft Kinect video game consoles. But facing the Android platform interface standards are not unified, handle adapter problems, and video games are a new area, Developer's enthusiasm was not fully mobilized.

Connaught room wants to do is immersive virtual reality games. Oculus Rift appears to solve the problem of virtual displays, Connaught room hope to own high-precision motion-capture technology can be applied to virtual reality experience, and human interaction with the virtual world. Development of virtual reality games, is only just beginning, market is difficult to cultivate, it can be said there is still a long way to go.

Platform, play

Huang Yuanhao believes that 3D sensing technology in the future is expected to be applied to various fields, such as 3D modeling, online fitting, image search, character recognition, artificial intelligence, and so on. Aobizhongguang promote the direction TV is somatosensory system and somatosensory games, perfect technology and experience at the same time, Huang Yuanhao want to leverage the power of brand manufacturers to promote the application of technology. They will provide developers with hardware, drivers and middleware, to lower development threshold, so that more people join in this ecology.

Liu Hao-Yang to the House June analysis of sensor-based motion capture technology application possibilities, a sensor is getting smaller and smaller, "North room sensor only fingernails the size of a single node", which is very convenient to wear, and the price is cheaper. More importantly, "(immersion) the emergence of virtual reality in this industry is a very important role in promoting" immersive virtual realities, necessary to precise motion capture, but also rates accurately mapped to a virtual environment, cannot appear a little lag.

Connaught room will launch this month a free Assembly body sensor systems, can be used to capture details of finger motion, and as long as the hundreds of dollars. This virtual reality application development to help address the interaction problem, allows developers to make a good application, then launch the industry's development.

Survival, not a problem

All along, the rare focus on core underlying technology company or no technology or have the patience to bet on the future. Today, the business environment has been greatly improved, capital is not a problem. virtual glasses

Huang Yuanhao returned home has a good influence in the industry received angel investment, also kept investors comes in the door, has now got a round of financing tens of millions of Yuan. Early solutions provider PrimeSense was purchased by Apple with Microsoft's Kinect, technology of its external mandates will expire in 2015, aobizhongguang mission is to replace the PrimeSense's market during the first phase.

Since then, aobizhongguang might be somatosensory gaming-oriented individual to sell products. Huang Yuanhao say they keep an open mind, as long as the development product will try to, and will gradually start service system.

Technology to connect the virtual with reality

Connaught room with very good profit, in the field of professional market has been branded, such as movie special effects. Liu Hao-Yang said that their plan is to do in the field of high-end technology the best, in the area of consumer-grade cost-effective. "We want to change the industry", a platform for sensor-based motion capture.

Although technologies ultimately depend on rich and engaging content, but the evolution of the Internet, Liu Hao Yang believes that currently is not applied, because the most basic technology platform has not yet been established. "Control the direction of this big can't be wrong", so it should be done of the most promising technological breakthrough research company. "Progress will be quicker than the Internet, previously took 20 years, may now be just 5-8 time, fast 2-3 can see very good application. "

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