Monday, March 30, 2015

Not to hurt the hand! Clamshell bread machine: Pivot

BREW a cup of coffee, frying an egg, roast two pieces of bread ~ ~ ~ a beautiful morning starts here. For those skills do not meet without good equipment auxiliary, a beautiful morning may turn into disaster scenes ~~~ coffee explosion, eggs, fried Coke, bread is not baked but let machines hot hands. Moschino S5 case

Moschino French Fries Silicone Case for Samsung Galaxy S5

So, having a bread machine is very important--Pivot is not hand. Compared with most bread machines on the market, Pivot can do not to injury, because it uses a clamshell structure when bread when baked, bread opportunities automatically flip open, users will be able to easily take out the finished product. In addition, corresponding to different colored button on the Pivot when bread baked golden brown.

It is said that the architect Nicholas Baker and Brandon Gilmore clamshell-type structure, inspired by picked up the book from the shelves. Moschino Samsung S5 case

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